Mongol-meteor-devtools - In-App MongoDB Editor for Meteor (Meteor DevTools)

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Starting today, you'll never have to enter the console to play with your Meteor collections again. With Mongol, you can view and edit any client document right in the browser. And because Mongol is a debugOnly package, it does not compile to your production build. After installation, open your app in the browser and press Control + M to toggle it.



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meteor-devtools - ⚡Chrome Dev tools extension for Meteorjs apps

  •    Javascript

Meteor Devtools (MD) is an extension for Chrome Developer Tools that makes the process of developing Meteor apps even more enjoyable. It also allows you to look under the hood of existing applications and learn how they are built. MD includes a plugin framework and currrently comes with 3 plugins: DDP Monitor, Blaze Inspector and MiniMongo Explorer. You can install it from Chrome Web Store. Meteor Devtools Extension is made by Meteor loving folks at The Bakery. Blaze Inspector is inspired by React Devtools and uses Element highlighter from that project.

meteor-ionic - Ionic components for Meteor. No Angular!

  •    Javascript

If you are interested in maintaining it, contact me through my Github profile. Now that Meteor is officially supporting (and actively recommending) React and Angular, I suggest using Ionic, Ionic 2 or React-Ionic as alternatives for building hybrid mobile apps with Meteor. This is an attempt at real Ionic and Meteor integration. This is not just Ionic's CSS framework wrapped in a Meteor package. It aims to be a complete port of Ionic’s Angular directives to Meteor Blaze templates.

meteor-easy-search - Easy-to-use search for Meteor with Blaze Components

  •    Javascript

Easy Search [![Commitizen friendly](]( [![Build Status](]( =====================

meteor-build-client - A tool to bundle the client part of a Meteor app.

  •    Javascript

Note: The meteor package frozeman:build-client is only a placeholder package, don't install. This tool builds and bundles the client part of a Meteor app with a simple index.html, so it can be hosted on any server or even loaded via the file:// protocol.

Meteor-Files - Upload files via DDP or HTTP to Meteor server FS, AWS, GridFS, DropBox or Google Drive

  •    Javascript

Award winning, extremely fast and robust package for file uploading, managing and streaming (Audio & Video & Images), with support of server's file system (FS) or third party storage, like: AWS, DropBox, Google Storage, Google Drive, GridFS or any other with API. All PRs are always welcome on dev branch. Please, always give expressive description to your changes and additions.

meteor-autoform - AutoForm is a Meteor package that adds UI components and helpers to easily create basic forms with automatic insert and update events, and automatic reactive validation

  •    Javascript

AutoForm is a Meteor package that adds UI components and helpers to easily create basic forms with automatic insert and update events, and automatic reactive validation. Versions 6+ of this package require that you separately install the simpl-schema NPM package. Prior versions require and automatically install the simple-schema Meteor package. You can optionally use it with the collection2 package, which you have to add to your app yourself. AutoForm 6.0 is now available and requires switching your app to using the SimpleSchema package from NPM. Be sure to check out the change log for full details. Note that if you use add-on packages that haven't been updated yet, you will not yet be able to update to version 6.

meteor-roles - Authorization package for Meteor, compatible with built-in accounts packages

  •    Javascript

Authorization package for Meteor - compatible with built-in accounts package. This package lets you attach permissions to a user which you can then check against later when deciding whether to grant access to Meteor methods or publish data. The core concept is very simple, essentially you are attaching strings to a user object and then checking for the existence of those strings later. In some sense, it is very similar to tags on blog posts. This package provides helper methods to make the process of adding, removing, and verifying those permissions easier.

meteor-mysql - Reactive MySQL for Meteor

  •    Javascript

Provides Meteor integration of the mysql-live-select NPM module, bringing reactive SELECT statement result sets from MySQL >= 5.1.15. If you do not have MySQL server already installed, you may use the numtel:mysql-server Meteor Package to bundle the MySQL server directly to your Meteor application.

meteor-pg - Reactive PostgreSQL for Meteor

  •    Javascript

Provides Meteor integration of the pg-live-select NPM module, bringing reactive SELECT statement result sets from PostgreSQL >= 9.3. If you do not have PostgreSQL server already installed, you may use the numtel:pg-server Meteor Package to bundle the PostgreSQL server directly to your Meteor application.

meteor-blaze-components - Reusable components for Blaze

  •    CoffeeScript

Blaze Components for Meteor are a system for easily developing complex UI elements that need to be reused around your Meteor app. You can use them in ES2015, vanilla JavaScript, and CoffeeScript. See live tutorial for an introduction.

cluster - Clustering solution for Meteor with load balancing and service discovery

  •    Javascript

Clustering solution for Meteor with load balancing and service discovery. TLDR; With cluster, we can scale Meteor apps by simply installing a Meteor package. No need to use tools like Nginx or HaProxy. It's built for Meteor and you don't need to worry about configuring IP addresses and so on. Just add more instances and let cluster take care of load balancing.

angular-meteor - Angular and Meteor - The perfect stack

  •    Shell

If you are new to Angular and/or Meteor but want to learn them quickly, please check out our 14-steps Angular-Meteor tutorial.Alternatively, use your web browser to access the link: Download the template application, and unzip the files inside.

meteor-security - A Meteor package: Logical MongoDB security

  •    Javascript

A Meteor package that provides a simple, logical, plain language API for defining write security on your MongoDB collections. Wraps the core allow/deny security.Security.can allows you to check your rules in any server code.

react-meteor - React rendering for Meteor apps

  •    Javascript

This repository defines a Meteor package that automatically integrates the React rendering framework on both the client and the server, to complement or replace the default Handlebars templating system. The React core is officially agnostic about how you fetch and update your data, so it is far from obvious which approach is the best. This package provides one answer to that question (use Meteor!), and I hope you will find it a compelling combination.

meteorite - Installer & smart package manager for Meteor

  •    Javascript

NOTE: As of Meteor 0.9.0, Meteorite is no longer required! You can now install Atmosphere packages directly via the meteor tool. Meteorite is a Meteor package installer.

meteor-sharejs - Meteor smart package for transparently adding ShareJS editors to an app

  •    Javascript

Meteor smart package for transparently adding ShareJS editors to an app. Includes CodeMirror and the Ace editor. No configuration necessary for anonymous document editing. If you want to integrate with Meteor accounts, see below.

meteor-collection-helpers - ⚙️ Meteor package that allows you to define helpers on your collections

  •    Javascript

Collection helpers automatically sets up a transformation on your collections using Meteor's Mongo.Collection transform option, allowing for simple models with an interface that's similar to template helpers. Write your helpers somewhere seen by both client and server.

meteor-up - Production Quality Meteor Deployment to Anywhere

  •    Javascript

Meteor Up is a command line tool that allows you to deploy any Meteor app to your own server. You can install and use Meteor Up on Linux, Mac and Windows. It can deploy to servers running Ubuntu 14 or newer.

meteor-astronomy - Model layer for Meteor

  •    Javascript

The Astronomy package introduces the Model Layer into Meteor applications. It can also be named the Object Document Mapping system (ODM) or for people coming from relational database environments the Object-Relational Mapping system (ORM). Astronomy extends MongoDB documents with functionalities defined in a schema. Astronomy documentation can be found here.


  •    Javascript

This is a simple way to get started building an app with React Native and Meteor. It is opinionated to make it easy for people to start but if you have your own way of doing things it's very easy to swap things out and move them around however you see fit. As it currently stands this project is only focused on configuring the React Native project. The Meteor side is up to you. For thoughts on how to structure your Meteor App I would suggest you read the Meteor Guide and the Mantra spec.