POGO-asset-downloader - :rocket: Download Pokemon GO 3D models

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Download pokemon go assets, download urls and 3d models from the pokemon go servers. Login with your credentials, default provider is google.



pogobuf : ^1.6.0
request : ^2.74.0
pokename : ^0.3.0



Related Projects

PokemonGo-Bot - The Pokemon Go Bot, baking with community.

  •    Python

PokemonGo-Bot is a project created by the PokemonGoF team. Since no public API available for now, a patch to use HASH-Server was applied. PokemonGoF is not part of HASH-Server dev team and has no connection with it. If you discover a bug in the bot, please search our issue tracker first. If it hasn't been reported, please create a new issue and ensure you follow the template guide so that our team can assist you as quickly as possible.

pogo-optimizer - MITM data analysis utility for Pokemon GO

  •    Javascript

This project is no longer being developed because as of July 30th Niantic has implemented SSL pinning, rendering this method useless. Happy hunting, everyone. In Pokemon GO, each Pokemon has hidden values that determine its maximum attainable HP and CP known as individual values — or IVs for short. The goal of this project is to display these hidden values to the user as painlessly as possible, while giving insight into each Pokemon's combat abilities.

pogobuf - :rocket: pogobuf, a Pokémon Go Client Library for node.js

  •    Javascript

You can find the documentation and other information in the wiki.

PokemonGoMove - Pokemon GO iOS GPS Emulator - NO Jailbreak needed, lets you play the game on your Mac :)

  •    Python

Merged with [PokemonMap] (https://github.com/AHAAAAAAA/PokemonGo-Map), we now have a full interactive spoofer plus map of the nearby pokemons. This project uses Xcode Debug mode Simulating a Location at Runtime to spoof GPS locations for non-jailbroken iOS devices. This allows players of Pokemon GO to send movement commands over a computer as opposed to doing the actual walking.

pokemon-go-mitm - 🎁 Pokemon Go MITM Proxy - Intercepts the traffic between your Pokemon Go app and their servers, decodes the protocol and gives you a handy tool to enrich your own game experience on the fly

  •    CoffeeScript

Pokemon Go MITM Proxy - Intercepts the traffic between your Pokemon Go App and their servers, decodes the protocol and gives you a handy tool to enrich your own game experience by altering the data on the fly.

PokemonGo-Map - 🌏 Live visualization of all the pokemon in your area... and more! (shutdown)


I've received a notice to cease and desist from Niantic Labs, and I've decided to comply with their requests. It was my intention to augment and improve the game experience of Pokemon Go, and we achieved just that! Without their blessing, I don't see myself having the motivation to continue this project. Thank you all for the kind words and offers of help! I'd like to clarify that the main reason I chose to shut it down was because I’ve lost interest rather than legal concerns. Niantic’s actions towards 3rd party developers have been very off-putting and it has killed my personal motivation to work on this project. This was a fun weekend project for a game I enjoyed, and now I’ve lost interest in both. I won’t resume development, but there are active forks of this project you could use.

Pokemon-GO-node-api - Pokemon GO api node.js library

  •    Javascript

Check example.js for the result showed in the demo or check the documentation below. Will save the access token to the Pokeio internal state.

POGOserver - :rice_ball: Pokemon GO server emulator

  •    Javascript

Copy and rename cfg.js.example to cfg.js. The pokemon go app traffic has to get forwarded manually to this custom server. Download rastapasta's Pokemon Go Xposed app and follow the installation instructions here.

PokeGOAPI-Java - Pokemon Go API

  •    Java

This API may have issues when the PokemonGO servers are under high load or down, in this case please wait for the official to get back up. You can check the official servers status on IsPokemonGoDownOrNot.com or MMOServerStatus.com. This API doesnt fake the official client perfectly, niantic may know that you aren't using the official app, we encourage you to use an alternate account to play with this API.

PokemonGo-Bot-Desktop - The Desktop version of Pokemon Go Bot script

  •    Python

Extract the application from the .zip file for your platform. Start the app and select the location of your encrypt file. You can also rename and move the encrypt file to the gofbot folder inside the app (windows: resources/app/gofbot/encrypt.dll / OSX: Resources/app/gofbot/encrypt.so).

Pokemon-Terminal - Pokemon terminal themes.

  •    Python

You can install it with pip for a single user with pip3 install --user git+https://github.com/LazoCoder/Pokemon-Terminal.git. You might want to add ~/.local/bin on Linux and macOS or %AppData%\Python\Python3X\Scripts (replace X by the minor Python version you are running. For example, Python 3.7 users will want Python37) on Windows to your PATH to be able to call pokemon and ichooseyou everywhere. Make sure you also have Python installed, npm won't automagically do that for you.

open3mod - Open 3D Model Viewer - A quick and powerful 3D model viewer

  •    CSharp

A general-purpose 3D model viewer. Based on Open Asset Import Library, it supports reading about fourty 3D file formats, including FBX, DXF, Collada, Obj, X, PLY, 3DS, LWO, LWS, STL and IFC (full list). 3-clause BSD license. Read LICENSE for the details, but it boils down to "use as you like but reproduce the copyright notice".

hyper-pokemon - 🌈 Tailor-made Pokémon themes for your Hyper terminal

  •    Javascript

All of the wonderful Pokémon backgrounds were created by the amazing Teej/TopHat, MapleRose & Ferretdayo.Do you enjoy this project? Maybe you love Star Wars, Yoda or Darth Vader? Then, you will also love our Hyper Star Wars theme project. Go have a peek.

assimp - Official Open Asset Import Library Repository

  •    C++

A library to import and export various 3d-model-formats including scene-post-processing to generate missing render data. APIs are provided for C and C++. There are various bindings to other languages (C#, Java, Python, Delphi, D). Assimp also runs on Android and iOS.

pgoapi - Pokemon Go API lib

  •    Protocol

pgoapi is a client/api/demo for Pokemon Go by https://github.com/tejado. It allows automatic parsing of requests/responses by finding the correct protobuf objects over a naming convention and will return the response in a parsed python dictionary format. Documentation is available at the github pgoapi wiki.

Pokemon-Go-Controller - play pokemon go safely or at unavailable area

  •    Swift

Clone this xcode project and run on your iphone / ipad, this app actually perform a web server that tells your chosen location, your location will be wherever the poke ball is, so you may drag the map of press the buttons. This is what the app response via port 80 by http, so be sure to connect the iphone / ipad to your wifi network in order to gain access.

annie - 👾 Fast, simple and clean video downloader

  •    Go

👾 Annie is a fast, simple and clean video downloader built with Go. The following dependencies are required and must be installed separately.

FBX2glTF - A command-line tool for the conversion of 3D model assets on the FBX file format to the glTF file format

  •    C++

This is a command line tool for converting 3D model assets on Autodesk's venerable FBX format to glTF 2.0, a modern runtime asset delivery format. Precompiled binaries releases for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux may be found here.

Pokemon-Black-White-Translation-Files - Files with the text for pokemon black and white games


Files with the text for pokemon black and white games

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