modoboa-stats - Graphical statistics for Modoboa

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Graphical statistics for Modoboa. Finally, restart the python process running modoboa (uwsgi, gunicorn, apache, whatever).



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Modoboa - Mail hosting made simple

  •    Python

Modoboa is a mail hosting and management platform including a modern and simplified Web User Interface. It provides useful components such as an administration panel or a webmail. Its main features include Administration panel, Amavisd-new frontend, Webmail, Per-user Sieve filters, Autoreply messages for Postfix, Graphical statistics about email traffic and lot more.

Modoboa - Mail hosting made simple

  •    Python

Modoboa is a mail hosting and management platform including a modern and simplified Web User Interface. It provides useful components such as an administration panel or a webmail. Modoboa integrates with well known software such as Postfix or Dovecot. A SQL database (MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite) is used as a central point of communication between all components.


  •    Perl

Stats Collector is an agent-manager system to collect statistics from remote nodes, including standard server metrics as well as any other numerical value. Uses rrdUtils/RRDtool as data backend and to provide visualization capabilities.


  •    Perl

Perl script run by cron. Pings IP address or domain at user selected rate. Stores ping times and dropped packet counts. Automated webpage reports using RRDtool giving daily, weekly, monthly and annual stats. Email notification when link drops.

git-quick-stats - ▁▅▆▃▅ Git quick statistics is a simple and efficient way to access various statistics in git repository

  •    Shell

git quick-stats is a simple and efficient way to access various statistics in git repository. Any git repository contains tons of information about commits, contributors, and files. Extracting this information is not always trivial, mostly because of a gadzillion options to a gadzillion git commands – I don’t think there is a single person alive who knows them all. Probably not even Linus Torvalds himself :).

c3-angular-directive - Contains angularjs directives that use c3js to create good looking graphs

  •    Javascript

Contains angularjs directives that use c3js to create good looking graphs


  •    Perl

StataCaster is a series of PERL scripts used to email sendmail statistics to you. StataCaster can send you Daily, weekly and monthly statistics. StataCaster also maintains an archive of past stats, so You can see your past performance.

stats - A statistics package with common functions that are missing from the Golang standard library

  •    Go

A statistics package with many functions missing from the Golang standard library. See the for API changes and tagged releases you can vendor into your projects.Protip: go get -u updates stats to the latest version.

ToGather network statistics tool

  •    Perl

ToGather is a network statistics tool (RRDtool frontend) and a SNMP MIB browser. ToGather is OS independent as it uses the programming language perl and any web browser for the display of the graphical statistics and the MIB browser.


  •    Java

XMLSPORTS is a utility that outputs live sports scores, statistics, and standings in SportsML (XML) format. Other tools included will transform SportsML into RSS, or send sports stats and data via email.

bell.js - No longer maintained. Use instead please.

  •    Javascript

Bell.js is a real-time anomalies(outliers) detection system for periodic time series, built to be able to monitor a large quantity of metrics. It collects metrics form statsd, analyzes them with the 3-sigma, once enough anomalies were found in a short time it alerts us via sms/email etc.We eleme use it to monitor our website/rpc interfaces, including api called frequency, api response time(time cost per call) and exceptions count. Our services send these statistics to statsd, statsd aggregates them every 10 seconds and broadcasts the results to its backends including bell, bell analyzes current stats with history data, calculates the trending, and alerts us if the trending behaves anomalous.

pgcenter - Command-line admin tool for observing and troubleshooting Postgres.

  •    Go

pgCenter is a command-line admin tool for observing and troubleshooting Postgres. Postgres provides various activity statistics that include detailed information about its behaviour: connections, statements, database operations, replication, resources usage and more. General purpose of the statistics is to help DBAs to monitor and troubleshoot Postgres. However, these statistics provided in textual form retrieved from SQL functions and views, and Postgres doesn't provide any tools for working with them. pgCenter's main goal is to help Postgres DBA manage statistics that theу have in their databases and see all the necessary data in convenient format based on builtin stats views and functions.

Statsd - Simple daemon for easy stats aggregation

  •    Javascript

A network daemon that runs on the Node.js platform and listens for statistics, like counters and timers, sent over UDP or TCP and sends aggregates to one or more pluggable backend services (e.g., Graphite).


  •    PHP

Zitro-Stats is a tool written in PHP which provides a web interface to various statistics based Soldat ( log files of possibly multiple servers. It shows statistics per player, clan, or weapon and a log history and signatures.

IRC Stats Bot (JAVA / PHP / MySQL)

  •    Java

JAVA / PHP / MYSQL IRC Stats Bot based on IRC JAVA BOT. Makes statistics for one or more channels on irc. Make many php page with the stats of channels and the stats of nicks.

rrdtool-1.x - RRDtool 1.x - Round Robin Database

  •    C

RRDtool is a little program for easily maintaining a database of time-series data. It comes with a charting program for drawing pretty graphs based on the data stored. It is pretty easy to gather status information from all sorts of things, ranging from the temperature in your office to the number of octets which have passed through the FDDI interface of your router. But it is not so trivial to store this data in a efficient and systematic manner. This is where RRDtool kicks in. It lets you log and analyze the data you gather from all kinds of data-sources (DS). The data analysis part of RRDtool is based on the ability to quickly generate graphical representations of the data values collected over a definable time period.

intro2stats - Introduction to Statistics using Python

  •    Jupyter

Inspired by Allen Downey's books Think Stats and Think Bayes, this is an attempt to learn Statistics using an application-centric programming approach. Showcase real-life examples and what statistics to use in each of those examples. Almost every book teaches a concept and shows an example. Ultimately, every topic gets treated separately and no holistic view is presented. Here, we would take examples and see how to make sense out of it.


  •    C

Hey! Tobi Oetiker's RRDtool is cool. Why not make it accessable to other Apache modules? (see lt;a href=quot;;gt;;/agt; for RRDtool details)


  •    C

bastion-firewall is a Netfilter based firewall for Linux. It can generate graphical stats of all the rules traffic in the firewall with Rrdtool and it's integrated with the Snort Inline IPS. It's written in the bash and C programming languages.

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