toy-spelling-corrector - Golang Spellcheck based on "How to Write a Spelling Corrector"

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A rudimentary spelling corrector based on How to Write a Spelling Corrector by Peter Norvig. This is a direct port from the Python version with no optimizations or enhancements. Pull requests are welcome but may not be merged into the master branch. It would be interesting to see this project go both ways, meaning as concise as possible (fewest lines) and as performant as possible (fastest execution).The original Python version is 22 lines of code and the Golang version is 88 lines of code.



Related Projects

SymSpell - SymSpell: 1 million times faster through Symmetric Delete spelling correction algorithm

  •    CSharp

The Symmetric Delete spelling correction algorithm reduces the complexity of edit candidate generation and dictionary lookup for a given Damerau-Levenshtein distance. It is six orders of magnitude faster (than the standard approach with deletes + transposes + replaces + inserts) and language independent. Lookup provides a very fast spelling correction of single words.

did_you_mean - The gem that has been saving people from typos since 2014

  •    Ruby

Ruby 2.3 and later ships with this gem and it will automatically be required when a Ruby process starts up. No special setup is required. Aside from the basic features above, the did_you_mean gem comes with experimental features. They can be enabled by calling require 'did_you_mean/experimental'.

SharePoint 2010 SpellCheck


SharePoint 2010 SpellCheck Project will let you enable spelling check functionality in SharePoint 2010 using SpellCheck.asmx

fuck - Fix command line spelling errors like it's 1999.

  •    CSharp

Fix command line spelling errors like it's 1999. I ordered my lunch at work late so I decided to spike out a program to fix command line spelling errors in my newfound free time.


  •    Python

is a natural language understanding program written in Python. It includes an English language parser, an English dictionary tagged with parts of speech and including phrasal verbs and common first names, a spelling corrector, and an indexed file module

JSpell - A JavaScript Spelling Corrector


See my blog post for details.

SpellO - Spell Checker for Website


SpellO crawls a website and finds typos and spelling errors. It provides a user-friendly interface and supports multiple dictionaries.

Squiggly Spell Check


A better notepad++ spell check plug in... Adds: - Visualize your document's spelling errors with red squiggly underlines - Allows you to choose whether or not to underline spelling mistakes - Select pre-defined document types for spelling.

JaSpell - Java spelling checking package

  •    Java

JaSpell is a Java spelling checking package. It is of particular interest for developers, since it provides a set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow one to add spelling checking to any Java Application easily. JaSpell is implemented with basis on the ternary search tree.


  •    Ruby

A gtk run dialog box with tab completion and a simple ui. Supports common features as well as history, files, directories, urls, and spelling correction.

mafsa - Package mafsa implements Minimal Acyclic Finite State Automata in Go, essentially a high-speed, memory-efficient, Unicode-friendly set of strings

  •    Go

Package mafsa implements Minimal Acyclic Finite State Automata (MA-FSA) with Minimal Perfect Hashing (MPH). Basically, it's a set of strings that lets you test for membership, do spelling correction (fuzzy matching) and autocomplete, but with higher memory efficiency than a regular trie. With MPH, you can associate each entry in the tree with data from your own application.A BuildTree is used to build data from scratch. Once all the elements have been inserted, the BuildTree can be serialized into a byte slice or written to a file directly. It can then be decoded into a MinTree, which uses significantly less memory. MinTrees are read-only, but this greatly improves space efficiency.

Ghalatawi, Arabic AutoCorrect


This Project aims to construct a word list and a list of regular expressions for Arabic auto correction ( auto spelling.

Excalibur spelling checker

  •    Objective-C

Excalibur is a TeX/LaTeX aware spelling checker. It will also spell check plain text documents.

Spelling Quiz Manager


This is a project I started years ago to help my kids with their spelling tests at school. It's far from perfect, but a good start anyway!

VSSpellChecker - A Visual Studio spell checker editor extension that checks the spelling of comments, strings, and plain text as you type

  •    CSharp

Welcome to the Visual Studio Spell Checker project.This project is a Visual Studio editor extension that checks the spelling of comments, strings, and plain text as you type or interactively with a tool window. It is based largely on the spell checker extension originally created by Noah Richards, Roman Golovin, and Michael Lehenbauer. This version has been extended significantly to include many new features all of which are configurable.

gingerice - Ruby wrapper for correcting spelling and grammar mistakes based on the context of complete sentences

  •    Ruby

Ruby wrapper of Ginger Proofreader which corrects spelling and grammar mistakes based on the context of complete sentences by comparing each sentence to billions of similar sentences from the web.

Spelling Activities

  •    C++

A program for teaching elementary-school students spelling and phonograms


  •    Javascript

A lightweight jQuery plugin that can check the spelling of text within a form field or DOM tree.

Puspa Speller


This spelling checker is able to give good phonetic suggestions (and rank them according to closeness) for misspelled Bangla words, written either in Bangla or English.