Maintenance Service

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A lot of projects need to have a windows service that execute different tasks. If am tired of creating the same service for all this project, so Here its a Generic Maintenance Service that can be configure to do a lot of task and have a lot of extension points.



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SCWS - XML web service for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (AKA SCOM / OpsMgr). Developed in C# and .Net 3.5 with Visual Studio 2010. Can be used to get information on MonitoringObjects and to control maintenance mode. Ideal for integration with SCCM / ConfigMgr.

autolog - A dynamic maintenance reminder service.

A dynamic maintenance reminder service.

api-maintenance-sim - Simulate Platform API in maintenance

A very simple Rack service that pretends to be the Heroku Platform API in maintenance, so we can simulate what our other services do when they can't use the API.

bs-update - Automate maintenance of packages in a Build Service

Automate maintenance of packages in a Build Service

SupplierWebsite - Allows maintenance of Supplier+Service Availability

Allows maintenance of Supplier+Service Availability

ServiceLog - Service Log is an iOS app for recording maintenance for multiple vehicles

Service Log is an iOS app for recording maintenance for multiple vehicles

Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager is a Help Desk Application written using Java to allow tracking of quot;troublequot; tickets and their resolution. It can also track equipment, SN#'s amp; service dates. Please see for installation instructions


Triumvirate is a PHP web application package for brokering communication between service providers and service consumers. Typical real world applications would be for cleaning, lawn care, or other maintenance services.

SQL Server History Cleanup

Clean up backup history, job history and maintenance plan history without using a maintenance plan. The functionality is similar to the History Cleanup Task in a maintenance plan.

azure-iot-predictive-maintenance - Azure IoT Predictive Maintenance preconfigured solution

Each preconfigured solution implements a common IoT scenario and is a complete, end-to-end implementation. You can deploy the Azure IoT Suite predictive maintenance preconfigured solution from, following the guidance on provisioning pre-configured solutions outlined in this document. In addition, you can download the complete source code from this repository to customize and extend the solution to meet your specific requirements.The predictive maintenance pre-configured solution illustrates how you can predict the point when failure is likely to occur. The solution combines key Azure IoT Suite services, including an ML workspace complete with experiments for predicting the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of an aircraft engine, based on a public sample data set.

Workflow Butler

Windows service to execute scheduled custom workflows, with built-in persistence and logging. (similar to the Maintenance Plans of SQL server but using WF instead of SSIS components)


Free Open Source ERP POS CRM Ajax Java enterprise

PySpark-Predictive-Maintenance - Predictive Maintenance using Pyspark

Predictive maintenance is one of the most common machine learning use cases and with the latest advancements in information technology, the volume of stored data is growing faster in this domain than ever before which makes it necessary to leverage big data analytic capabilities to efficiently transform large amounts of data into business intelligence. Microsoft has published a series of learning materials including blogs, solution templates, modeling guides and sample tutorials in the domain of predictive maintenance. In this tutorial, we extended those materials by providing a detailed step-by-step process of using Spark Python API PySpark to demonstrate how to approach predictive maintenance for big data scenarios. The tutorial covers typical data science steps such as data ingestion, cleansing, feature engineering and model development.The input data is simulated to reflect features that are generic for most of the predictive maintenance scenarios. To enable the tutorial to be completed very quickly, the data was simulated to be around 1.3 GB but the same PySpark framework can be easily applied to a much larger data set. The data is hosted on a publicly accessible Azure Blob Storage container and can be downloaded from here. In this tutorial, we import the data directly from the blob storage.

C# component for maintenance and deployment of config and xml files

Ytv.MuPL is a .NET component. It provides opportunity read/update config and XML files used for setting of applications written by C# or VB.NET. It includes options using WCF SOAP WEB service or FTP client for downloading and updating remote config and XML files. Using of DB a...

go-gateway - API Gateway RPC interface for Go services (exposes struct methods)

Package gateway provides an RPC-style interface to a "service" (struct with methods) via API Gateway for HTTP access.Why would you go with RPC style for API Gateway? While it's a great tool for avoiding backend server maintenance, API Gateway provides a very convoluted and unintuitive interface for creating APIs. Defining an API is not hard, they really took something simple and made it more difficult.

lstms_for_predictive_maintenance - LSTMS for Predictive Maintenance

Deep learning has proven to show superior performance in certain domains such as object recognition and image classification. It has also gained popularity in domains such as finance where time-series data plays an important role. Predictive Maintenance is also a domain where data is collected over time to monitor the state of an asset with the goal of finding patterns to predict failures which can also benefit from certain deep learning algorithms. Among the deep learning methods, Long Short Term Memory LSTM networks are especially appealing to the predictive maintenance domain due to the fact that they are very good at learning from sequences. This fact lends itself to their applications using time series data by making it possible to look back for longer periods of time to detect failure patterns. In this notebook, we build an LSTM network for the data set and scenario described at Predictive Maintenance Template to predict remaining useful life of aircraft engines using the Turbofan Engine Degradation Simulation Data Set. In summary, the template uses simulated aircraft sensor values to predict when an aircraft engine will fail in the future so that maintenance can be planned in advance.We suggest that you use Data Science Virtual Machine for this tutorial which comes with CNTK pre-installed. You can then configure to enable CNTK as Keras back end.

maintenance-scheddo - Custom maintenance page for

Custom maintenance page for


pH7 Maintenance is an easy to use module that sets your BoonEx Dolphin site into maintenance mode.