Malmöfestivalen for Android 2011-2012

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This is the project space for the Malmöfestivalen for Android and iPhone apps. Here we work together to create an awesome mobile experience for the festival visitors! :) Are you hosting a festival? You are invited to join with your ideas and use the code for your festival too!



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MMM Mode


MMM Mode is an add-on package for emacs that enables the user to edit different parts of a file in different major modes. It is well suited for editing embedded code and code-generating code. The development is hosted at GitHub now: Please report any issues there.

mmm - [Go] mmm - manual memory management library.

  •    Go

Manual memory management for golang. Have a look at FreeTree for a real-world example of how to use mmm.

SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard Visualizer

  •    JQuery

SharePoint 2010 Developer Dashboard Visualizer is a jQuery-based solution that extends the Developer Dashboard by plotting an interactive diagram with data from the Developer Dashboard, giving you an **instant** insight into where the bottlenecks are in your code.

developer-rig - Developer Rig for Twitch Extensions

  •    TypeScript

Today (January 17, 2019), we’re announcing the steps we’re taking to improve the way we build and deliver the Developer Rig. Our mission is to help developers build the best Extensions possible, and we believe we can better serve our customers by taking development fully in-house and moving the Developer Rig to a closed source model. The immediate outcome of this strategic decision is the native Developer Rig, which is currently in beta. The native Rig combines a number of technical, UI, and usability improvements, delivering a faster start-up and an improved user experience. You can download the native Rig beta build for Mac and for Windows. We are targeting early February to provide a Linux build as well. We would love to get your feedback and you can do so in the following places: the #native-dev-rig-beta channel on the TwitchDev Discord, on the Twitch Developer Forums, or in the following user survey.

zf1 - EOL on 2016-09-28

  •    PHP

Between now and 28 Sep 2016, we will only be accepting security patches to this repository; after that date, we will issue no more releases. Zend Framework 1.12.21dev Release. Released on MMM DD, YYYY.

phonegap-app-developer - PhoneGap Developer App

  •    Javascript

The PhoneGap Developer app is a testing utility for web developers and designers using the PhoneGap framework. After installing the PhoneGap Developer app you can connect to your PhoneGap desktop app to instantly view and test your project on the device. For more information, see Developer App Reference Guide on the PhoneGap Docs.

Facebook Developer Toolkit


Clarity Consulting Inc. developed the original Facebook Developer Toolkit for the Microsoft Visual Studio Express Team. We have seen lots of feedback on suggestions on improving the codebase. We worked with Microsoft on an idea to keep the code rele...

C4F Developer Kit


The C4F Developer Kit is a collection of components, controls and samples in both Visual Basic and Visual C#. The features of the kit include a single installation file that provides users easy access off the Windows Start Menu to the documentation, sample executables and sou...

developer-resources - neo4j developer resources

  •    HTML

This is the repository with the source content for the developer resources section. The content is written as textual format in AsciiDoc rendered with asciidoctor using erb-templates to HTML and pushed to the gh-pages branch for preview and to the publish branch for publishing to WordPress.

backup-adblockpluschrome - Adblock Plus extension for Google Chrome

  •    Javascript

This repository contains the platform-specific Adblock Plus source code for Chrome, Opera and Safari. It can be used to build Adblock Plus for these platforms, generic Adblock Plus code will be extracted from other repositories automatically (see dependencies file). This will create a build with a name in the form adblockpluschrome-1.2.3.nnnn.crx or adblockplussafari-1.2.3.nnnn.safariextz. Note that you don't need an existing signing key for Chrome or Opera, a new key will be created automatically if the file doesn't exist. Safari on the other hand always requires a valid developer certificate, you need to get one in the Apple Developer Center first. adblockplussafari.pem should contain the private key for your developer certificate, the developer certificate itself as well as all the certificates it was signed with (Apple's root certificate and intermediate certificates) in PEM format - in that order.

beep.js - Beep is a JavaScript toolkit for building browser-based synthesizers.

  •    Javascript

TL;DR Create a synthesizer with one line of code: synth = new Beep.Instrument() Or plink away on the demo synth: Tap the pulsing Play button for a jaunty music lesson. Chrome: View → Developer → JavaScript Console, or ⌥⌘J. Safari: First, enable the Developer menu. Then, Develop → Show Error Console, or ⌥⌘C. Firefox: Tools → Web Developer → Web Console, or ⌥⌘K. Opera: View → Developer Tools → Opera Dragonfly, or ⌥⌘I, then click on the Console tab.

web-developer - A browser extension that adds various web developer tools to a browser.

  •    Javascript

A browser extension that adds various web developer tools to a browser.

Developer Resources console dev tools

  •    C

The Developer Resources Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo development tools and libraries In 1992 I (Kevin Seghetti) and some friends had a company (Developer Resources) which provided development tools for the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo console

xRM Developer Framework


XRM Developer Framework provides you with a Framework & Tools to easily build Enterprise Dynamics CRM 2011 Solutions using patterns & best practices. The Framework builds on many available technologies such as Visual Studio, CRM Developer Toolkit & Moq.

SharePoint Developer Explorer


A Visual Studio add-in to give developers the ability to edit SharePoint content from within Visual Studio.

KSS Generator


KSS Generator is a tool that help developer to generate the data access layer from a database with LINQ supported. It also enables developer to access database through a Dynamic sql library (in case .NET 2.0). Data access layer use provider pattern, so developer can cha...

Developer Toolkit for Dynamics AX 2012


A Developer Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with the following main features: - An extension to the TFS integration, providing the Developer more guidance while working on issues/tasks within Dynamics AX; - Support of Release management within Dynamics AX.

Kontena - The Developer Friendly Container & Microservices Platform

  •    Go

Kontena is a new developer friendly, open source platform for orchestrating applications that are run on Docker containers. It simplifies deploying and running containerized applications on any infrastructure. By leveraging technologies such as Docker, CoreOS and Weave, it provides complete solution for organizations of any size.

screenlog.js - Bring console.log on the screen

  •    Javascript

Ever faced a situation where you said "Why doesn't this bug show up when developer console is open!!"? And since the bug doesn't show when you have console open, you cannot do debug logging using console.log. Enter screenlog.js. screenlog.js brings the developer console right on your screen so that you can do logging without having the developer console open always.

AppleEvents - The unofficial Apple Events app for macOS

  •    Objective-C

This is the unofficial Apple Events app for macOS, inspired by the official Apple TV Events app. Use this app to watch Apple's special events on your Mac while you work.