rn-splash-screen - A JavaScript-controlled splash-screen for React Native designed to be run directly after the native splash-screen

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A JavaScript-controlled splash-screen designed to be run directly after the native splash-screen. The splash screen must be hidden from JavaScript. This can be done as late as possible so as to give your application more time to "load".




Related Projects


  •    Java

Drag RCTSplashScreen.xcodeproj to your project on Xcode. Click on your main project file (the one that represents the .xcodeproj) select Build Phases and drag libRCTSplashScreen.a from the Products folder inside the RCTSplashScreen.xcodeproj.

cordova-splash - Automatic splash screen generator for Cordova

  •    Javascript

Automatic splash screen generator for Cordova. Create a splash screen once in the root folder of your Cordova project and use cordova-splash to automatically crop and copy it for all the platforms your project supports (currenty works with iOS, Android and Windows 10). The splash screen image should be 2208x2208 px with a center square of about 1200x1200 px. The image may be cropped around the center square. You can also use larger images with similar proportions.

cordova-plugin-splashscreen - Mirror of Apache Cordova Plugin splashscreen

  •    Objective-C

This plugin is required to work with splash screens. This plugin displays and hides a splash screen during application launch.Report issues with this plugin on the Apache Cordova issue tracker.

react-native-lightbox - Images etc in Full Screen Lightbox Popovers for React Native

  •    Javascript

navigator property is optional but recommended on iOS, see next section for Navigator configuration. For android support you must pass a reference to a Navigator since it does not yet have the Modal component and is not on the official todo list. See the Example project for a complete example.

Eclipse Random Splash Screen

  •    Java

Everytime Eclipse starts, Random Splash Screen overwrites Eclipse's splash screen with a random image picked from your personal image folder. This image is then displayed on the next Eclipse start. Staring at the splash screen is not annoying anymore!

SKSplashView - Create custom animated splash views similar to the ones in the Twitter, Uber and Ping iOS app

  •    Objective-C

SKSplashView is a simple class to create beautiful animated splash views for transitioning between views. Perfect as a launch screen while your app loads. The splash view allows you to create an animated background view with preset animations with the option of adding a splash icon that will animate as long as the splash view is animating.

AwesomeSplash - Awesome-looking customizable splash screen

  •    Java

Splash screens have been around for quite a while. It's the first thing the users see when they run your app, so make it simple yet eventful and impressionable. This library does exactly that, provides you with beautiful template screen, with wide range of customizations to fit your concept of the splash screen. To be noted, with the last acknowledgement form google that splash screens got, having a library that tackles this issue is kind of necessity. Ready to see implementation details? Let's scroll.

Prism Splash Screen Module


This project is intended to demonstrade a neat way for developers to add splash screen to their Prism based applications. The main features are: 1. The splash screen is encapsulated in a Prism module, which can be loaded explicitly by bootstraper code or implicitly loaded fro...

react-native-photo-browser - Local and remote media gallery with captions, selections and grid view support for react native

  •    Javascript

A full screen image gallery with captions, selections and grid view support for react-native. Layout and API design are inspired by great MWPhotoBrowser library. The component has both iOS and Android support.

react-native-ultimate-listview - A high performance FlatList providing customised pull-to-refresh | auto-pagination & infinite-scrolling | gridview layout | swipeable-row

  •    Javascript

This module supports both of iOS and Android platforms. Know Issue (v3.3.0): On Android, if you are using CustomRefreshView, and the total hight of your first load data is less than your device height, then the RefreshView may still sticky on the top. However, if the data you loaded is beyond your screen, everything's fine. This issue only happen on Android, any PR is welcome.

react-native-exception-handler - A react native module that lets you to register a global error handler that can capture fatal/non fatal uncaught exceptions

  •    Objective-C

A react native module that lets you to register a global error handler that can capture fatal/non fatal uncaught exceptions. The module helps prevent abrupt crashing of RN Apps without a graceful message to the user. V2 of this module now supports catching Unhandled Native Exceptions also along with the JS Exceptions ✌🏻🍻 There are NO breaking changes. So its safe to upgrade from v1 to v2. So there is no reason not to 😉.

react-native-message-bar - A notification bar alert displayed at the top of the screen for react-native

  •    Javascript

A message bar notification component displayed at the top of the screen for React Native (Android and iOS) projects. Please note, if you do not provide a alertType, the info one will be chosen for you.

react-native-autocomplete-input - Pure javascript autocomplete input for react-native

  •    Javascript

A pure JS autocomplete component for React Native. Use this component in your own projects or use it as inspiration to build your own autocomplete. Tested with RN >= 0.26.2. If you want to use RN < 0.26 try to install react-native-autocomplete-input <= 0.0.5.

react-native-orientation - Listen to device orientation changes in react-native and set preferred orientation on screen to screen basis

  •    Objective-C

Listen to device orientation changes in React Native applications and programmatically set preferred orientation on a per screen basis. Works on both Android and iOS. Please note that you still need to manually configure a couple files even when using automatic linking. Please see the 'Configuration' section below. You will also need to restart your simulator before the package will work properly.

Splash - An example of a splash screen done the right way

  •    Java

An example of a splash screen done the right way

CBZSplashView - Twitter style Splash Screen View. Grows to reveal the Initial view behind

  •    Objective-C

Inspired by the Twitter Splash screen. Create a splash view not dissimilar to the one Twitter use.