ruler - HTML5 Canvas ruler for authoring tools

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canvas rulers



Related Projects

Digital Reaction Time Ruler

  •    Pascal

Digital Reaction Time Ruler is a program that replaces the old style Reaction Time Ruler used in Intro to Science 100 college class labs. It measures people's reaction time and outputs it in .csv



It's a screen ruler for Windows.

ruler - A tool to abuse Exchange services

  •    Go

Ruler is a tool that allows you to interact with Exchange servers remotely, through either the MAPI/HTTP or RPC/HTTP protocol. The main aim is abuse the client-side Outlook features and gain a shell remotely. Ruler attempts to be semi-smart when it comes to interacting with Exchange and uses the Autodiscover service (just as your Outlook client would) to discover the relevant information.

Screen Ruler


Simple ruler displayed on screen

DigiLini - digital on screen ruler


Handy desktop tool for everyone who does ever do something graphical on his computer. There is an sizable horizontal and vertial ruler. You can position the rulers pixel by pixel with the arrow keys and you can make them transparent.

OGR implementation in Cell BE

  •    C

Implementation of Golomb Ruler having length of 10 marks on a Cell Broadband Engine simulator, and doing its correctness and performance analysis. Here, we are not aiming for Optimal Golomb Ruler.

Ruler - A simple stateless production rules engine for PHP 5.3+

  •    PHP

Ruler is a simple stateless production rules engine for PHP 5.3+. evaluate() a Rule with Context to figure out whether it is true.

Battlefield Java

  •    Java

Battlefield Java is simple grid and turned based battle simulation game for Java developers. It requires you to develop a Ruler to control your game pieces. Battlefield Java is a great way to learn Java while having fun and doing battle with your friends.

Live Geometry

  •    Silverlight

Live Geometry lets you create interactive ruler and compass constructions and experiment with them. It is CAD-like educational software for teachers and students. It helps visualize and solve geometry problems.

Super Magnifier

  •    CSharp

Another desktop magnifier and ruler for easy and accurate on the screen measuring. (Features: exact measurement, zoom: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, opacity, resizeable, color picker, screenshot of area, easy mouse handling, shortcuts for all functions)

rulerz - Powerful implementation of the Specification pattern in PHP

  •    PHP

The central idea of Specification is to separate the statement of how to match a candidate, from the candidate object that it is matched against. Business rules can be written as text using a dedicated language, very close to SQL, in which case we refer to them as rules or they can be encapsulated in single classes and referred to as specifications.