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An easy to use library to use MongoDB with .NET. (Implements a Repository implementation on top of Official MongoDB C# driver).



Related Projects

MongoLP - A LinqPad Driver

A MongoDB LinqPad driver that uses the official C# driver from 10gen. Uses 10gen driver, FluentMongo and MongoRepository


A lightweight service/repository framework on top of mongoDB.

Charisma — Access NoSQL databases in the unified way

The goal of Charisma project is the unification of access to NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and others with provision of contemporary ORMs' common features like persistence ignorance (POCO), LINQ, Context/Repository pattern, fluent configuration combined with NoSQL-specific o...

Entity Framework Repository Unit of Work Pattern

Enterprise Data Repository (EDR): is a library design to be used in both web and standalone/non web application. It manages the lifecycle of the object context

Logic Data Access

Logic Data Access is a IQueryable Repository pattern implementation for LINQ To SQL and In-Memory storages.

mongo-cxx-driver - C++ Driver for MongoDB

The default checkout branch of this repository is releases/stable. This will always contain the latest stable release of the driver. The master branch is used for active development. master should only be used when making contributions back to the driver, as it is not stable for use in production.See Driver Status by family and version for more details about the various versions of the driver.

book-node-mongodb-backbone - Example source code accompanying O'Reilly's "Building Node Applications with MongoDB and Backbone" by Mike Wilson

This is the example source code accompanying O'Reilly's "Building Node Applications with MongoDB and Backbone" by Mike Wilson. The code in this repository is kept up to date with errata corrections. If you're looking for an exact copy of the code from the first edition of the book, you can review the tag at


Old and Historical repository. Please use new repository at:

EF Generic Repository Pattern

Entity Framework 4 POCO, Repository and Specification Pattern. This project makes it easier for database interaction with any kind of .Net projects. You'll no longer have to write your own DAL to access EF Entities. It's developed in C#.

opalang - The Opa Language for Web Application Development

Opa is a functional programming language for the Web, that compiles to JavaScript. There are real applications fully developed with Opa such as the PEPS Communication Platform, RiskyBird and many others.This repository contains all the sources of both the Opa compiler and the Opa library.

puppetlabs-mongodb - mongodb installation

Installs MongoDB on RHEL/Ubuntu/Debian from OS repo, or alternatively from 10gen repository installation documentation.This module is still in beta which means the API is subject to change in backwards incompatible ways. If your project depends on an old API, please pin your dependencies to the necessary version to ensure your environments don't break.

Rapid Repository - Windows Phone 7 Database & Silverlight Database

Rapid Repository is Windows Phone 7 Database and Silverlight Database. The repository simplifies storing and querying entities for windows phone 7 and silverlight using a similar pattern to the Entity framework. The repository is written in C# and supports Linq to objects.


Provide support to increase developer productivity in Java when using MongoDB. Uses familiar Spring concepts such as a template classes for core API usage and lightweight repository style data access.

mean - MEAN.JS - Full-Stack JavaScript Using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js -

MEAN.JS is a full-stack JavaScript open-source solution, which provides a solid starting point for MongoDB, Node.js, Express, and AngularJS based applications. The idea is to solve the common issues with connecting those frameworks, build a robust framework to support daily development needs, and help developers use better practices while working with popular JavaScript components.This will clone the latest version of the MEAN.JS repository to a meanjs folder.


Xoqal is a modern open source application framework targeting .NET 4+ platforms. It supports web and win application with the same infrastructure.

Architecture Lab: Data Patterns & Practices

Contains different types of code samples to explore different types of technical solutions/patterns from an architect's point of view.

ux-pattern-library - The (working) Visual, UI, and Front End Styleguide for edX.

The (working) UI library and Front End Styleguide for edX/Open edX applications and sites. The code in this repository is licensed the Apache 2.0 license unless otherwise noted. Please see the LICENSE file for details.

UIFloatLabelTextField - A subclassed UITextField that follows the Float Label UI design pattern.

If you are looking for the UITextView equivalent of this class, please visit my UIFloatLabelTextView repository. In 2013, Matt D. Smith unveiled the Float Label user interface design pattern. In short, it retains a text field's placeholder above said text field as a floating label. This label is brightly colored when the field is active, and dimly colored when a user has finished editing that field.

android-pulltorefresh-and-loadmore - android custom listview,with interaction pattern load more and pull to refresh to load data dinamically

The first thing that i have to say is render thanks to johannilsson because all the part of pull to refresh listview is based in the code of his repository at The target of this project is help other to apply the interaction pattern pull to refresh and load more on an android listview.