Mouse Jiggler

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Mouse Jiggler is a very simple piece of software whose sole function is to "fake" mouse input to Windows, and jiggle the mouse pointer back and forth.



Related Projects

Move Mouse


Move Mouse is a simple application that generates mouse activity. You can either move the mouse pointer, click the left mouse button, send a keystroke, or any combination of the three.

Monkey Fuzz Testing

  •    CSharp

Monkey Fuzz stress tests an applications User Interface. It pretends to be a "monkey" on the keyboard, sending random button press and mouse events to a program. It is developed in C#


  •    CSharp

Halloween project prank to mischievously grab windows and move them around. Primarily moves windows around, shakes the screen, sends random keyboard and mouse events.



AutoSensitivity allows you to define different mouse sensitivities (speeds) for your touchpad and mouse and automatically switch between them (based on mouse connect / disconnect).

what-input - A global utility for tracking the current input method (mouse/pointer, keyboard or touch)

  •    Javascript

A global utility for tracking the current input method (mouse, keyboard or touch). What Input adds data attributes to the window based on the type of input being used. It also exposes a simple API that can be used for scripting interactions.

Microsoft Touch Mouse Plus


A little utility to alter some default behaviors of the Touch Mouse by Microsoft.

E4D CRM 2011 Ribbon Utility


E4D CRM 2011 Ribbon Utility helps you speed Dynamics CRM 2011 Ribbon customization. Ribbon customization tasks can be exhausting, as it require many iterations, mouse clicks and input. This utility does the heavy lifting for you: it will zip, upload and publish automatically!

Touch Mouse Mate


A utility that adds more features to Microsoft Touch Mouse. Currently middle click and touch-over-click are supported. More will be added later.



Prevent a PC from sleeping the silly way: move the mouse cursor on a timer!

android-keyboard-gadget - Convert your Android device into USB keyboard/mouse, control your PC from your Android device remotely, including BIOS/bootloader

  •    C

Convert your Android device into USB keyboard/mouse, control your PC from your Android device remotely, including BIOS/bootloader. There is a possibility to send keypresses in an automated way, using terminal emulator for Android or similar app. This is done using hid-gadget-test utility.

react-use-measure - ๐Ÿ™Œ Utility to measure view bounds

  •    TypeScript

This small tool will measure the boundaries (for instance width, height, top, left) of a view you reference. It is reactive and responds to changes in size, window-scroll and nested-area-scroll. Because there is no simple way to just get relative view coordinates. Yes, there is getBoundingClientRect, but it does not work when your content sits inside scroll areas whose offsets are simply neglected (as well as page scroll). Worse, mouse coordinates are relative to the viewport (the visible rect that contains the page). There is no easy way, for instance, to know that the mouse hovers over the upper/left corner of an element. This hook solves it for you.

use-gesture - ๐Ÿ‘‡Bread n butter utility for component-tied mouse/touch gestures in React

  •    TypeScript

@use-gesture is a library that let you bind richer mouse and touch events to any component or view. With the data you receive, it becomes trivial to set up gestures, and often takes no more than a few lines of code. You can use it stand-alone, but to make the most of it you should combine it with an animation library like react-spring, though you can most certainly use any other.

lemonade - Lemonade is a remote utility tool. (copy, paste and open browser) over TCP.

  •    Go

Lemonade is a remote utility tool. (copy, paste and open browser) over TCP. For example, you use a Linux as a virtual machine on Windows host. You connect to Linux by SSH client(e.g. PuTTY). When you want to copy text of a file on Linux to Windows, what do you do? One solution is doing cat file.txt and drag displayed text. But this answer is NOT elegant! Because your hand leaves from the keyboard to use the mouse.

tmux-better-mouse-mode - A tmux plugin to better manage and configure the mouse.

  •    Shell

A tmux plugin to better manage the mouse. Finally, tmux version 2.1 introduced backwards-incompatible changes to the mouse behavior, and this plugin restores the old mouse behavior. tmux version 2.2 mostly restores the 2.0 mouse behavior, but this plugin improves tmux mouse mode beyond those changes and provides you with more control.

Kinect Multi-point SDK project


This project entails making the kinect sdk work with the multi-point mouse sdk and mouse mischief and other multimouse applicartions (its really a multimouse implementation of kinect mouse). Allowing the use of a kinect as multiple mice. (4 - 6 people per kinect * number of pe...

Mouse Gestures for .NET

  •    CSharp

Mouse Gestures component allows you to add mouse gestures recognition functionality to your application. Mouse gestures can provide quick access to common functions of your program. They are very useful in MDI (multi document interface) applications i.e.: web browsers, docum...

X-Mouse Microsoft Touch Mouse Extender


Maps the surface of the MS Touch Mouse to allow layer changing in X-Mouse Button Control. This allows more versatility of assigning new buttons to the mouse.


  •    C++

FlashWheel is a windows utility to allow the mouse wheel message to be sent to the window under the cursor instead of the active window.

Bluetooth Device Reconnector

  •    C++

btreconnect is an utility application to automatically connect one or more Bluetooth devices once they are on and accessible. Useful for Windows Bluetooth mouse and keyboard users to avoid manual reinstallation.

MouseExtender - launcher for Windows

  •    WPF

MouseExtender utility is a desktop launcher or shell improvement. MouseExtender is a easy and quick way run applications and open files from single toolbar-like window. Download launcher now. Related programs: launchy, enso, application launcher, stardocks, 8start

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