node-ncurses - An ncurses binding for node.js

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node-ncurses is an ncurses binding for node.js.Note: Mac OSX users may find themselves encountering bizarre output on their terminals in some situations. This is a known problem and basically requires more frequent Window.refresh()'ing to get everything to display properly.


nan : ^2.0.9



Related Projects


  •    C

Curses++ is a set of C++ wrapper classes for the curses library. The project is aimed at providing a layer compatible with any version of curses (ncurses and pdcurses are seen as two major versions) and to be easy-to-use, using familiar STL interfaces.

xcplay xmms ncurses interface

  •    C

ncurses interface for xmms. UI-clone of cplay with xmms as a backend instead of console players.


  •    Python

A multiplatform python- and ncurses-based console game of Sudoku. Sudoku is capable of generating and solving both Sudoku and Samurai Sudoku puzzles on any ncurses-enabled terminal.

blessed - A high-level terminal interface library for node.js.

  •    Javascript

A curses-like library with a high level terminal interface API for node.js.Reimplement ncurses entirely by parsing and compiling terminfo and termcap, and exposing a Program object which can output escape sequences compatible with any terminal.

ncurses-rs - A safe ncurses wrapper for Rust

  •    Rust

This is a very thin wrapper around the ncurses TUI lib. The compiled library will go to the target directory.

goncurses - NCurses Library for Go

  •    Go

Goncurses is an ncurses library for the Go programming language. It requires both pkg-config and ncurses C development files be installed. OSX and Windows users should visit the Wiki for installation instructions.


  •    C

An ncurses program for remote controlling xmms.

termcoin - A bitcoin wallet and blockchain explorer for your terminal.

  •    Javascript

Note that termcoin is no longer maintained. It is not recommended for use.termcoin's UI is rendered by blessed which is a full ncurses replacement and high-level widget library. Expect mouse support, eye-candy hover effects, and so-on.


  •    C

TFFC i mean Terminal(or Trivial) Functions for Curses. I need some functions for text mode in DJGPP under pdcurses(it works also with ncurses) for input text,menu, scrolling text on the screen and others. I don't like(it very difficult to write some pr

preselib Console-Library (Ascii)

  •    C

The preselib implements interfaces to various console-based libraries (ncurses, aalib etc) as well as own software-tools. Will include a text-based Windowmanager.

TCDR console frontend for CD burning

  •    Shell

TCDR is a ncurses (dialog) based console frontend for the following programs: mkisofs, cdrecord, cdrdao, cdda2wav, cdparanoia, readcd, dd, isoinfo, sox, mpg123 and bladeenc written in bash.

Profanity - Console Based XMPP Client

  •    C

Profanity is a console based XMPP client written in C using ncurses and libstrophe, It supports XMPP chat services, including GoogleTalk and Facebook, Chat rooms and private messaging, Roster management and lot more.

sqlcrush - console based database editor

  •    Python

Build using python and ncurses, SQLcrush is dedicated to allowing you to access and edit a database directly from the console. Ideal when doing bugtesting and by SSH into the server itself. Simply run SQLcrush to view, edit and manipulate the database of your choice. Works with SQLite3, PostgreSQL and MariaDB/MySQL. You can now apply your own queries with a query mode that can be entered by pressing k.

cecho - An ncurses library for Erlang

  •    Erlang

An ncurses library for Erlang

PICPrg - Fast PIC Programmer

  •    C

PICPrg is a fast Linux command line (or ncurses) program, to program any Microchip PIC microcontroller using the PC parallel port interface. Any parallel port PIC programmer hardware can be used, simply edit the configuration file or use the ncurses conf

Ncurses Holsham Traders Client

  •    Ruby

nhtsclient is a ncurses-based client for the realtime multiplayer trading game Holsham Traders

hn - A hackernews ncurses CLI written in GO

  •    Go

A Hacker News ncurses CLI reader written in Go. Currently known to work on Linux, and a few people have gotten it to work on OSX.Right now it's able to view articles, view comments, and open a page in your default browser, all done directly from the site using goquery (jquery-like library for Go), goncurses, and xdg-open for opening pages.

cursynth - GNU ncurses terminal synthesizer

  •    C++

GNU ncurses terminal synthesizer

mincur : easy ncurses uses

  •    C++

You liked make a menu with c++? a formulary for database? the solution is quot;mincurquot; is a library designed for c++, it use the ncurses library, its designed for work in Linux System (tested with Debian testing/unstable), very easy and simply uses .

NDK++ - Ncurses Developement Kit for C++

  •    C++

This is a C++ interface to the ncurses library. This library provides menubars, popup menus, various dialog boxes, and controls (push buttons, check buttons etc.).