Media Lync

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A small WPF application which broadcasts the song you are currently playing in Microsoft Zune Player for Windows as your personal note in Microsoft Lync 2010.



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Zune HD Forms

Zune HD Forms makes it easier for Zune HD developers to create form applications for the Zune HD. It's developed in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio C# Express, XNA Game Studio 3.1 and Game Studio 3.1 Zune Extensions.

Lync Presence & Chat Widget

The Lync Presence widget shows Lync presence information on your website. Website visitors can start chat conversations using the Lync Chat widget. The widgets are jQuery plugins communicating with a WCF Service. Place them on any kind of website (PHP, .NET) and style with CSS.

Lync Buddy

Lync buddy driver project for Microsoft Lync

Press To Call (Lync 2013)

Press a defined key to call a phone number through Lync 2013

Lync Christmas Tree Lights

An open-source Lync Christmas Tree Lights project using the Lync 2010 Client API, a FEZ Mini, and Adafruit 12mm Diffused Digital RGB LED Pixels. Currently Initial 1.0 Release. Everything should work - there may be some scenerios I haven't tested yet. I'll add some ...

LUMT - Lync User Management Tool

Lync User Management Tool (LUMT) enables administrators to manage contacts, ACEs and Privacy settings on behalf of Lync Server 2013 users.


ZuneCardr makes it easier for anyone to view Zune Card data, without needing to use the normal Zune Card and save other Zune Card designs with customisation options and more such as Styles and Themes. It is developed in Visual Web Developer 2010 Express using Silverlight 4.0.


LocaliZune lets users to sign in into Zune Software with a Zune account localized in another country than their computer current location.

Zune LCD

Zune LCD is an applet to display all important informations from the Microsoft Zune Software on the Logitech Monochrome or QVGA display (e.g. the display used with the Logitech G15/G19 Keyboard or the Logitech G13 and Z10 devices). It also lets you control the Zune Software.

zunehack - Zune Hack is a raycast roguelike game for Windows / Zune devices

Zune Hack is a raycast roguelike game for Windows / Zune devices


(Yet Another Ambient Munny) Yaam uses an Arduino or Netduino to light a LED in a Munny to glow the same color as your Microsoft Lync status. The project uses C for the Arduino, .NET Micro Framework for the Netduino, and WPF (C#/XAML) for the Lync status daemon.


When running Microsoft Lync, Lync will make itself the default handler for tel: uris. When using the click to dial web browser extensions, this causes Lync to try and handle the phone number instead of the .net client. Deploying this Addin will make sure that the client will handle the phone number.

lync-productivity-timer - Automatically sets your Lync status to "Busy" or "DND" for x minutes

Automatically sets your Lync status to "Busy" or "DND" for x minutes

pomodoro-lync - Pomodoro timer with Microsoft Lync integration

Pomodoro timer with Microsoft Lync integration

punchy-lync - A tray app that publishes your Lync 2013 status to a PunchLight.

A tray app that publishes your Lync 2013 status to a PunchLight.

XNA Capture the Flag for the Microsoft Zune

Capture the Flag is a 2d Capture the flag game made for the Zune platform using XNA 3.0 CTP. Players choose to join or start a network session in the main menu. When in game, the player uses left or right on the DPad to choose the team on which to play with. Once sides have b...


A small XNA game in the Worms Style. It runs on the Zune, Windows, and Xbox with a few tweaks. The code is still in for per-pixel collision and deformable terrain however the current version does not use that code because of Zune performance problems.

Zune Shuffle By Album

This "game" is actually an application for Zune devices, built by using the XNA Game Studio 3.0 SDK Use it for when you want the player to randomly select the first track of an album, plays the entire album, and then selects a new album.


XNA 3.0 beta will feature (among other things) support for the Zune. ZuDoKu is our first attempt at a project targeting that platform. It's Zune SuDoKu (ZuDoKu)

Zune Connection Detector

A quick, clean method to detect if Zune is connected with Windows Phone.