MDS Administration

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Master Data Services Administrator. Compare MDS models from the same or different servers



Related Projects

SQL Server Master Data Services Utilities

A set of useful add-ons for SQL Server Master Data Services, including utilities for generating an MDS model, loading the model, writing a custom UI for model data and integrating the model with SharePoint BCS.


MDS Modeling Workbook is a modeling tool and a solution accelerator for Microsoft Master Data Services.


IQ.DbA is a light weight database management tool. - Easily browse through your table's data, run queries. - Compare schema / meta data. - Compare & synchronize table data (schema must be the same). - Create, Backup & Restore Db. - View & kill connections. - Added, sync...

OMR Table Data Syncronizer - Only Data

This tools compare and syncronize table data. No schema syncronizing included on this project. Data comparition is fastest! 1,000,000 data compare time is: ~200 ms.

Sql Server Mds Destination

SSIS destination transform component for SQL Server Master Data Services

MDM - Master Data Management

Master Data Management

DBTransfer - Versatile and fast database transfer tool

DBTransfer is a multi-platform java tool, that aims to replicate one database (JDBC or MS Access) to another (JDBC), using an one to one conversion.

Redisson - Redis based In-Memory Data Grid for Java

Redisson - distributed Java objects and services (Set, Multimap, SortedSet, Map, List, Queue, BlockingQueue, Deque, BlockingDeque, Semaphore, Lock, AtomicLong, Map Reduce, Publish / Subscribe, Bloom filter, Spring Cache, Executor service, Tomcat Session Manager, Scheduler service, JCache API) on top of Redis server. Rich Redis client.

weathervane - Virtual-Infrastructure and Cloud Performance Benchmark

Weathervane is an application-level performance benchmark designed to allow the investigation of performance tradeoffs in modern virtualized and cloud infrastructures. It consists of an application, a workload driver that can drive a realistic and repeatable load against the application, and a run-harness that automates the process of executing runs and collecting results and relevant performance data. It can be used to investigate the performance characteristics of cloud and virtual infrastructures by deploying the application on the environment of interest, driving a load against the application, and examining the resulting performance metrics. A common use-case would involve varying some component or characteristic of the infrastructure in order to compare the effect of the alternatives on application-level performance.The figure above shows the logical layout of a Weathervane deployment. The Weathervane application is a web-application for hosting real-time auctions. This Auction application uses a scalable architecture that allows deployments to be easily sized for a large range of user loads. A deployment of the application involves a wide variety of support services, such as caching, messaging, NoSQL data-store, and relational database tiers. These services can be deployed in VMs or in Docker containers. The number of instances of some of the services can be scaled elastically at run time in response to a preset schedule or to monitored performance metrics. In addition, Weathervane supports deploying and driving loads against multiple instances of the Auction application in a single run, thus enabling performance investigations of resource constraints or other aspects of multi-tenancy. The Weathervane run-harness manages the complexity of configuring, deploying, and tuning the application, automating most of the tasks involved in configuring the application services and running the benchmark.

Silverlight Data Source Control for OData

The control extends OData proxy class and cooperates with others Silverlight GUI controls. The control supports master-detail, paging, filtering, sorting, validation, changing data. You can append your validation rules. It works like a Data Source Control for RIA Services.

perl-Data-Compare - Data::Compare - compare Perl data structures

Data::Compare - compare Perl data structures

gSOAP Toolkit

Development toolkit for Web services and XML data bindings for Camp;C++

rdopa - R client to Joint Research Centre's DOPA REST API

rdopa is a R package for accessing data from the DOPA ([Digital Observatory for Protected Areas]( REST API.**Warning** The DOPA API is still very much in development as is this package. Expect things to break.[DOPA REST Services Directory]( lists all the available services grouped by respective databases. Currently, the following services are wrapped by `rdopa`:| DOPA Service | DOPA database | DOPA schema


- `iperf`: BSD license( - `netperf`: HP license ( - `mongodb`: GNU AGPL v3.0 ( - `ycsb` (used by `mongodb`): Apache V2 ( - `memtier_benchmark`: GPL v2 ( - `sysbench_oltp`: GPL v2 ( - `unixbench`: GPL v2 (https://code.googl

MDS-Viewer - webapplication to browse metadata services (MDS) in fusion middleware 11g

webapplication to browse metadata services (MDS) in fusion middleware 11g

perl-Class-DBI-DATA-Schema - Class::DBI::DATA::Schema - execute Class::DBI SQL from DATA sections

Class::DBI::DATA::Schema - execute Class::DBI SQL from DATA sections

Wire - Clean, lightweight protocol buffers for Android and Java.

Schemas describe and document data models. If you have data, you should have a schema. Google's Protocol Buffers are built around a great schema language. It's cross platform and language independent. Whatever programming language you use, you'll be able to use proto schemas with your application. Proto schemas are backwards-compatible and future-proof. You can evolve your schema as your application loses old features and gains new ones.

XML Editor/Validator/Designer with CAMV

CAM XML Editor & CAMV tool with SQL + XML Open-XDX sponsored by Oracle