min-cli - Min 小程序组件化解决方案

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小程序组件化开发环境,提供 cli 支持



babel-core : ^6.25.0
change-case : ^3.0.1
chokidar : ^1.7.0
colors : ^1.1.2
commander : ^2.11.0
commitizen : ^2.9.6
fs-extra : ^4.0.1
glob : ^7.1.2
highlight.js : ^9.12.0
htmlparser2 : ^3.9.2
inquirer : ^3.3.0
internal : ^1.0.8
js-beautify : ^1.6.14
lerna : ^2.1.2
less : ^2.7.2
lodash : ^4.17.4
marked : ^0.3.6
mem-fs : ^1.1.3
mem-fs-editor : ^3.0.2
npmlog : ^4.1.2
postcss : ^5.2.5
postcss-bem : ^0.4.1
postcss-calc : ^5.3.1
precss : ^2.0.0
standard-version : ^4.2.0



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minui - 基于规范的小程序 UI 组件库,自定义标签组件,简洁、易用、工具化

  •    Javascript

基于规范的小程序 UI 组件库,自定义标签组件,简洁、易用、工具化

MIN Test Framework

  •    C

MIN is an advanced unit/integration test framework for Linux/Maemo based devices. MIN can be integrated with standard toolchain in Linux (make). It makes testing easy, efficient and what is most important: rapid.

min-caml - moved from https://sourceforge.net/p/min-caml/code/

  •    OCaml

moved from https://sourceforge.net/p/min-caml/code/

Calendar Column with Min and Max Dates


A column in datagridview with support for Min and Max dates.


  •    C

weather-interpreter is a c++ program interpreter for weather data stored in a text file. Statistical data (highs,lows,avg, max, max time, min,min time) for inside and outside temperature, humidity, winds, barometer, dew point and precipitation.

BoomFilters - Probabilistic data structures for processing continuous, unbounded streams.

  •    Go

Boom Filters are probabilistic data structures for processing continuous, unbounded streams. This includes Stable Bloom Filters, Scalable Bloom Filters, Counting Bloom Filters, Inverse Bloom Filters, Cuckoo Filters, several variants of traditional Bloom filters, HyperLogLog, Count-Min Sketch, and MinHash.Classic Bloom filters generally require a priori knowledge of the data set in order to allocate an appropriately sized bit array. This works well for offline processing, but online processing typically involves unbounded data streams. With enough data, a traditional Bloom filter "fills up", after which it has a false-positive probability of 1.

lane - A golang queues, stacks and deques implementation library

  •    Go

Lane package provides queue, priority queue, stack and deque data structures implementations. Its was designed with simplicity, performance, and concurrent usage in mind. Pqueue is a heap priority queue data structure implementation. It can be whether max or min ordered, is synchronized and is safe for concurrent operations. It performs insertion and max/min removal in O(log N) time.

backoff - Simple backoff algorithm in Go (golang)

  •    Go

Backoff is a time.Duration counter. It starts at Min. After every call to Duration() it is multiplied by Factor. It is capped at Max. It returns to Min on every call to Reset(). Jitter adds randomness (see below). Used in conjunction with the time package. Enabling Jitter adds some randomization to the backoff durations. See Amazon's writeup of performance gains using jitter. Seeding is not necessary but doing so gives repeatable results.

echojs - an ahead of time compiler and runtime for ES6

  •    Javascript

The environment variable LLVM_SUFFIX can be set and its value will be appended to the names of all llvm executables (e.g. llvm-config-3.6 instead of llvm-config.) The default is -3.6. Change this if you have a different build of llvm you want to use. Homebrew installs llvm 3.6 executables without the suffix, thus export LLVM_SUFFIX=. As for MIN_OSX_VERSION: homebrew's formula for llvm (3.4, at least. haven't verified with 3.6) doesn't specify a -mmacosx-version-min= flag, so it builds to whatever you have on your machine. Node.js's gyp support in node-gyp, however, does put a -mmacosx-version-min=10.5 flag. A mismatch here causes the node-llvm binding to allocate llvm types using incorrect size calculations, and causes all manner of memory corruption. If you're either running 10.5 or 10.9, you can leave the variable unset. Otherwise, set it to the version of OSX you're running. Hopefully some discussion with the homebrew folks will get this fixed upstream.

min - A smarter, faster web browser

  •    HTML

More information, and prebuilt binaries are available here. To run a prebuilt version, download one of the binaries here. If you want to build Min yourself, see the "Building" section below.

Mojo-Weixin - 使用Perl语言(不会没关系)编写的个人账号微信/weixin/wechat客户端框架(非GUI),可通过插件提供基于HTTP协议的api接口供其他语言或系统调用

  •    Perl


rackt-cli - Command line interface for automating common tasks when building React.js components

  •    Shell

Command line interface for automating common tasks when building React.js components.The motivation for this CLI is to make it simple to get started when creating a new component, and eliminate the boilerplate that is commonly copy/pasted from one project to another. This CLI provides all config, dev dependencies, and scripts for building, testing, and releasing. There is even a command for generating a new component structure. By leveraging rackt-cli, you are able to focus on writing code.


  •    C

FunctionCheck is a profiler for C/C++ programs, based on gcc V4.6.3+. Features are flat profile, cycles detection, call-graph, MIN/MAX time in functions, memory profiling, profiling control at execution...


  •    C++

SimpleTimer has a pause button, message box at 5 min, 30 sec., and time up. After the timer runs out, it counts up. It displays the time, and you can look at it while it is counting down. (older versions are in VB.Net and not Qt C++)


  •    Java

Set of Ant filters that can be used to gather statistics from files or resources. It is mainly used for log files analysis. It allows to: - count inputs - count occurrences of each input - calculate average, max and min values of floats in input

razorC.net - free CMS made with ASP.net web pages and WebMatrix


razorC.net CMS - it is fast and easy way to start and maintain professional web site. Developed with ASP.net web pages (razor syntax) it is great for WebMatrix developers. Very easy to setup and modify. You can change any existing page layout to work with razorC.net in few min...