meghanada-emacs - A Better Java Development Environment for Emacs

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Meghanada is a new minor-mode (meghanada-mode) that aims at improving the editing experience for the Java. It works by using a combination of an Emacs package and meghanada-server. Meghanada is tested under linux and Windows (maybe macOS OK).



Related Projects - Awesome emacs config files


Most of the people on this list are either heavy contributors to MELPA or people who get involved in the community beyond having only an .emacs.d dir. If you spend time checking out MELPA packages, /r/emacs or Emacs StackExchage you would probably know most of them. First you should ask yourself why would you want to get on this list? (I’m kiddin’…) Most of the times a pull request would suffice. Keep in mind though that I won’t accept self submission if the config is not vetted by the other people or is not original enough. One can also contribute by adding suggestions to this thread.

use-package - A use-package declaration for simplifying your .emacs

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Notes for users upgrading to 2.x are located at the bottom. Either clone from this GitHub repository or install from MELPA (recommended).

helm - Emacs incremental completion and selection narrowing framework

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Helm is an Emacs framework for incremental completions and narrowing selections. It provides an easy-to-use API for developers wishing to build their own Helm applications in Emacs, powerful search tools and dozens of already built-in commands providing completion to almost everything. It is a must-have for anyone using Emacs as a main work environment. Helm has been widely adopted by many Emacs power-users. It is available in Melpa and can be easily installed from the Emacs package manager. Maintaining Helm requires a lot of work, which I have done voluntarily since 2011. As it demands lots of my time it gets increasingly difficult maintaining it without financial help. Thanks to all the people that are helping or have helped Helm development, but they are actually too few to continue serenely. By the way, after the release of version 3.0 I will have to stop developing Helm seriously until I get enough financial support, only providing a minimal bugfix maintenance. Thanks for your understanding If you feel Helm is making your daily work easier, please consider making a donation.

awesome-emacs - A community driven list of useful Emacs packages, libraries and others.

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Welcome to Awesome Emacs, a community driven list of useful Emacs packages, utilities and libraries. Most of the following packages are available in MELPA. We recommend installing packages with it. Also, please do consider contributing back to the Emacs community. One major way is by financially sponsoring the lead developers and teams of developers that create and maintain the wonderful Emacs packages that so many of us use. Elisp Maintainers provides a fantastic collection of ways that one can donate to several prolific Emacs package developers. Please do so donate.

alchemist.el - Elixir Tooling Integration Into Emacs

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package.el is the built-in package manager in Emacs. Alchemist.el is available on the two major package.el community maintained repos - MELPA Stable and MELPA.

yasnippet-snippets - a collection of yasnippet snippets for many languages

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This repository contains the official collection of snippets for yasnippet. You can install this package from melpa, by first ensuring that you have the melpa source in your package-archives.

ggtags - Emacs frontend to GNU Global source code tagging system.

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This package is part of GNU ELPA (M-x list-packages) and is also available on MELPA. The goal is to make working with GNU Global in Emacs as effortlessly and intuitively as possible and to integrate tightly with standard emacs packages. ggtags.el is tested in Emacs 24 and 25. Patches, feature requests and bug reports are welcome. Thanks.

dumb-jump - an Emacs "jump to definition" package

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Dumb Jump is an Emacs "jump to definition" package with support for multiple programming languages that favors "just working". This means minimal -- and ideally zero -- configuration with absolutely no stored indexes (TAGS) or persistent background processes. Dumb Jump requires at least GNU Emacs 24.3. Dumb Jump uses The Silver Searcher ag, ripgrep rg, or grep to find potential definitions of a function or variable under point. It uses a set of regular expressions based on the file extension, or major-mode, of the current buffer. The matches are run through a shared set of heuristic methods to find the best candidate to jump to. If it can't decide it will present the user with a list in a pop-menu.

sly - Sylvester the Cat's Common Lisp IDE

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``` _____ __ __ __ / ___/ / / \ \/ / |\ _,,,---,,_ \__ \ / / \ / /,`.-'`' -. ;-;;,_ ___/ / / /___ / / |,4- ) )-,_..;\ ( `'-' /____/ /_____/ /_/ '---''(_/--' `-'\_)```SLY is Sylvester the Cat's Common Lisp IDE for Emacs. See it in action in[this screencast][7].SLY is a direct fork of [SLIME][1], and contains the following improvements overit:* Completely redes

emacs-async - Simple library for asynchronous processing in Emacs

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You can install emacs-async package from ELPA or MELPA using package.el. You can also install from sources, in this case you should install using make and make install to ensure emacs-async is intalled in a standard load-path destination where other packages can find it easily when compiling.

swift-mode - Emacs support for Apple's Swift programming language.

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Major-mode for Apple's Swift programming language. Install swift-mode package from MELPA.

emacs-purpose - Manage Windows and Buffers According to Purposes

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Note: a full explanation can be found in the GitHub wiki. Purpose ("window-purpose" on MELPA) provides a new window management system for Emacs, which gives you a better control over where Emacs displays buffers.

nov.el - Major mode for reading EPUBs in Emacs

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nov.el provides a major mode for reading EPUB documents. Set up the MELPA or MELPA Stable repository if you haven't already and install with M-x package-install RET nov RET.

elfeed - An Emacs web feeds client

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Elfeed is an extensible web feed reader for Emacs, supporting both Atom and RSS. It requires Emacs 24.3 and is available for download from MELPA or el-get. Elfeed was inspired by notmuch. The database format is stable and is never expected to change.

emacs-neotree - A emacs tree plugin like NerdTree for Vim.

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A Emacs tree plugin like NerdTree for Vim. You can install the plugin using the packages on melpa.

emacs-jedi - Python auto-completion for Emacs

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Jedi.el is a Python auto-completion package for Emacs. It aims at helping your Python coding in a non-destructive way. It also helps you to find information about Python objects, such as docstring, function arguments and code location. For more info, read documentation. If you are using developmental version installed via el-get or MELPA, read the developmental version. If you are using released version installed via Marmalade, read the released version.

popup-el - Visual Popup Interface Library for Emacs

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popup.el is a visual popup user interface library for Emacs. This provides a basic API and common UI widgets such as popup tooltips and popup menus. You can install popup.el from MELPA with package.el. popwin is tested under GNU Emacs 24 or later.

quelpa - repo moved to framagit

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Build and install your Emacs Lisp packages on-the-fly and directly from source. 2018/06/18 - code moved to, please open issues here (github is only an MS mirror now 8) 2018/03/25 - support for various fetchers has been added again: wiki, bzr, cvs, darcs, fossil, svn.

skewer-mode - Live web development in Emacs

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Provides live interaction with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML in a web browser. Expressions are sent on-the-fly from an editing buffer to be evaluated in the browser, just like Emacs does with an inferior Lisp process in Lisp modes. Skewer is available from MELPA, which will install the dependencies for you. This package and its dependencies are pure Elisp, meaning setup is a breeze, the whole thing is highly portable, and it works with many browsers.

emacs-git-gutter - Emacs port of GitGutter which is Sublime Text Plugin

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git-gutter.el is port of GitGutter which is a plugin of Sublime Text. You can install git-gutter.el from MELPA with package.el (M-x package-install git-gutter).

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