pmq - A node.js addon for using POSIX message queues

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A node.js addon for using POSIX message queues.messages() - Emitted every time the queue goes from empty to having at least one message.



Related Projects

Python MQI Interface

  •    Python

Pymqi is a Python extension for IBM's Messaging amp; Queueing middleware, MQSeries (aka IBM WebSphere MQ family). This allows Python scripts to make calls directly to MQI to connect queues and get/put messages on them etc.



A PowerShell module to enable messaging against a Rabbit MQ server. Provides deeply integrated facilities for handling message queues and subscriptions using scripts. Enables PowerShell scripts to publish messages in Rabbit exchanges.

gwsmhg - a GUI wrapper for hg and mq


Mercurial (hg) is a distributed source control tool and Mercurial Queues (mq) is a patch management tool extension to hg. gwsmhg is a PyGTK GUI wrapper for hg and mq allowing them to be used in an integrated manner to manage a work space.


  •    Java

Hermes provides a Swing GUI to access JMS queues and topics for common tasks such as sending messages, removing messages and copying messages between queues and topics.

gquilt - a GUI wrapper for quilt et al.

  •    Python

quilt and Mercurial queues (mq) are command line programs for managing stacks of patches to software sources. gquilt is a Python script that provides a GUI for these programs using the PyGTK package.

dw2k - darie wishes 2 know

  •    C

it is used to fetch several System V IPC message queue infos, which ordinary implementation of ipcs didn\'t provide, e.g. scanning the system for active queues or. also, it comes with a tool to creat/destroy message queues and send messages over them.

lambda-complex - Build and deploy Node.js applications constructed from AWS Lambda functions.

  •    Javascript

Lambda Complex is a Node.js framework for applications that run entirely within Lambda, SQS, and other high abstraction layer AWS services. It is well suited to non-realtime content generation and other types of application driven by message queues and which require enforced concurrency limits. Examples include high volume generation of static content from data or other types of workflow initiated in response to messages placed into SQS queues. A Lambda Complex application can be deployed from a developer machine, or from an Amazon Linux EC2 instance if binary NPM modules are required. No server infrastructure beyond that is needed.

sass-mq - A Sass mixin that helps you compose media queries in an elegant way.

  •    CSS

mq() is a Sass mixin that helps you compose media queries in an elegant way. Sass MQ was crafted in-house at the Guardian. Today, many more companies and developers are using it in their projects: see who uses Sass MQ.


  •    C++

Open source middleware for message queueing like IBM WebSphere MQ (former MQ Series) written in C++/Qt supporting many platforms like Win32, Unix and Mac OS with native C/C++/Qt and JMS support.

kiteq - kiteq is a distributed mq framework

  •    Go

kiteq is a distributed mq framework


  •    Java

Quezen is an administration tool for OpenJMS written in Java / SWT. Quezen can add, delete, send messages to, and monitor queues/topics running on multiple servers. Quezen can also organize log output generated by the components of your system.

Spade for RabbitMQ


Spade for RabbitMQ allows you to move messages between to RabbitMQ queues. Very simple!

rabbitmq-delayed-message-exchange - Delayed Messaging for RabbitMQ

  •    Erlang

This plugin adds delayed-messaging (or scheduled-messaging) to RabbitMQ.A user can declare an exchange with the type x-delayed-message and then publish messages with the custom header x-delay expressing in milliseconds a delay time for the message. The message will be delivered to the respective queues after x-delay milliseconds.

imapmq - :inbox_tray: IMAP based message broker client

  •    Go

IMAPMQ is an IMAP based message broker client. It provides a simple interface for publishing, subscribing and dequeuing messages. It also supports concurrent access to the same message queue. Based on go-imap. IMAPMQ treats IMAP mailboxes as queues. In order to add a message to a queue, IMAPMQ appends an email to the mailbox.

darner - simple, lightweight message queue

  •    C++

Darner is a very simple message queue server. Unlike in-memory servers such as redis, Darner is designed to handle queues much larger than what can be held in RAM. And unlike enterprise queue servers such as RabbitMQ, Darner keeps all messages out of process, relying instead on the kernel's virtual memory manager via log-structured storage. The result is a durable queue server that uses a small amount of in-resident memory regardless of queue size, while still achieving remarkable performance.


  •    Java

JmsGate is a Simple REST-Service for accessing JMS destinations. You can send messages or listen to topics and queues via url calls.

redis-pipe - Treat Redis Lists like Unix Pipes

  •    Go

⚠️ Please migrate to lukasmartinelli/pipecat. This repository is no longer maintained by Lukas Martinelli. redis-pipe allows you to treat Redis Lists as if they were Unix pipes. It connects stdin and stdout with LPUSH and LPOP. For AMQP based messages queues like RabbitMQ or ActiveMQ check out the successor project pipecat.

livestreaming-js - HTTP Live Streaming, for node.js

  •    C

A complete system for producing and serving content conforming to the HTTP Live Streaming specification, built on Node. Note that this project is currently in a prototype stage. In particular, improvements to error handling and testing should be made before using this in any serious capacity. Furthermore, to improve resilience to failure, queues should be used to pass messages between separate processes for each stage in the workflow.

cassieq - A distributed queue built off cassandra

  •    Javascript

CassieQ is a distributed queue built on cassandra. CassieQ leverages bucketing of messages to avoid queues modeled off deletes.