rectangle-decomposition - Computes a minimal rectangular decomposition of a rectilinear polygon

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This code is 100% JavaScript and works in both node.js and in a browser via browserify. Decomposes the polygon defined by the list of loops into a collection of rectangles.


bipartite-independent-set : ^1.0.0
interval-tree-1d : ^1.0.0
dup : ^1.0.0



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kittydar - [UNMAINTAINED] Face detection for cats in JavaScript - demo for TXJS 2012 talk

  •    Javascript

Kittydar takes a canvas element. In node you can get a Canvas object with node-canvas. Kittydar will give an approximate rectangle around the cat's head. Each rectangle has an x and y for the top left corner, and a width and height of the rectangle.

WPF Shape Demo

  •    WPF

This WPF application demos shape objects in WPF,such as Point,Rectangle,Polygon,Polyline and so on.

react-google-maps - React.js Google Maps integration component

  •    Javascript

The changelog is automatically generated via standard-version and can be found in project root as well as npm tarball. Please, be noted, no one, I mean, no one, is obligated to help you in ANY means. Your time is valuable, so does our contributors. Don't waste our time posting questions like “how do I do X with React-Google-Maps” and “my code doesn't work”. This is not the primary purpose of the issue tracker. Don't abuse.

labelme - Image Polygonal Annotation with Python (polygon, rectangle, line, point and image-level flag annotation)

  •    Python

Labelme is a graphical image annotation tool inspired by It is written in Python and uses Qt for its graphical interface. Fig 2. VOC dataset example of instance segmentation.

svg-mesh-3d - :rocket: converts a SVG path to a 3D mesh

  •    Javascript

A high-level module to convert a SVG <path> string into a 3D triangulated mesh. Best suited for silhouettes, like font icon SVGs.Built on top of cdt2d by @mikolalysenko, and various other modules.

CJK Decomposition Data


The CJK Decomposition Data File is a graphical analysis of the approx 75,000 Chinese/Japanese characters in Unicode.

lrslibrary - Low-Rank and Sparse Tools for Background Modeling and Subtraction in Videos

  •    Matlab

Low-Rank and Sparse tools for Background Modeling and Subtraction in Videos. The LRSLibrary provides a collection of low-rank and sparse decomposition algorithms in MATLAB. The library was designed for motion segmentation in videos, but it can be also used (or adapted) for other computer vision problems (for more information, please see this page). Currently the LRSLibrary offers more than 100 algorithms based on matrix and tensor methods. The LRSLibrary was tested successfully in several MATLAB versions (e.g. R2014, R2015, R2016, R2017, on both x86 and x64 versions). It requires minimum R2014b.

FlycoRoundView - A library helps Android built-in views easy and convenient to set round rectangle background and accordingly related shape resources can be reduced

  •    Java

A library helps Android built-in views easy and convenient to set round rectangle background and accordingly related shape resources can be reduced.

polylabel - A fast algorithm for finding the pole of inaccessibility of a polygon (in JavaScript and C++)

  •    C++

A fast algorithm for finding polygon pole of inaccessibility, the most distant internal point from the polygon outline (not to be confused with centroid), implemented as a JavaScript library. Useful for optimal placement of a text label on a polygon.This is an iterative grid-based algorithm, which starts by covering the polygon with big square cells and then iteratively splitting them in the order of the most promising ones, while aggressively pruning uninteresting cells.

l1-path-finder - 🗺 Fast path planning for 2D grids

  •    Javascript

A fast path planner for grids. The input to the library is in the form of an ndarray. For more information on this data type, check out the SciJS project.


  •    C++

FTGL is a free cross-platform Open Source C++ library that uses Freetype2 to simplify rendering fonts in OpenGL applications. FTGL supports bitmaps, pixmaps, texture maps, outlines, polygon mesh, and extruded polygon rendering modes.


  •    Python

QMForge reads output from various quantum mechanical calculations and provides tools for analyzing these results. Specifically, population (Mulliken and C-squared), fragment, and charge decomposition analyses are available. See the webpage for more info


  •    Python

wordaxe (formerly deco-cow): A hyphenation library for Python. Several hyphenation algorithms: - the pattern-based from TeX/OOO, - by decomposition of compound words for German language. Includes support for paragraph line-breaking with ReportLab.

Complex Systems Scilab Toolbox


Complex Systems is a toolbox for SCILAB software. This toolbox measures some parameters for graphs representing complex systems: degree distribution, average neighboring degree, average clustering, and shell index (from k-core decomposition).


  •    C

A scientific computing and data-handling library for C, providing functions on the same level as those of the typical stats package (OLS, probit, singular value decomposition, amp;c.). Written to facilitate writing fast and easy C code. The project has moved to .

Simplex Calculator


Allows users to develop advanced calculations and relatively simple. Among the various included functions of the application we find: numerical analysis, tools storms (countdown, chronometer), decomposition of a number to first factors, M.C.D., m.c.m., search of the divisor...

Power Assert .NET


A .NET port of Groovy's Power Assert, which prints out a decomposition of your expression tree (with values) whenever an assertion fails

C# n * n determinant calculation


C# implementation of n*n determinant calculation using LUP decomposition

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