headhesive.js - An on-demand sticky header.

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An on-demand sticky header. Headhesive.js creates an on-demand sticky header. Specify when you want your header to become fixed and the rest is magic. View demo.




Related Projects

stickybits - Stickybits is a lightweight alternative to `position: sticky` polyfills 🍬

  •    Javascript

Stickybits is a lightweight alternative to position: sticky polyfills. It works perfectly for things like sticky headers. Key Note: Stickybits expects and works best when the element that will become sticky is wrapped within a parent element that defines when the element starts being sticky and stops being sticky. See below for visual reference.

StickyHeaderView - A simple sticky header view implement.

  •    Java

A simple sticky header view implement. Add scroll listener to the recyclerView, according the recyclerView's scroll distance to stick the sticky header view.

floatThead - fixed <thead>. Doesn't need any custom css/html. Does what position:sticky can't

  •    Javascript

Float the table header on scroll. No changes to your HTML/CSS are required, it just works. Supports floating the header while scrolling within the window or while scrolling within a container with overflow. Supports responsive tables.http://cdnjs.com/libraries/floatthead/ . http://www.jsdelivr.com/#!jquery.floatthead . https://unpkg.com/floatthead .

scrollNav - A jQuery plugin for building a scrolling navigation menu

  •    Javascript

Or download the latest zipped package. Check out the homepage to see it in action.

react-native-parallax-scroll-view - A ScrollView-like component with parallax and sticky header support

  •    Javascript

Note: For React Native 0.19.0 and earlier, you'll want to use react-native-parallax-scroll-view@0.17.4. Version 0.18.0 changes the scrolling API to be compatible with React Native 0.20.0. Please refer to the ListView example provided to see how ParallaxScrollView can be used in combination with ListView.

headroom.js - Give your pages some headroom. Hide your header until you need it

  •    Javascript

Give your pages some headroom. Hide your header until you need it. Headroom.js is a lightweight, high-performance JS widget (with no dependencies!) that allows you to react to the user's scroll. The header on this site is a living example, it slides out of view when scrolling down and slides back in when scrolling up.

ParallaxBlur - Easy to subclass parallax UITableController w/ blurring image header, floating header, and UIScrollView for content

  •    Objective-C

ParallaxBlur aims the be an easy-to-use implementation of a UITableController with a parallax header. It is screen resolution independant, orientation indendant, and will automatically adjust if there is a navigation bar in place. The user interaction is fairly straightforward. The header image blurs as you scroll up, leaving a 60 pixel area always visible, and expands out the header image if you pull down, while at the same time making the overlay views transparent.

StickyTableHeaders - A jQuery plugin that makes large tables more usable by having the table header stick to the top of the screen when scrolling

  •    Javascript

So what's it good for? Well, let's say you want to display a long list of fairly uniform tabluar data, like stock exchange listings or sport statistics but you don't want your users to get lost in the data as they scroll down on the page. StickyTableHeaders to the rescue: By applying the StickyTableHeaders jQuery plugin to the table, the column headers will stick to the top of the viewport as you scroll down.

TYCyclePagerView - a simple and usefull cycle pager view ,and auto scroll banner view(轮播图) ,include pageControl for iOS,support Objective-C and swift

  •    Objective-C

a simple and usefull cycle pager view ,and auto scroll banner view ,include pageControl for iOS,support Objective-C and swift.this has been used in APP.

ByeBurger - An Android behavior library let your titlebar or bottom navigation hiding on scroll ,极其简便的快速实现滑动隐藏标题栏和导航栏

  •    Java

Hiding on scroll: We wanted to provide as much content as possible on our user’s screens. Consequently, we decided to make the navigation hide on scroll, thus making more room for the content area. Scrolling up makes the navigation fade back in. You only need to change the root view to CoordinatorLayout, And add one line code "app:layout_behavior" like the bottom into ANY view, Then your view hiding on scroll. Your titleBar can be Toolbar,LinearLayout and so on. Your NavigationView can be BottomNavigationView or TabLayout, or Any View you put in xml.

StickyScrollViewItems - A small android library for tagging views inside a ScrollView as "sticky" making them stick to the top of the scroll container until a new sticky view comes and takes it's place

  •    Java

StickyScrollViewItems is a ScrollView subclass that allowed you to mark items inside the ScrollView as sticky. The items marked as sticky will stick to the top of the ScrollView until another sticky items comes by and pushes it out of the way. Add the following gradle dependency exchanging x.x.x for the latest release.

EasyXRecyclerView - 主要提供了简单易用强大的RecyclerView库,包括自定义刷新加载效果、极简通用的万能适配器Adapter、万能分割线、多种分组效果、常见状态页面、item动画效果、添加多个header和footer、侧滑、拖拽、Sticky(黏性)效果、多item布局等,各模块之间灵活、解耦、通用、又能相互组合使用。

  •    Java


react-sticky - <Sticky /> component for awesome React apps

  •    Javascript

There's a CSS alternative to react-sticky: the position: sticky feature. However it currently does not have full browser support, specifically a lack of IE11 support and some bugs with table elements. Before using react-sticky, check to see if the browser support and restrictions prevent you from using position: sticky, as CSS will always be faster and more durable than a JS implementation. The goal of react-sticky is make it easier for developers to build UIs that have sticky elements. Some examples include a sticky navbar, or a two-column layout where the left side sticks while the right side scrolls.

FSPagerView - FSPagerView is an elegant Screen Slide Library

  •    Swift

FSPagerView is an elegant Screen Slide Library implemented primarily with UICollectionView. It is extremely helpful for making Banner、Product Show、Welcome/Guide Pages、Screen/ViewController Sliders. The time interval of automatic sliding. 0 means disabling automatic sliding. Default is 0.

LCFInfiniteScrollView - A Circular and Infinite Scroll View, Inspired by the App Store Banner View

  •    Objective-C

A Circular and Infinite Scroll View, Inspired by the App Store Banner View. LCFInfiniteScrollView is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

jQuery-Stickem - Make items sticky as you scroll, to a point.

  •    Javascript

Make items sticky as you scroll, to a point.

UI Nav Test

  •    PHP

The UI Nav Test Tool is a web based application for testing the usability of labeling and organization for navigation systems. The test tool presents tasks to a research participant and collects data as they interact with a proposed navigation system.

react-native-nav - A cross-platform (iOS / Android), fully customizable, React Native Navigation Bar component

  •    Javascript

I created this project after going through the navbars contained in Awesome React and not finding any that were cross-platform, customizable, and integrated the status bar. This project is a spiritual successor to react-native-navbar (I forked it and ended up changing like 90% of it). To find a preview of all examples go to the examples folder.