drawers - [MTG/MCL2] A Minetest Mod adding storage drawers in different sizes and wood types.

  •        3419

This mod adds simple item storages showing the item's inventory image in the front. By left- or right-clicking the image you can take or add stacks. If you also hold the shift-key only a single item will be removed/added. This mod requires Minetest 0.4.14 or later. The default mod from MTG or the MineClone 2 mods are only optional dependencies for crafting recipes.




Related Projects

minetest_game - Minetest Game - The default game for the Minetest engine [https://github

  •    Lua

Minetest Game - The default game for the Minetest engine [https://github.com/minetest/minetest/]

Minetest - Infinite-world block sandbox game engine and game with survival and crafting

  •    C++

An InfiniMiner/Minecraft inspired game.If you downloaded the Minetest Engine source code in which this file is contained, you probably want to download the Minetest Game project too.



Blaketest is a mod for the Minecraft-based game Minetest. It aims to add mystical, industrial, scientific, and survival aspects to the game.


  •    C

Minetest-c55, an open source infinite-world block sandbox game with survival and crafting. [also https://github.com/celeron55/minetest_game]

ScriptCraft - Write Minecraft Plugins in JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

ScriptCraft lets you write Minecraft Mods using Javascript - a programming language that's relatively easy to learn and use. ScriptCraft is a Minecraft Server plugin which means it must be used with a Minecraft server. Once you've downloaded and installed the Minecraft Server, then installed the ScriptCraft Plugin you can write your own Minecraft mods using Javascript. I created ScriptCraft to make it easier for younger programmers to create their own Minecraft Mods. Mods are written using the JavaScript programming language. Once the ScriptCraft mod is installed, you can add your own new Mods by adding JavaScript (.js) files in a directory.

Smart Mod Manager


Smart Mod Manager manages your collection of STALKER mods, allows you to easily switch between them, add and remove mods in any order.

BLCMods - This is a repository for Community Mods made for the Borderlands series

  •    Python

This is a repository for Community Mods made for the Borderlands series (specifically BL2 and BLTPS). These mods should use the set command in the Unreal console to change in-game variables. If your mod has specific considerations you should make it clear how to install.

The BAT Mod

  •    C++

The BAT Mod is a graphic and interface mod for Civilization 4 - Beyond the Sword. It combines the popular BUG (unaltered gameplay) mod with Varietas Delectat and other graphic and artistic mods.

emule X Mod

  •    C++

emule client, based on emule Xtreme Mod (see https://sourceforge.net/projects/emulextreme/) many enhancements, bugfixes and useful features from other mods. Lite Mod, based on X Mod only keep the commonly used features and reduce memory usage



This is an extreme MOD on Minecraft, will be creating a more RPG MMO atmosphere and will require a switching of the actual Jar files as to not mess with Minecraft regular play, and keep people's already imported Mods alone. Built for MineCraft Beta 1.7.3 Currently in pr...

Fallout Mod Studio - A new mod manager for Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas


FOMS provides a simple, graphical, and highly useful approach to installing and managing modifications for Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. It utilizes XML templates to quickly sort mods, and offer solutions to missing dependencies, conflicting mods, missing patches, and more.

rigs-of-rods - Main development repository for Rigs of Rods soft-body physics simulator

  •    C++

Available commands depend on the vehicle you are in. For a graphical overview refer to doc/keysheet.pdf For an indepth view refer to $user/config/input.map Please note that certain vehicles come with their own specific commands not represented in the above sources. In this case see the vehicle's documentation or go to Menu -> Simulation -> Show vehicle description. Rigs is Rods can also be played with Gamepads, Joysticks, Wheels and other controllers, including support for Force Feedback. Rigs of Rods only comes with a very small selection of vehicles and terrains. For the best experience download some mods from the Rigs of Rods Mod Repository. The Showroom Subforum may contain additional content not found in the Mod Repository. If you want to get going quickly have a look at modpacks which can be found in the Mod Repository as well.

Aether - peer-to-peer network of independent, self-moderated communities

  •    Go

Aether is a peer-to-peer network of independent, self-moderated communities. It is a Open source, self-governing communities with auditable moderation and mod elections. Aether is private by default, so that you can choose to be fully private, or fully public yourself. Most people use pseudonyms, though you can use your real name, or company.

amxmodx - AMX Mod X - Half-Life 1 Scripting and Administration

  •    C

AMX Mod X is a Metamod plugin for Half-Life 1. It provides comprehensive scripting for the game engine and its mods. Scripts can intercept network messages, log events, commands, client commands, set cvars, modify entities, and more. AMX Mod X also has a system for extending native scripting through modules, leading to outside support for things like MySQL and Sockets.

lithium-fabric - A Fabric mod designed to improve the general performance of Minecraft without breaking things

  •    Java

Lithium is a free and open-source Minecraft mod which works to optimize many areas of the game in order to provide better overall performance. It works on both the client and server, and doesn't require the mod to be installed on both sides. One of the most important design goals in Lithium is correctness. Unlike other mods which apply optimizations to the game, Lithium does not sacrifice vanilla functionality or behavior in the name of raw speed. It's a no compromises solution for those wanting to speed up their game, and as such, installing Lithium should be completely transparent to the player.

phosphor-fabric - A Fabric mod designed to dramatically improve the performance of Minecraft's lighting engine while fixing many bugs

  •    Java

Phosphor is a free and open-source Minecraft mod (under GNU GPLv3) aiming to save your CPU cycles and improve performance by optimizing one of Minecraft's most inefficient areas-- the lighting engine. It works on both the client and server, and can be installed on servers without requiring clients to also have the mod. You will need Fabric Loader 0.10.x or newer installed in your game in order to load Phosphor. If you haven't installed Fabric mods before, you can find a variety of community guides for doing so here.

sodium-fabric - A Fabric mod designed to improve frame rates and reduce micro-stutter

  •    Java

Sodium is a free and open-source optimization mod for the Minecraft client that improves frame rates, reduces micro-stutter, and fixes graphical issues in Minecraft. ⚠️ Sodium has had a lot of time to shape up lately, but the mod is still alpha software. You may run into small graphical issues or crashes while using it. Additionally, the Fabric Rendering API is not yet supported, which may cause crashes and other issues with a number of mods.

freeminer - Freeminer is an open source sandbox game inspired by Minecraft.

  •    C++

Freeminer is an open source sandbox game inspired by Minecraft. Freeminer is based on Minetest which is developed by a number of contributors from all over the globe.

SMAPI - A modding API for Stardew Valley.

  •    CSharp

Provide APIs and events for mods. SMAPI provides APIs and events which let mods interact with the game in ways they otherwise couldn't. Rewrite mods for crossplatform compatibility. SMAPI rewrites mods' compiled code before loading them so they work on Linux/Mac/Windows without the mods needing to handle differences between the Linux/Mac and Windows versions of the game.

orangeforum - A light-weight forum

  •    Go

Orange Forum is an easy to deploy forum that has minimal dependencies and uses very little javascript. It is written is golang and a compiled binary is available for linux. Try the latest version hosted here. Please contact info@goodoldweb.com if you have any questions or want support. There are three types of privileged users in orangeforum: superadmin, admin, and mod. A superadmin has rights to everything across all groups. This includes editing/deleting/closing posts across all groups and editing the list of mods/admins for all groups in the forum. mods of a group can edit/delete/close posts in that group. admins of a group have all the privileges of mods for that group and can also edit the name/description of the group and assign mods for that group.

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