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MsaaVerify is a testing tool that verifies whether properties and methods off of the IAccessible interface (aka Microsoft Active Accessibility) meet the guidelines specified in the MSAA documentation on MSDN



Related Projects

nemo-accessibility - Automate Accessibility testing within your environment (Localhost)

nemo-accessibility is a nemo plugin aimed to run accessibility scans during nemo tests. nemo-accessibility plugin uses AATT api from AATT to run accessibility scans on a given page or on a given element on a page.You could also run accessibility scan on a certain element like below. This is useful when lets say you scanned an entire page already, and subsequently a certain automated test interaction opened a dialog box; you can now only scan newly opened dialog box since you already scanned the rest of the page before.

AATT - Automated Accessibility Testing Tool

Browser-based accessibility testing tools and plugins require manually testing each page, one at a time. Tools that can crawl a website can only scan pages that do not require login credentials, and that are not behind a firewall. Instead of developing, testing, and using a separate accessibility test suite, you can now integrate accessibility testing into your existing automation test suite using AATT.AATT tests web applications regarding conformance to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. Find a list of the WCAG 2.0 rules checked by HTMLCS Engine on the HTML CodeSniffer WCAG Standard Summary page and Chrome Engine on the Google Chrome Developer Audit rules. AATT provides an accessibility API and custom web application for HTML CodeSniffer, Axe and Chrome developer tool. Using the AATT web application, you can configure test server configurations inside the firewall, and test individual pages.

amcharts-accessibility-plugin - Plugin to make charts from Accessible

This plugin provides accessibility enhancements for a very versatile chart library from Once applied, the plugin enables navigation for keyboard users and provides the necessary support for screen reader users.Download the amCharts Accessibility Plugin from the amCharts Accessibility Plugin Github page and include it after the amCharts stock JavaScript on your site.

UI Accessibility Checker

UI Accessibility Checker (or AccChecker) enables testers without prior experience to easily discover accessibility problems with Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) and other User Interfaces (UI) implementations. AccChecker was born from the realization that existing MSAA t...

[unofficial] Accessibility Kit for SharePoint (uAKS)

The [unofficial] Accessibility Kit for SharePoint (uAKS) aims to make SharePoint more accessible by striving to achieve WCAG and US Section 508 compliance. This project is an unofficial fork of the HiSoftware Accessibility Kit for SharePoint (AKS).

AccCheckerExtensionForVS - Detect and resolve common accessibility issues before you ship your code with a free Visual Studio extension

The Tenon HTML Accessibility Checker makes it easier for Visual Studio developers to detect and resolve common accessibility issues with their HTML-based user interfaces. It takes more than static code analysis to create great experiences for people with permanent or situational disabilities. However, there is no reason to ship code with accessibility issues that can be detected automatically. This checker is one of many tools designed to help developers ship better code.We published this source under an MIT liscense so that you can leverage any of these patterns.

bootstrap-accessibility-plugin - Accessibility Plugin for Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 3 as SubModule

If you use Bootstrap library (version 3.x) on your website, your pages will now be much more usable and navigable for and by keyboard and screen reader users with no work on your part. Believe us, for this they will thank you! Read on to learn about all the enhancements introduced by this plugin.Feel free to play with the live demo of the components listed above and the Bootstrap Accessibility Plugin in action. Seeing how "accessified" widgets work in this demo will help you verify whether the plugin is installed correctly on your website.

accessibility-resources - A list of web accessibility resources

A list of web accessibility resources. Please submit any great resources you know of via pull requests!

accessibility-fundamentals - An (in-progress book) about accessibility for front end developers

An (in-progress book) about accessibility for front end developers

accessibility-advisor - A web application for accessibility recommendations used for development.

A web application for accessibility recommendations used for development.

jQuery-accessibility - Just a jQuery accessibility plugin. It's manipulate the element font-size

Just a jQuery accessibility plugin. It's manipulate the element font-size

oocss-accessibility-guidelines - The accessibility guidelines used by the OOCSS open source project

The accessibility guidelines used by the OOCSS open source project


A JavaScript & Flash Accessibility sniffer to determine if a user is consuming accessibility aids while surfing your site