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C# programming exercise. Simulates a given number of minesweeper games using a given ISweeper implementation (or use the step by step mode to study how the ISweeper implementations work). Create your own implementation and see how it compares to other implementations.




Related Projects

fp-course - Functional Programming Course

The course is structured according to a linear progression and uses the Haskell programming language to learn programming concepts pertaining to functional programming. Exercises are annotated with a comment containing the word "Exercise." The existing code compiles, however answers have been replaced with a call to the Haskell error function and so the code will throw an exception if it is run. Some exercises contain tips, which are annotated with a preceding "Tip:". It is not necessary to adhere to tips. Tips are provided for potential guidance, which may be discarded if you prefer a different path to a solution.


Sweeper is a Visual Studio 2008 & 2010 add-in for C# that takes care of many of the trivial code-formatting issues that developers run into - particularly if they use StyleCop. It is developed in C#.

Mailbox Sweeper

Mailbox Sweeper is a program to connect to a mailbox, preview and delete selected messages. Useful for cleaning up mailboxes without downloading all the mails to your computer, e.g. for dialup users who do not want to download that 5MB attachment.

swapview - Print swap usage per process. Implemented in various programming languages

swapview is a simple program to view processes' swap usage on Linux. This is intended to be a lilydjwg's version of Hello World program. Install all the dependencies for your interested versions, then run make -k. It will build all that can be built.

gs-collections-kata - The GS Collections Kata has been migrated to the Eclipse Foundation, re-branded as the Eclipse Collections Kata

A kata is an exercise in martial arts. A code kata is an exercise in programming which helps hone your skills through practice and repetition. You can find out more about code Katas in general here.The GS Collections Kata is a fun way to help you learn idiomatic GS Collections usage. This particular kata is set up as a series of unit tests which fail. Your task is to make them pass, using GS Collections. The Kata is meant to take approximately one eight-hour day.

Windows 8 Minesweeper

A minesweeper clone in the Windows 8 Metro style, developed in JavaScript and HTML5.

Fujiy Minesweeper

A MSN Messenger Minesweeper clone. You can play Minesweeper with a friend, who finds more bombs wins


a clean old minesweeper


Simple holded JAVA Tool to Play minesweeper, a Local SQL-Database is used.

wp7 minesweeper

wp7 minesweeper

Web Minesweeper with MVVM and Knockout

This is a common minesweeper game, that is implemented with mvvm in the web, only with html and javascipts libraries...

Minesweeper by S. Joshi

A user-created version of Minesweeper.


MineFlagger is a mine clearing game modeled after Microsoft’s Minesweeper. In addition to standard play, MineFlagger incorporates an AI for fun and training.


A miniature clone of the classic expert minesweeper puzzle, with a tiny screen footprint and no frills. Play minesweeper incognito while flipping the bird to ergonomics and your boss! For Microsoft Windows. Compiles with MinGW.


Mines is a program that will attempt to solve a 10x10 Minesweeper puzzle. The purpose of this project is to address the well-known problem of determining whether a given Minesweeper puzzle is solvable or not.

JExplosion - A Cool Java Minesweeper

A java based 'Minesweeper' clone that uses native javax.swing components as graphical interface. It comes with my cool feature of 'Invulnerabilty' - it enables you to go on after stepping on a mine - my girlfriend wished that ;-)

J2ME Minesweeper

J2Minesweeper is minesweeper game can be played at portable media (cellphone, pda, etc) with J2ME suported and MIDP2.0 enabled, generate and build using Netbeans 5.0 + Netbeans Mobility 5.0

MineSweeper for hiebook

Minesweeper game for the hiebook. Requires emOS 3.x.


A small, portable shell written in C++. This project is intended as an exercise to improve my programming skills. The goal of this project is to create a DOS-like shell that cross-compiles on Linux and Windows.

Exercise BackgroundWorker Sample

This exercise project is used to demonstrate the usage of the BackgroundWorker class in .Net 2 to implement a multi-threaded WinForms.