timing - 一个适用于一次性或者需要重复性任务的执行器,可配合常驻服务实现自动执行定时任务(非类linux CronTab)

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A one-off timed task. and......




Related Projects

Schedule - Schedule timing task in Swift using a fluent API. (A friendly alternative to Timer)

  •    Swift

Schedule is a timing tasks scheduler written in Swift. It allows you run timing tasks with elegant and intuitive syntax. The running mechanism of Schedule is based on Plan, and Plan is actually a sequence of Interval.

marky - High-resolution JavaScript timer based on performance.mark/measure (461 bytes min+gz)

  •    Javascript

JavaScript timer based on performance.mark() and performance.measure(), providing high-resolution timings as well as nice Dev Tools visualizations. For browsers that don't support performance.mark(), it falls back to performance.now() or Date.now(). In Node, it uses process.hrtime().

Toastmaster Timer


This timing tool is for Toastmaster speech. It runs in cell phone acting as an automatic timer. It follows the Toastmaster timing rules.

php-timer - Utility class for timing

  •    PHP

Utility class for timing things, factored out of PHPUnit into a stand-alone component.

Stopwatch Logger

  •    Python

Graphical or terminal-based stopwatch with many user-named lap timers. Save / restore timing results via CSV file; timer quot;runsquot; even when application isn't running! Supports lap timer label templates. Hildonized (i.e., also runs on Maemo / Nokia 770).

crontab-ui - Easy and safe way to manage your crontab file

  •    Javascript

Editing the plain text crontab is error prone for managing jobs, e.g., adding jobs, deleting jobs, or pausing jobs. A small mistake can easily bring down all the jobs and might cost you a lot of time. With Crontab UI, it is very easy to manage crontab. Here are the key features of Crontab UI. Read this to see more details.

performance-bookmarklet - Performance-Bookmarklet helps to analyze the current page through the Resource Timing API, Navigation Timing API and User-Timing - requests by type, domain, load times, marks and more

  •    Javascript

Bookmarklet, Chrome Extension and Firefox add-on to analyze the current page through the Resource Timing API, Navigation Timing API and User-Timing - requests by type, domain, load times, marks and more - sort of a light live WebPageTest. You can use the Performance-Bookmarklet (renamed as Performance-Analyser since it's not a Bookmarklet) as Chrome Extension or Firefox add-on.


  •    Java

Jcrontab is a scheduler written in Java. The project objective is to provide a fully functional schedules for Java projects. Jcrontab is designed to be extended and integrated with any project. Reads and stores the tasks to execute in a file, a database or an EJB and provides a basic web UI.

cron-parser - Node.js library for parsing crontab instructions

  •    Javascript

Node.js library for parsing crontab instructions. It includes support for timezones and DST transitions. Supports mixed use of ranges and range increments (L, W and # characters are not supported currently). See tests for examples.

CronHub - CronHub is a better crontab, it is a web application which can monitor a large number of machine's crontab, and easy to manage it from web page

  •    Java

Manage a large number of cluster's Linux crontab is nasty thing, especially system administrators always must login multiple machines to check whether the crontab job has been SUCCESSFULLY executed. If it is not SUCCESSFULLY done, administrators had to RE-EXECUTE job one by one. This cronhub project aim to ease this burden, and supply a friendly web interface to manage it within JUST A MOUSE CLICK. The cronhub system consists of 2 parts : the center server part and the daemon slave program part(In my repository : https://github.com/sharpstill/CronHub_daemon), If you want to study the daemon slave part, please go to there to download.

pomo - Ruby Pomodoro app for the command-line (time / task management)

  •    Ruby

Command-line application for the Pomodoro time management technique, with notification and tmux status bar support.With Pomo you can add, remove, list, view, and start timing tasks all via the command-line with a simple, slick interface. You are reminded of the remaining time on a task via Notification Center, Growl, libnotify, or Quicksilver. These notifications appear half-way, at the 5 minute point, and when the task duration has expired. Also, the Pomo timer can be displayed in your tmux status bar.

django-crontab - dead simple crontab powered job scheduling for django.

  •    Python

dead simple crontab powered job scheduling for django (1.8-2.0). there are a bunch of setting vars to customize behavior. each of them comes with default values that should properly fit. if not, feel free to overwrite.


  •    PHP

EZ-Ticket is a PHP/SQL web based Ticket system, built with SIMPLICITY in mind. Unlike other ticket systems, this ticket system has the same functionality that other ticket systems have, without all the complexity, making it's use efficient and effective.

timing.js - Navigation Timing API measurement helpers

  •    Javascript

Timing.js is a small set of helpers for working with the Navigation Timing API to identify where your application is spending its time. Useful as a standalone script, DevTools Snippet or bookmarklet. Download the latest version or just git clone https://github.com/addyosmani/timing.js.git.

go-server-timing - Go (golang) library for creating and consuming HTTP Server-Timing headers

  •    Go

Middleware for injecting the server timing struct into the request Context and writing the Server-Timing header. Concurrency-safe structures for easily recording timings of multiple concurrency tasks.

Trouble ticket express - Help desk software in Perl and CGI

  •    Perl

It does everything from bug tracking and customer support to project management and to-do lists. It is light weight and web based as it is written in CGI. It has support for Ticket monitoring, Custom fields, Inventory Tracking, Custom fields, Email alerts, File attachments etc.

JP Timer - Free Countdown-Timer/Stopwatch, Shutdown/Logoff/Reboot Windows


This small project came out as a result of my practices of learning C++/CLI and the Microsoft .NET Framework. Therefore, it is written in pure C++/CLI. JP Timer is a free small, neat and easy-to-use countdown timer comes with a handy stopwatch. It can be used as a time remin...

Pheidippides - Smart Timing Solution


Pheidippides - Smart Timing und Managementsystem für Sportveranstaltungen wie Laufen, Walking oder Radfahren.

wavedrom - :ocean: Digital timing diagram rendering engine

  •    Javascript

WaveDrom is a Free and Open Source online digital timing diagram (waveform) rendering engine that uses javascript, HTML5 and SVG to convert a WaveJSON input text description into SVG vector graphics. WaveJSON is an application of the JSON format. The purpose of WaveJSON is to provide a compact exchange format for digital timing diagrams utilized by digital HW / IC engineers.

craken - A Rails plugin for managing and installing rake-centric crontab files.

  •    Ruby

A Rails plugin for managing and installing rake-centric crontab files.

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