lets-go - Web App tutorial via Let's Go by Alex Edwards

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Web App tutorial via Let's Go by Alex Edwards




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Tasks - A simplistic todo list manager written in Go

  •    Go

Tasks is a simplistic Go webapp to manage tasks, I built this tool to manage tasks which I wanted to do, there are many good kanban style boards, but I felt they were a bit too heavyweight for my taste. Also I wanted to learn the Go webapp development. This will generate the binary and set up the database. If you want, you can copy the binary and the public folder into a folder of your choice.

vim-go-tutorial - Tutorial for vim-go

  •    Vim

Tutorial for vim-go. A simple tutorial on how to install and use vim-go.We're going to use vim-plug to install vim-go. Feel free to use other plugin managers instead. We will create a minimal ~/.vimrc, and add to it as we go along.

gowebapp - Basic MVC Web Application in Go

  •    Go

This project demonstrates how to structure and build a website using the Go language without a framework. There is a blog article you can read at http://www.josephspurrier.com/go-web-app-example/. There is a full application I built with an earlier version of the project at https://github.com/verifiedninja/webapp. There is an API version of this project at https://github.com/josephspurrier/gowebapi. If you are on Go 1.5, you need to set GOVENDOREXPERIMENT to 1. If you are on Go 1.4 or earlier, the code will not work because it uses the vendor folder.

Golang-Regex-Tutorial - Golang - Regular Expression Tutorial

  •    Perl

This is a regular expression tutorial for Go, the language. Go to http://www.golang.org for more information about Go.

apache-shiro-tutorial-webapp - A step-by-step tutorial showing how to secure a web app with Apache Shiro

  •    Java

A step-by-step tutorial showing how to secure a web app with Apache Shiro.

microblog - A microblogging web application written in Python and Flask that I developed as part of my Flask Mega-Tutorial series

  •    Python

This is an example application featured in my Flask Mega-Tutorial. See the tutorial for instructions on how to work with it.

Go-SCP - Go programming language secure coding practices guide

  •    Go

You can download this book in the following formats: PDF, Mobi and ePub. Go Language - Web Application Secure Coding Practices is a guide written for anyone who is using the Go Programming Language and aims to use it for web development.

tutorial - This is a tutorial we are using for Django Girls workshops

  •    CSS

This is the source code repository for the Django Girls Tutorial. Django Girls Tutorial is used on tutorial.djangogirls.org so if you want to read it, please go there. If you want to contribute please do go further with this file. The Django Girls Tutorial is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license. Everyone is free to add, edit and correct the tutorial.

serial-port-json-server - A serial port JSON websocket server for Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, or BeagleBone Black that lets you communicate with your serial port from a web application

  •    Go

A serial port JSON websocket & web server that runs from the command line on Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, or Beagle Bone that lets you communicate with your serial port from a web application. This enables web apps to be written that can communicate with your local serial device such as an Arduino, CNC controller, or any device that communicates over the serial port. Since version 1.82 you can now also program your Arduino by uploading a hex file. The app is written in Go. It has an embedded web server and websocket server. The server runs on the standard port of localhost:8989. You can connect to it locally with your browser to interact by visiting http://localhost:8989. The websocket is technically running at ws://localhost/ws. You can of course connect to your websocket from any other computer to bind in remotely. For example, just connect to ws:// if you are on a remote host where is your devices actual IP address.

ansible-tuto - Ansible tutorial

  •    Shell

This tutorial presents Ansible step-by-step. You'll need to have a (virtual or physical) machine to act as an Ansible node. A Vagrant environment is provided for going through this tutorial. Ansible is a configuration management software that lets you control and configure nodes from another machine. What makes it different from other management software is that Ansible uses (potentially existing) SSH infrastructure, while others (Chef, Puppet, ...) need a specific PKI infrastructure to be set up.

web-dev-golang-anti-textbook - Learn how to write webapps without a framework in Go.

  •    Go

The tutorial is available for free download all formats via Gitbooks and pay as you go model via Leanpub, a $5 donation would go a long way to supporting this project and it'll help me keep this project updated. This is an easy to understand example based tutorial aimed at those who know a little of Go and nothing of webdev and want to learn how to write a webserver in Go. You will create a to do list application as you advance the chapters.

go-torch - Stochastic flame graph profiler for Go programs

  •    Go

Tool for stochastically profiling Go programs. Collects stack traces and synthesizes them into a flame graph. Uses Go's built in pprof library.go-torch will pass through arguments to go tool pprof, which lets you take existing pprof commands and easily make them work with go-torch.

aws-lambda-go - A fast and clean way to execute Go on AWS Lambda.

  •    Go

A fast and clean way to execute Go on AWS Lambda. AWS Lambda lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. For now, it only supports Node.js, Java, C# and Python. This project provides Go support without spawning a process.

Lets-Build-a-Forum-in-Laravel - http://laracasts.com/series/lets-build-a-forum-with-laravel

  •    Javascript

Laravel is accessible, yet powerful, providing tools needed for large, robust applications. A superb combination of simplicity, elegance, and innovation give you tools you need to build any application with which you are tasked. Laravel has the most extensive and thorough documentation and video tutorial library of any modern web application framework. The Laravel documentation is thorough, complete, and makes it a breeze to get started learning the framework.

snappass - It's like SnapChat... for passwords.

  •    Javascript

It's like SnapChat... for Passwords. This is a webapp that lets you share passwords securely.

facetogif - face to gif is a simple webapp that lets you record yourself and gives you an infinitely looping animated gif

  •    Javascript

The easiest way to get a gif of your face -- or of whatever you point your webcam to and record. A more detailed about page is coming soon.

hawkpost - Generate links that users can use to submit messages encrypted with your public key.

  •    Python

Hawkpost lets you create unique links that you can share with the person that desires to send you important information but doesn't know how to deal with PGP. You can deploy your own server using the code from this repository or use the official server (that is running an exact copy of this repo) at https://hawkpost.co.

go-jwt-middleware - A Middleware for Go Programming Language to check for JWTs on HTTP requests

  •    Go

A middleware that will check that a JWT is sent on the Authorization header and will then set the content of the JWT into the user variable of the request.This module lets you authenticate HTTP requests using JWT tokens in your Go Programming Language applications. JWTs are typically used to protect API endpoints, and are often issued using OpenID Connect.

beedb - beedb is a go ORM,support database/sql interface´╝îpq/mysql/sqlite

  •    Go

Beedb is an ORM for Go. It lets you map Go structs to tables in a database. It's intended to be very lightweight, doing very little beyond what you really want. For example, when fetching data, instead of re-inventing a query syntax, we just delegate your query to the underlying database, so you can write the "where" clause of your SQL statements directly. This allows you to have more flexibility while giving you a convenience layer. But beedb also has some smart defaults, for those times when complex queries aren't necessary.Relationship-support is not implemented, for this we will recommend you to use Beego.orm.

aws-lambda-go-shim - Author your AWS Lambda functions in Go, effectively.

  •    Python

Author your AWS Lambda functions in Go, effectively. AWS Lambda lets you run code without thinking about servers. For now, you can author your AWS Lambda functions, natively, in C#, Java, Node.js and Python. This project provides a native and full-featured shim for authoring your AWS Lambda functions in Go.