react-jsonschema-form - A React component for building Web forms from JSON Schema.

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A simple React component capable of building HTML forms out of a JSON schema.



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react-jsonschema - :art: Create beautiful forms with JSONSchema

Create beautiful forms with JSONSchema Inspired by react-jsonschema-form from Mozilla.

angular-schema-form - Generate forms from a JSON schema, with AngularJS!

Schema Form is inspired by the nice [JSON Form]( library andaims to be roughly compatible with it, especially its form definition. So what sets Schema Formapart from JSON Form?1. Schema Form integrates deeply with AngularJS and uses AngularJS conventions to handle forms.2. Schema Form uses [tv4]( for validation, making it compatible with version 4 of the JSON schema standard.3. By default, Schema Form generates Bootstrap 3


jQuery based form library to handle data in js objects. This is a ui support library for a json communication backend.

json2react - Use JSON to create React Components.

Use JSON to create React Stateless Components.json2react allows you to create React Stateless Components from JSON using a simple schema.

formik - Build forms in React, without the tears 😭

By colocating all of the above in one place, Formik will keep things organized--making testing, refactoring, and reasoning about your forms a breeze.I (@jaredpalmer) wrote Formik while building a large internal administrative dashboard with @eonwhite. With around ~30 unique forms, it quickly became obvious that we could benefit by standardizing not just our input components but also the way in which data flowed through our forms.

web-schema - The meeting of JSON Schema and HTML form validation

The meeting of JSON Schema and HTML form validation

forms - Form and schema builder for React **not ready for use yet**

Form and schema builder for React **not ready for use yet**

forms - A lightweight go library for parsing form data or json from an http.Request.

Forms is a lightweight, but incredibly useful go library for parsing form data from an http.Request. It supports multipart forms, url-encoded forms, json data, and url query parameters. It also provides helper methods for converting data into other types and a Validator object which can be used to validate the data. Forms is framework-agnostic and works directly with the http package.Forms follows semantic versioning but offers no guarantees of backwards compatibility until version 1.0. Keep in mind that breaking changes might occur. We will do our best to make the community aware of any non-trivial breaking changes beforehand. We recommend using a dependency vendoring tool such as godep to ensure that breaking changes will not break your application.

RedisAdminUI - RedisAdminUI and XML, JSON, JSV and SOAP Web Service layer around Redis

Redis React is a simple user-friendly UI for browsing data in Redis servers that leverages the navigation and deep-linking benefits of a Web-based UI, the productivity and responsiveness of the React framework and the deep Integration possible from a Native App.

jsonschema-test - A tool for writing and running tests against a given JSON Schema

jsonschema-test is a tool for writing and running tests against a given JSON Schema. You can write a set of test-cases including example JSON values and if they should validate or not against the given JSON Schema.To use jsonschema-test, you will need to write a collection of tests. The tests are decoupled from any language and are written in JSON.

JSONSchema-ObjC - JSON-Schema validation for Objective-C

JSON-Schema validation for Objective-C

react-jwt-example - Using JSON Web Token in React App.

Using JSON Web Token in React App.


MooTools based validation system that uses schema-files written in JSON to define validation rules and flows. Requires the use of the JS-Form repo's SmartForm class.

postgres-json-schema - JSON Schema validation for PostgreSQL

postgres-json-schema allows validation of JSON schemas in PostgreSQL. It is implemented as a PL/pgSQL function and you can use it as a check constraint to validate the format of your JSON columns.postgres-json-schema supports the entire JSON schema draft v4 spec, except for remote (http) references. It's tested against the official JSON-Schema-Test-Suite.

form-validation - Validation UI for web forms

Validation UI for web forms