js-strange - Range object for JavaScript

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stRange.js is a range object for JavaScript. Use it to have a single value type with two endpoints and their boundaries. Also implements an interval tree for quick lookups. Stringifies itself in the style of [begin,end) and allows you to parse a string back. Also useful with PostgreSQL. stRange.js follows semantic versioning, so feel free to depend on its major version with something like >= 1.0.0 < 2 (a.k.a ^1.0.0).




Related Projects

Interval Tree


Interval Tree implementation for C# This is the data structure you need to store a lot of temporal data and retrieve it super fast by point in time or time range.

Interval Analysis

  •    Java

Interval Analysis is a collection of interval analysis tools, allowing for robust root-finding and tracking of bounds of numerical error due to uncertain inputs and floating-point error.

long.js - A Long class for representing a 64-bit two's-complement integer value.

  •    Javascript

A Long class for representing a 64 bit two's-complement integer value derived from the Closure Library for stand-alone use and extended with unsigned support. As of ECMA-262 5th Edition, "all the positive and negative integers whose magnitude is no greater than 253 are representable in the Number type", which is "representing the doubleprecision 64-bit format IEEE 754 values as specified in the IEEE Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic". The maximum safe integer in JavaScript is 253-1.

Human Interval - Human readable time distances for javascript

  •    Javascript

Human readable interval parser for Javascript. Human Interval supports numbers up to ten being written out in English. If you want to extend it, you can do so by adding more keys to the language map. Alternatively you could add support for alternative languages.

Gaol: NOT Just Another Interval Library

  •    C++

Gaol: NOT Just Another Interval Library Gaol is a C++ library for interval arithmetic. It is supposed to be a fast and easy to use/modify library for anyone interested in assessing interval arithmetic merits or using it on a regular basis.

SwiftTimer - Simple and Elegant Timer

  •    Swift

The closure will be called after interval you specified. It is invalid to call again in the interval. The closure will be called after interval you specified. Calling again in the interval cancels the previous call.

TurboPFor - Fastest Integer Compression

  •    C

Generate and test (zipfian) skewed distribution (100.000.000 integers, Block size=128/256) Note: Unlike general purpose compression, a small fixed size (ex. 128 integers) is in general used in "integer compression". Large blocks involved, while processing queries (inverted index, search engines, databases, graphs, in memory computing,...) need to be entirely decoded. (*) codecs inefficient for small block sizes are tested with 64Ki integers/block.

Interval Arithmetic Libs

  •    Java

The goal of this project is to develop open-source libraries for interval arithmetic and interval constraints in a wide variety of languages and for a wide variety of platforms. Demos and documentation will also be developed. provided.

Cancerbero (The watchdog of the ports)

  •    PHP

Cancerbero (the watchdog of the ports) is a portscan frontend based in nmap. Scans the hosts of net ranges every configured interval and it'll store the results in a mysql DB. Detect changes in ports, services and OS and notice you with an email ale

FastPFor - The FastPFOR C++ library: Fast integer compression

  •    C++

A research library with integer compression schemes. It is broadly applicable to the compression of arrays of 32-bit integers where most integers are small. The library seeks to exploit SIMD instructions (SSE) whenever possible.This library can decode at least 4 billions of compressed integers per second on most desktop or laptop processors. That is, it can decompress data at a rate of 15 GB/s. This is significantly faster than generic codecs like gzip, LZO, Snappy or LZ4.

daterangepicker - JavaScript Date Range, Date and Time Picker Component

  •    Javascript

This date range picker component creates a dropdown menu from which a user can select a range of dates. I created it while building the UI for Improvely, which needed a way to select date ranges for reports. Features include limiting the selectable date range, localizable strings and date formats, a single date picker mode, a time picker, and predefined date ranges.

BigNumber for .NET

  •    DotNet

The BigNumber project is a testbed for developing various implementations of big integers and rational numbers in C#. The main guideline of the project is simplicity of use, robustness and completness of the libraries. The library will provide various algorithms for general use.

Qalculate! - the ultimate desktop calculator

  •    C++

Qalculate! is a multi-purpose cross-platform desktop calculator. It is simple to use but provides power and versatility normally reserved for complicated math packages, as well as useful tools for everyday needs (such as currency conversion and percent calculation). Features include a large library of customizable functions, unit calculations and conversion, physical constants, symbolic calculations (including integrals and equations), arbitrary precision, uncertainty propagation, interval arithmetic, plotting, and a user-friendly interface (GTK+ and CLI).

bedtools2 - A powerful toolset for genome arithmetic.

  •    C++

Collectively, the bedtools utilities are a swiss-army knife of tools for a wide-range of genomics analysis tasks. The most widely-used tools enable genome arithmetic: that is, set theory on the genome. For example, bedtools allows one to intersect, merge, count, complement, and shuffle genomic intervals from multiple files in widely-used genomic file formats such as BAM, BED, GFF/GTF, VCF. While each individual tool is designed to do a relatively simple task (e.g., intersect two interval files), quite sophisticated analyses can be conducted by combining multiple bedtools operations on the UNIX command line.

twix.js - :hourglass::left_right_arrow: A date range plugin for moment.js

  •    CoffeeScript

Twix is a comprehensive JS library for working with date ranges, and includes a customizable smart formatter. It's written in CoffeeScript and it depends on Moment.js. See the documentation for more.

SCSM CSV Connector


CSV Connector allows you to specify a data file and mapping location and a scheuled interval in minutes. At each scheduled interval Service Manager will import the data in the CSV data file into SCSM to update or insert data.

Time4J - Advanced date, time and interval library for Java

  •    Java

Time4J is thought as a complete and high-end replacement for old java classes around java.util.Date, java.util.Calendar and java.text.SimpleDateFormat. This project is also intended as first-class alternative to the popular libraries JodaTime and its successor JSR-310 (Threeten) since the target audience of Time4J will not only be business Java developers, but also developers with a more scientific background (for example extended time scale support including leap seconds or historically accurate dates).

icloud_photos_downloader - A command-line tool to download photos from iCloud

  •    Python

If your account has two-factor authentication enabled, you will be prompted for a code when you run the script. Two-factor authentication will expire after an interval set by Apple, at which point you will have to re-authenticate. This interval is currently two months.

knusperli - A deblocking JPEG decoder

  •    C++

The goal of Knusperli is to reduce blocking artifacts in decoded JPEG images, by interpreting quantized DCT coefficients in the image data as an interval, rather than a fixed value, and choosing the value from that interval that minimizes discontinuities at block boundaries. Left: a traditional JPEG decoder (Imagemagick 6.9.7-4). Right: Knusperli.

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