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MikJNI is a .NET to java interop library that allows you to create and call java objects from within your .NET program. The MikJNI library consists of two layers: - a very thin layer around JNI (Java Native Interface), exposing the JNI functionality as .NET classes, but not...




Related Projects


Chasm-interop is a set of tools that parses C++ and Fortran 90 source files and automatically generates bridging code to provide for seamless language interoperability.

Interop Router

This project establishes a communication framework and job dispatcher for a mixed operating system cluster environment.


This is a JNI library for MSMQ. It allows Java applications to connect to MSMQ on Windows.

sass-interop - A demo of interoperability between Sass and Polymer

A demo of interoperability between Sass and Polymer

less-interop - A demo of interoperability between Less and Polymer

A demo of interoperability between Less and Polymer

angular-interop - A demo of interoperability between Polymer and AngularJS

A demo of interoperability between Polymer and AngularJS

cuda-opengl-interop - Experiments on CUDA-OpenGL interoperability

Experiments on CUDA-OpenGL interoperability

Jawin - a Java/Win32 interoperability project

The Java/Win32 integration project (Jawin) is a interoperation between Java and components exposed through Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) or through Win32 Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs). Jawin could be used to interact with scriptable applications such as the Microsoft Office suite, COM-based XML parsers and tools. It could also be used to access Win32 API features such as the Windows registry, security APIs, and the event log.

profiler - IJW Profiler for .NET & Java

IJW Profiler for .NET & Java

DLF Aquifer Development for Interop.

DLF Aquifer Development for Interoperability Across Scholarly Repositories: American Social History Online will implement schemas, data models and technologies to enable scholars to use distributed digital collections in a variety of local environments.

Moodle-Sharepoint Unified

Implementation of a Single Sign On model that allows that a registered user in a directory server can use an only one password for the SharePoint and Moodle platform, where the process of syncronization of the existing users occurs in a transparent way for the user. The soluti...

Web Services Interop Profile Environment

Web Services Interoperability Profile Environment is a toolkit for managing and using quot;service profilesquot; needed for SOA realisation. Core is an inheritance resolver library, used by a document generator and conformance test suite generator.


This directory contains simple test cases to read OpenPGP keys and messages generated by a variety of implementations. The tests are declarative, and any implementation can write a driver for these tests to check for interoperability issues.

WCF SOAP With Attachments Message Encoder

This sample provides a message encoder for WCF that allows sending and receiving binary data with SOAP-messages based on W3C SOAP-With-Attachments. It was created during an interop-lab with SVC for providing better interoperability with local e-health services that are using SWA.


Test case for language interoperability issue with the Azure Java SDK

unsafe - Java library to compile and run C++ code in-memory

"extern \"C\" void foo() {" +"printf(\"hello world!\\n\");" +"}");nativeModule.getFunctionByName("foo").invoke();```This library is designed for performance sensitive applications where access and generation of fast native code on the fly gives a performance edge.It is not intended for integration, mainly because the linker is not exposed in the API to keep it simple.Features======== - Compile and run C++ code using Clang+LLVM - Dynamic invocation of compiled functions with basic argument marsha

Managed, Native, and COM Interop Team

Welcome to the CodePlex site for CLR Interop Team, where tools and samples designed by the team are released. We hope the things we deliver here will help you make best use of Interop and boost development in your work. You are welcome to share your concerns, comments or feedb...

interop - Data and documentation maintained by the Interop Working Group

This repository contains files managed by the Interop Working Group that provide guidance for the OpenStack community.NOTE: Changes to file requires approval of the Interop Working Group chair(s).

interop-workloads - Assets relating to the Interop Challenge

With the success of the Interop Challenge in Barcelona, the Interop Challenge mission continues to gain momentum. We will use this project and repository where we can focus on creating and iterating on new OpenStack workloads that will be used to demonstrate that OpenStack clouds are interoperable across a variety of application domains including enterprise workloads, NFV workloads, K8s, and many others under evaluation. We will also use this repo to store our best practices documents and other collateral that facilitates improving the state of OpenStack Clouds' ability to interoperate.