webextension-polyfill-ts - This is a TypeScript ready "wrapper" for the WebExtension browser API Polyfill by Mozilla

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This is a TypeScript ready "wrapper" for the WebExtension browser API Polyfill by Mozilla. This guide assumes you are building a web-extension using npm and webpack. If you are looking for an example use-case, check out the development branch of my web-extension Forget Me Not.



webextension-polyfill : ^0.4.0



Related Projects

vitesse-webext - ⚡️ WebExtension Vite Starter Template

  •    TypeScript

A Vite powered WebExtension (Chrome, FireFox, etc.) starter template. Create a repo from this template on GitHub.

EventSource - a polyfill for http://www.w3.org/TR/eventsource/

  •    Javascript

Just include src/eventsource.js or src/eventsource.min.js in your page to use the polyfill. Unless a typescript definition file is created for this polyfill, this is how you would use it in an Ionic2 project. It should (in theory) be very similar in an Angular2 project.

clipboard-polyfill - :clipboard: Sane copying on the web.

  •    TypeScript

As of October 2017, this library is a polyfill for the modern Promise-based asynchronous clipboard API. Since copying only works in a user gesture, you should attempt it from inside an event listener, e.g. a button click listener.

dynamic-import-polyfill - A fast, tiny polyfill for dynamic import() that works in all module-supporting browsers

  •    Javascript

A fast, tiny polyfill for dynamic import() that works in all module-supporting browsers. The polyfill feature detects built-in import() support and defers to the native version if available. For browsers without module support, you can use the module/nomodule technique to generate a fully ES5-compatible bundle. To use the polyfill, just initialize it once, in your app's main entry point before dynamically importing any modules. If you have multiple entry points, just add it to the entry point that will be evaluated first.

ext-saladict - 专业网页划词翻译,Chrome/Firefox 扩展

  •    TypeScript

Chrome/Firefox WebExtension. Feature-rich inline translator with PDF support. Vimium compatible. Saladict 6 is a complete rewrite in React Typescript for both Chrome & Firefox. Built for speed, stability and customization.

proxy-polyfill - Proxy object polyfill

  •    Javascript

This is a polyfill for the Proxy object, part of ES6. See the MDN docs or Introducing ES2015 Proxies for more information on Proxy itself. Unlike other polyfills, this does not require Object.observe, which is deprecated. The polyfill supports just a limited number of proxy 'traps'. It also works by calling seal on the object passed to Proxy. This means that the properties you want to proxy must be known at creation time.

promise-polyfill - Lightweight ES6 Promise polyfill for the browser and node. A+ Compliant

  •    Javascript

Lightweight ES6 Promise polyfill for the browser and node. Adheres closely to the spec. It is a perfect polyfill IE, Firefox or any other browser that does not support native promises. For API information about Promises, please check out this article HTML5Rocks article.

css-shapes-polyfill - Polyfill for the CSS Shapes Specification

  •    Javascript

The shapes polyfill is a JavaScript implementation of the CSS Shapes specification. You can use the polyfill to approximate CSS Shapes behavior in browsers that do not support the feature. By default, the polyfill will not run when a native shapes implementation is available. By default, the script runs automatically. You can disable this behavior by setting data-auto-run to false on the script tag.

stravistix - Browser extension for strava

  •    TypeScript

You should be able to install it in all Chrome based browser such as Chrome, Chrome Canary, Chromium, Opera, Vivaldi, Yandex, and more ... Go to chapter Environnement setup.

dialog-polyfill - Polyfill for the HTML dialog element

  •    Javascript

<dialog> is an element for a popup box in a web page, including a modal option which will make the rest of the page inert during use. This could be useful to block a user's interaction until they give you a response, or to confirm an action. See the HTML spec. This polyfill works on modern versions of all major browsers. It also supports IE9 and above.

css-paint-polyfill - A polyfill for the CSS Paint API, with special browser optimizations.

  •    Javascript

This is a polyfill for the CSS Paint API. Performance is quite good in Firefox and Safari courtesy of -webkit-canvas() and -moz-element(). For the remaining browsers, framerate is governed by Canvas toDataURL() / toBlob() speed.

browser - The browser extension vault (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari, & more).

  •    Javascript

The Bitwarden browser extension is written using the Chrome Web Extension API and AngularJS. By default the extension is targeting the production API. If you are running the Core API locally, you'll need to switch the extension to target your local instance. Open src/services/api.service.ts and set this.baseUrl and this.identityBaseUrl to your local API instance (ex. http://localhost:5000).

news-feed-eradicator - A browser extension that deletes your Facebook news feed and replaces it with a nice quote

  •    TypeScript

A browser extension that deletes your Facebook news feed and replaces it with a nice quote. This plugin is built as a WebExtension - a standard for browser plugins currently supported in both Chrome and Firefox.

tridactyl - A Vim-like interface for Firefox, inspired by Vimperator/Pentadactyl.

  •    TypeScript

Replace Firefox's default control mechanism with one modelled on the one true editor, Vim. Simply click this link in Firefox to install our latest "beta" build. These betas are updated with each commit to master on this repo. Your browser will automatically update from there once a day. If you want more frequent updates, you can change extensions.update.interval in about:config to whatever time you want, say, 15 minutes (900 seconds). Alternatively, you can get our "stable" builds straight from Mozilla. The changelog for the stable versions can be found here. If you want to use advanced features such as edit-in-Vim, you'll also need to install the native messenger or executable, instructions for which can be found by typing :installnative and hitting enter once you are in Tridactyl.

polyfill-prototype-1 - Experimental WebAssembly polyfill library and tools

  •    C++

Experimental WebAssembly polyfill library and tools

six-speed - ES6 polyfill vs. feature performance tests

  •    Javascript

ES6 polyfill vs. feature performance tests. Test against all registered Sauce Labs browsers.

console-polyfill - Browser console methods polyfill.

  •    Javascript

Browser console polyfill. Makes it safe to do console.log()-s etc always.

hidpi-canvas-polyfill - :computer: A JavaScript drop-in module to polyfill consistent and automatic HiDPI Canvas support

  •    Javascript

This is a drop-in polyfill to scale canvas appropriately to maintain sharpness in browsers that currently do not provide the appropriately scaled backing store to do this automatically.As of this writing Safari is the only browser that accounts for this.

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