Matlab .NET Bridge Framework

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The Matlab .NET Bridge is a managed code wrapper around the C Matlab engine API. It is designed to offer an interface that feels right when being called from managed languages.



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MATLAB-Python engine interop bindings

Managed, Native, and COM Interop Team

Welcome to the CodePlex site for CLR Interop Team, where tools and samples designed by the team are released. We hope the things we deliver here will help you make best use of Interop and boost development in your work. You are welcome to share your concerns, comments or feedb...

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With the success of the Interop Challenge in Barcelona, the Interop Challenge mission continues to gain momentum. We will use this project and repository where we can focus on creating and iterating on new OpenStack workloads that will be used to demonstrate that OpenStack clouds are interoperable across a variety of application domains including enterprise workloads, NFV workloads, K8s, and many others under evaluation. We will also use this repo to store our best practices documents and other collateral that facilitates improving the state of OpenStack Clouds' ability to interoperate.


Matlab/C++/Python interop library

libspotify.NET - a managed interop library for libspotify

libspotify.NET is a simple interop wrapper library for libspotify written in C#. It enables .NET developers to write applications that can browse, search, and stream digital music from the Spotify platform. This project is compatible with libspotify API version 10.1.16. Req...

Ogg Vorbis Interop Library

This interop-lib is using the original Ogg Vorbis libraries written in C offered by Xiph.Org to encode and decode audio material to and from the Ogg Vorbis audio format. The interface is similar to the original libraries, except that no memory handling is needed.

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Fiddling around with OpenCL/OpenGL Interop and using SDL2 for windowing

amqp-interop-demo - Hold demo code for AMQP interop

Hold demo code for AMQP interop

jinterop-proxy - Type-safe proxy for J-Interop

This small library allows you to access IDispatch COM objects through type-safe Java interfaces by using j-interop underneath.Your interface must extend JIProxy to indicate that it is a type-safe proxy to IDispatch. Methods should also throw JIException which comes from j-interop. The method names must match those defined by COM objects (hence the non-camel convention), and method parameters have to match the parameters defined by COM objects, too.