matlab2tikz - This program converts MATLAB®/Octave figures to TikZ/pgfplots figures for smooth integration into LaTeX

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matlab2tikz is a MATLAB(R) script to convert native MATLAB(R) figures to TikZ/Pgfplots figures that integrate seamlessly in LaTeX documents. To download the official releases and rate matlab2tikz, please visit its page on FileExchange.



Related Projects

quiver - A modern commutative diagram editor for the web.

  •    Javascript

quiver is a modern, graphical editor for commutative and pasting diagrams, capable of rendering high-quality diagrams for screen viewing, and exporting to LaTeX via tikz-cd. Creating and modifying diagrams with quiver is orders of magnitude faster than writing the equivalent LaTeX by hand and, with a little experience, competes with pen-and-paper.

pmtk3 - Probabilistic Modeling Toolkit for Matlab/Octave.

  •    HTML

PMTK is a collection of Matlab/Octave functions, written by Matt Dunham, Kevin Murphy and various other people. The toolkit is primarily designed to accompany Kevin Murphy's textbook Machine learning: a probabilistic perspective, but can also be used independently of this book. The goal is to provide a unified conceptual and software framework encompassing machine learning, graphical models, and Bayesian statistics (hence the logo). (Some methods from frequentist statistics, such as cross validation, are also supported.) Since December 2011, the toolbox is in maintenance mode, meaning that bugs will be fixed, but no new features will be added (at least not by Kevin or Matt). PMTK builds on top of several existing packages, available from pmtksupport, and provides a unified interface to them. In addition, it provides readable "reference" implementations of many common machine learning techniques. The vast majority of the code is written in Matlab. (For a brief discussion of why we chose Matlab, click here. Most of the code also runs on Octave an open-source Matlab clone.) However, in a few cases we also provide wrappers to implementations written in C, for speed reasons. PMTK currently (October 2010) has over 67,000 lines.

tikz-bayesnet - TikZ library for drawing Bayesian networks, graphical models and (directed) factor graphs in LaTeX

  •    TeX

TikZ library for drawing Bayesian networks, graphical models and (directed) factor graphs in LaTeX. and see the resulting PDF file example.pdf.

machineLearning - supervised and unsupervised algorithms from Andrew Ng's machine learning class

  •    Matlab

Install Octave free here or Matlab not free here. Note that Octave = Matlab without the nice graphical user interface. I use Octave so don't feel like you are missing anything if you don't have money for Matlab.

Octave - my octave exercises for 2011 stanford machine learning class, posted after the due date of course

  •    Matlab

I took this class 5+ years ago. Please don't open any issues or pull requests. All examples come as is. Octave is a high level (open source) programming language similar to Matlab. I'm using it for the 2011 Stanford Machine Learning Class.

cocalc - CoCalc: Collaborative Calculation in the Cloud

  •    CoffeeScript

CoCalc offers collaborative calculation in the cloud. This includes working with the full (scientific) Python stack, SageMath, Julia, R, Octave, and more. It also offers capabilities to author documents in LaTeX, R/knitr or Markdown, storing and organizing files, a web-based Linux Terminal, communication tools like a chat, course management and more. You can easily use CoCalc on your own computer for free by running a Docker image.

facerec - Implements face recognition algorithms for MATLAB/GNU Octave and Python.

  •    Python

Implements face recognition algorithms for MATLAB/GNU Octave and Python.

The Evil Toolbox


The Evil Toolbox for Matlab is a collection of scripts and functions that serve as useful snippets for learning or teaching Octave. The original toolbox was written in Matlab and is currently beind ported and tested on Octave.

JMathLib - Octave, Matlab clone in java

  •    Java

JMathLib is used to evaluate complex mathematical expressions and display the results graphically. It can be used either interactively or to interpret script files (m-files). It is a clone of Matlab, Octave, FreeMat, Scilab but written 100% in java.

LaTeX-examples - Examples for the usage of LaTeX

  •    TeX

Many examples can be found on my Wikpedia Commons user page. You might also be interested in my Blog.


  •    Java

joPAS is a java to octave bridge. Octave is a MATLAB syntaxis compatible program. You can execute octave commands from java and do graphical representations. This sdk have been developed by the PAS group of the University of Deusto.

GNU Octave - Language for Numerical Computations

  •    C

GNU Octave is a high-level interpreted language, primarily intended for numerical computations. It provides capabilities for the numerical solution of linear and nonlinear problems, and for performing other numerical experiments. It also provides extensive graphics capabilities for data visualization and manipulation. Octave Forge is a place for development of its packages; from bioinformatics and fuzzy logic to mechanics and instrument control.

pythontex - A LaTeX package that allows Python code entered within a TeX document to be executed, and the output to be included in the original document

  •    Python

PythonTeX provides fast, user-friendly access to Python from within LaTeX. It allows Python code entered within a LaTeX document to be executed, and the results to be included within the original document. It also provides syntax highlighting for code within LaTeX documents via the Pygments syntax highlighter. PythonTeX also provides support for Ruby, Julia, Octave, Sage, Bash, and Rust. Support for additional languages is coming soon.


  •    Java

Eps2pgf is a PostScript interpreter that converts EPS figures to PGF/TikZ for inclusion in LaTeX documents. The advantage is that all texts are typeset by LaTeX, giving you all the powerful typesetting features and a uniform look of the final document.

Mirai Math

  •    Java

Graphical front-end for GNU Octave. Edit formulas in mathematical notation. Uses Octave (Matlab clone) as a math engine.

DeepLearnToolbox - Matlab/Octave toolbox for deep learning

  •    Matlab

This toolbox is outdated and no longer maintained. I would suggest you use one of the tools mentioned above rather than use this toolbox.

Looktxt - a numerical block reader

  •    C

Search and export numerics from any text/ascii file. Data sets (scalar, vector, matrix) are given unique names, based on file content. Results can be generated for Matlab, IDL, Scilab, Octave, XML, HTML A wrapper exists for direct usage from Matlab.

HOT: Thermodynamic tools for Matlab


HOT is a package of Matlab and Octave compatible functions that manage thermodynamic data for a wide range of species. Functions calculate almost all the most common thermodynamic quantities of mixtures.



pgfplots - A TeX package to draw normal and/or logarithmic plots directly in TeX in two and three dimensions with a user-friendly interface and pgfplotstable - a TeX package to round and format numerical tables. Examples in manuals and/or on web site.

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