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The MemcheckView GUI uses the Tool Gear viewer to display and organize Memcheck's output in a way that makes it much easier to examine the most-critical Memcheck warnings first. MemcheckView also displays the relevant source code for each warning and the source code can be viewed for the entire call chain, if desired. The MemcheckView package includes scripts (memcheck_all, memcheck) that provide an easy way to run Memcheck on parallel (MPI) and serial applications. Because Memcheck generates its output file on the fly while the application is running, the MemcheckView tool can monitor this output file and update the display continually. MemcheckView can also read a completed output file after the monitored application has exited.



Related Projects


Alleyoop is a graphical front-end to the increasingly popular Valgrind memory checker for the x86 and x86_64 flavors of Linux using the Gtk+ widget set and other GNOME libraries for the X-Windows environment.


Valkyrie is an open-source graphical user interface for the Valgrind 3.3.X line. Valkyrie uses the Qt widget library, and is based on Valgrind`s XML output capabilities. Valkyrie is designed for simplicity and ease of use, whilst allowing access to the full range of Valgrind command-line options.


Valgrind is an award-winning instrumentation framework for building dynamic analysis tools. There are Valgrind tools that can automatically detect many memory management and threading bugs, and profile your programs in detail. You can also use Valgrind to build new tools.


Valgui, an extensive interface for Valgrind

MySQL-Front - A GUI front end for the MySQL and MariaDB database servers

MySQL-Front is a Windows front end program for the MySQL database server. The database structure and data can be handled via dialogs or SQL commands. Import and Export in standard file formats is supported. The database server can be connected directly or via HTTP tunneling.

alleyoop - Graphical Valgrind front-end

Graphical Valgrind front-end

AntAcid - Advanced GUI front-end for ant

AntAcid is a GUI front-end to Jakarta's ant build tool. Eliminates requirement to code directly in XML. Context-menus direct the user to allowable selections of Tasks, nested Tasks and their respective attributes. Generates xml buildfiles.

valgrind-gui - Small Qt4 interface for Valgrind tool suite

Small Qt4 interface for Valgrind tool suite


Hspell-gui is a graphical front end to hspell , a Hebrew spell checker and linguistic analyzer, using the gnome-2.0 graphics library.

Memorylogic - Memory usage logger

Adds in proccess id and memory usage in your rails logs, great for tracking down memory leaks.

Sequel Pro - MySQL Database management for Mac

Sequel Pro is a fast, easy-to-use Mac database management application for working with MySQL databases. It gives you direct access to your MySQL databases on local and remote server. It supports Full table management including indexes and MySQL Views.


The data files generated by Callgrind can be loaded into KCachegrind for browsing the performance results. This is a GUI/Visualization tool.


DLDI is a tool to dynamic link your Nintendo DS homebrew app, with the right interface for your card. This project is a GUI front end for the original DLDI tool.

SIDU admin GUI : MySQL PostgreSQL SQLite

SIDU is a FREE database web GUI written in PHP. Handy and powerful for MySQL + PostgreSQL + SQLite + CUBRID. SIDU is simple and easy DB tool to use! SIDU has all features you need for database admin and web development. It's a great DB admin tool! No installation need. Best database front-end web based tools, cross platform looking no further

genieacs-gui - A GUI front end for GenieACS built with Ruby on Rails.

A GUI front end for GenieACS built with Ruby on Rails.

Motion-Gui - A Gui front end for motion

A Gui front end for motion

X-Mem - Extensible Memory Benchmarking Tool

X-Mem is a flexible open-source research tool for characterizing memory hierarchy throughput, latency, power, and more. The tool was developed jointly by Microsoft and the UCLA NanoCAD Lab. This project was started by Mark Gottscho (Email: as a Summer 2014 PhD intern at Microsoft Research. X-Mem is released freely and open-source under the MIT License. The project is under active development.We have a research tool paper describing the motivation, design, and implementation of X-Mem, as well as three experimental case studies using tools to deliver insights useful to both cloud providers and subscribers. If you use our tool and publish or otherwise publicly report results, we ask that you please cite the following paper as well as provide a link to our tool homepage (

objgrind - writable or refereable checker with valgrind

writable or refereable checker with valgrind

valgrind.vim - Navigate in the output of the memory checker valgrind

Navigate in the output of the memory checker valgrind