bayes-classifier - Naive Bayes Classifier in JavaScript

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This is a Naive Bayes classifier implementation written in JavaScript. I took out the relevant algorithms from the appratus and natural modules, and also the Porter stemmer algorithm. All credit goes to them.



Related Projects

bayes - Naive-Bayes Classifier for node.js

  •    Javascript

bayes takes a document (piece of text), and tells you what category that document belongs to. Returns an instance of a Naive-Bayes Classifier.

simple_bayes - A Naive Bayes machine learning implementation in Elixir.

  •    Elixir

A Naive Bayes machine learning implementation in Elixir. In machine learning, naive Bayes classifiers are a family of simple probabilistic classifiers based on applying Bayes' theorem with strong (naive) independence assumptions between the features.

twss.js - A node.js "that's what she said" classifier

  •    Javascript

This is a node.js module that classifies if a sentence can be replied with "that's what she said". You change algorithm from the default naive bayes classifier (nbc) to a k-nearest neighbor algorithm (knn).

Spam Scanner - Best anti-spam, email filtering, and phishing prevention service

  •    Javascript

Spam Scanner is a drop-in replacement and the best alternative to SpamAssassin, rspamd, SpamTitan, and more. Spam Scanner includes modern, essential, and performant features that to help reduce spam, phishing, and executable attacks.

POPFile - Automatic Email Classification

  •    Perl

POPFile is an email classification tool with a Naive Bayes classifier, POP3, SMTP, NNTP proxies and IMAP filter and a web interface. It runs on most platforms and with most email clients.

limdu - Machine-learning for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Limdu is a machine-learning framework for Node.js. It supports multi-label classification, online learning, and real-time classification. Therefore, it is especially suited for natural language understanding in dialog systems and chat-bots.Limdu is in an "alpha" state - some parts are working (see this readme), but some parts are missing or not tested. Contributions are welcome.

phpInsight - Sentiment Analysis with PHP

  •    PHP

phpInsight is a sentiment classifier. It uses a dictionary of words that are categorised as positive, negative or neutral, and a naive bayes algorithm to calculate sentiment. To improve accuracy, phpInsight removes 'noise' words. For example usage, see the examples folder.

rumale - Rumale is a machine learning library in Ruby

  •    Ruby

Rumale (Ruby machine learning) is a machine learning library in Ruby. Rumale provides machine learning algorithms with interfaces similar to Scikit-Learn in Python. Rumale supports Linear / Kernel Support Vector Machine, Logistic Regression, Linear Regression, Ridge, Lasso, Kernel Ridge, Factorization Machine, Naive Bayes, Decision Tree, AdaBoost, Gradient Tree Boosting, Random Forest, Extra-Trees, K-nearest neighbor classifier, K-Means, K-Medoids, Gaussian Mixture Model, DBSCAN, SNN, Power Iteration Clustering, Mutidimensional Scaling, t-SNE, Principal Component Analysis, Kernel PCA and Non-negative Matrix Factorization. This project was formerly known as "SVMKit". If you are using SVMKit, please install Rumale and replace SVMKit constants with Rumale.

natural - general natural language facilities for node

  •    Javascript

"Natural" is a general natural language facility for nodejs. Tokenizing, stemming, classification, phonetics, tf-idf, WordNet, string similarity, and some inflections are currently supported.

RDP Classifier

  •    Java

The RDP Classifier is a naive Bayesian classifier that can rapidly and accurately provides taxonomic assignments from domain to genus, with confidence estimates for each assignment. More information can be found at

classifier-reborn - A general classifier module to allow Bayesian and other types of classifications

  •    Ruby

Classifier Reborn is a general classifier module to allow Bayesian and other types of classifications. It is a fork of cardmagic/classifier under more active development. Currently, it has Bayesian Classifier and Latent Semantic Indexer (LSI) implemented. Here is a quick illustration of the Bayesian classifier.


  •    C++

C++ header only library, small and fast; Naive Bayesian Classifier, Decision Tree Classifier (ID3), DNA/RNA nucleotide second structure predictor, timeseries management, timeseries prediction, generic Evolutionary Algorithm, generic Hill Climbing algorithm and others.



C "Classifier" is an AI software component that tries to classify instances from given evidence (if shiny then diamond). A famous example is classifying email spam, separating it from ham. SharpClassifier currently only contains a single classifier - A Bayesian Naive Classi...

classifier - [UNMAINTAINED] Bayesian classifier with Redis backend

  •    Javascript

Deprecation notice: This library is no longer actively maintained. Try the natural classifier. It doesn't have a Redis backend, but otherwise works even better. The first argument to train() can be a string of text or an array of words, the second argument can be any category name you want.

tensorflow_image_classifier - TensorFlow Image Classifier Demo by @Sirajology on Youtube

  •    Python

This is the code for 'Image Classifier in TensorFlow in 5 Min on YouTube. Use this CodeLab by Google as a guide. Also this tutorial is quite helpful. and then put your image on it. This "classifier" directory will have your samples but also trained classifier after execution of "".

opencv-haar-classifier-training - Learn how to train your own OpenCV Haar classifier

  •    Perl

This repository aims to provide tools and information on training your own OpenCV Haar classifier. Use it in conjunction with this blog post: Train your own OpenCV Haar classifier. Note: If you get the error struct.error: unpack requires a string argument of length 12 then go into your samples directory and delete all files of length 0.

classifier - A general classifier module to allow Bayesian and other types of classifications.

  •    Ruby

Classifier is a general module to allow Bayesian and other types of classifications. Notice that LSI will work without these libraries, but as soon as they are installed, Classifier will make use of them. No configuration changes are needed, we like to keep things ridiculously easy for you.

vehicle_detection_haarcascades - Vehicle Detection by Haar Cascades with OpenCV

  •    C++

Hello everyone, An easy way to perform vehicle detection is by using Haar Cascades. Currently, I don't have a detailed tutorial about it, but you can get some extra information in the OpenCV homepage, see Cascade Classifier page. See also Cascade Classifier Training for training your own cascade classifier. The haar-cascade cars.xml was trained using 526 images of cars from the rear (360 x 240 pixels, no scale). The images were extracted from the Car dataset proposed by Brad Philip and Paul Updike taken of the freeways of southern California.

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