MGJRouter - 一个高效/灵活的 iOS URL Router

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一个高效/灵活的 iOS URL Router



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react-router-native - A routing library for React Native that strives for sensible API parity with react-router 🤖

  •    Javascript

A routing library for React Native that strives for sensible API parity with react-router. React Router community decided that a reducer-based paradigm similar to that of NavigationExperimental is better suited to native navigation. Transition to a reducer-based paradigm is also being discussed for the web. On the other hand, NavigationExperimental has no intention to support a React Router-like interface and leaves the navigation state up to the developer to maintain.

react-router-navigation - ⛵️ A complete navigation library for React Native and React Router

  •    Makefile

react-router-navigation is still a work in progress. That means it's extremely likely that you'll encounter issues. Always consider it. react-router-navigation provides tools to navigate between multiple screens with navigators or tab views. This library is based on react-router, react-navigation, and react-native-tab-view.

routable-ios - Routable, an in-app native URL router, for iOS

  •    Objective-C

Routable is an in-app native URL router, for iOS. Also available for Android. If you're not able to use CocoaPods, please install Routable as a git submodule and add the files to your Xcode project.

BigShow1949 - iOS教学/各类知识点总结:运行时/贝塞尔曲线/水纹/粒子发射器/核心动画/渐变色/网络请求/按钮/标签/视图布局/视图效果/文字视图/表情键盘/旋转动画/2048/网易/微信/猿题库/阿里巴巴/设计模式/数据持久化/多次点击按钮/微信注册按钮/展开按钮/跑马灯/闪烁文字/球形滚动标签/自动布局标签/快播动态标签/水平滚动布局/瀑布流布局/浏览卡/半圆布局/滑动标题/抽卡效果/百度视图切换/领英动画/折卡效果/卡牌拖动翻页/滚动悬浮视图/侧滑形变效果/评分条/打印机特效/Masonry/生命周期/响应者链条/引导页/通知中心/抖动密码框/余额宝数字跳动/UIDynamic/碰撞行为/捕捉行为/推动行为/附着行为/动力元素行为/GCD/KVC&KVO/多继承/消息转发/二维码/MVC/MVP/MVVM/Router

  •    Objective-C


Router Config Management System

  •    Ruby

This project is to create a Linux based Router Configuration Management System for Cisco Routers (initially supporting router IOS 12.0+). The project was written in bash and perl scripting but has now been rewritten in Ruby, and makes use of Linux system

RxCoordinator - 🎌 Reactive navigation library for iOS based on the coordinator pattern

  •    Swift

“How does an app transition from a ViewController to another?”. This question is common and puzzling regarding iOS development. There are many answers, as every architecture has different implementation variations. Some do it from the view controller, while some do it using a router/coordinator, which is an object that connects view models. Setup the root view controller in the AppDelegate.

XCoordinator - 🎌 Powerful navigation library for iOS based on the coordinator pattern

  •    Swift

⚠️ We have recently released XCoordinator 2.0. Make sure to read this section before migrating. In general, please replace all AnyRouter by either UnownedRouter (in viewControllers, viewModels or references to parent coordinators) or StrongRouter in your AppDelegate or for references to child coordinators. In addition to that, the rootViewController is now injected into the initializer instead of being created in the Coordinator.generateRootViewController method. “How does an app transition from one view controller to another?”. This question is common and puzzling regarding iOS development. There are many answers, as every architecture has different implementation variations. Some do it from within the implementation of a view controller, while some use a router/coordinator, an object connecting view models.

routable-android - Routable, an in-app native URL router, for Android

  •    Java

Routable is an in-app native URL router, for Android. Also available for iOS. Routable is currently an Android library project (so no Maven).

FRDIntent - A framework for handle the call between view controllers in iOS

  •    Swift

A framework for handle the call between view controllers in iOS

redux-router - Redux bindings for React Router – keep your router state inside your Redux store

  •    Javascript

Redux bindings for React Router. React Router is a fantastic routing library, but one downside is that it abstracts away a very crucial piece of application state — the current route! This abstraction is super useful for route matching and rendering, but the API for interacting with the router to 1) trigger transitions and 2) react to state changes within the component lifecycle leaves something to be desired.

turnpike - Go implementation of a WAMP (Web Application Messaging Protocol) client and router

  •    Go

WAMP ("The Web Application Messaging Protocol") is a communication protocol that enables distributed application architectures, with application functionality spread across nodes and all application communication decoupled by messages routed via dedicated WAMP routers. This package provides router and client library implementations as well as a basic stand-alone router. The router library can be used to embed a WAMP router in another application, or to build a custom router implementation. The client library can be used to communicate with any WAMP router.

portal - Personal Onion Router To Assure Liberty


PORTAL is a project that aims to keep people out of jail. It is a dedicated hardware device (a router) which forces all internet traffic to be sent over the Tor network. This significantly increases the odds of using Tor effectively, and reduces the potential to make fatal mistakes. There are two ways to construct a PORTAL: using a chipped router (recommended), or using "the /overlay trick". Using a modified router (with sufficient onboard flash) provides the most flexibility for internet connectivity (either WiFi or 3G) as well as ensuring that the Tor process has sufficient RAM to run. A chipped router provides the best overall experience. The /overlay trick enables a stock router to union mount a microSD card for additional storage space. This allows for multiple microSD cards to provide different configurations (also possible with a chipped router), but has the downside of requiring a 3G modem with onboard microSD slot.

router - Reactive Router for Angular

  •    TypeScript

The Angular 2 Router was inspired by the ngrx/router, shares a familiar API and will be updated going forward. The ngrx/router may continue to live on as a framework agnostic router with more experimental features. This is an alternative router for Angular 2 focused on providing a simple, reactive API built to scale for large applications.

wayfarer - :eyeglasses: composable trie based router

  •    Javascript

Composable trie based router. It's faster than traditional, linear, regular expression-matching routers, although insignficantly, and scales with the number of routes. If you're looking for a client-side router check out sheet-router. If you're looking for a server router check out server-router.

react-native-redux-router - React Native Router using Redux architecture

  •    Javascript

I've decided to stop supporting this component in favor to new release react-native-router-flux ( The new version doesn't depend from concrete Flux/Redux implementation and allow you to build nested navigators easily. Also it allows to intercept route 'actions' from your store(s).

redux-little-router - A tiny router for Redux that lets the URL do the talking.

  •    Javascript

redux-little-router is a tiny router for Redux applications that lets the URL do the talking.While the core router does not depend on any view library, it provides flexible React bindings and components.

connected-react-router - A Redux binding for React Router v4

  •    Javascript

✨ Synchronize router state with redux store with uni-directional flow (history -> store -> router -> components). 🎁 Support React Router v4.