Lunar Phase Silverlight Gadget

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Meet the moon phase, percent of illumination and corresponding zodiac sign from your desktop.



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Betrayer's Moon Tactics

Betrayer's Moon is an innovative, original strategy-action RPG developed in Sphere, currently still in the design phases but slowly being fleshed out by our growing staff. If you have any interest in joining our project, please contact dremelofdeath.

Postscript calendar program

PCAL and LCAL generate Postscript output to produce nice-looking calendars. PCAL creates monthy- and yearly-format calendars, with optional text events, images, moon phases, etc. LCAL produces dedicated lunar phase calendars in a variety of formats.

NOAH Weather

A full featured Open Sourced suite of PHP functions that can been used to build a weather website. It obtains forecasting and current conditions from NOAA as well as providing basic features as moon phases and sunrise/sunset. More features to be added.


A library to calculate moon-phases, sun-rise and things like that!

Organizer for Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7 Mango application for personal efficiency. Create notes, organize tasks. Application is on a planning/developing stage. - managing notes by two taps - managing contexts - creating tasks - rss reader (simple) - localization on English, Russian.

Sun Cult

Display Sun amp; Moon Properties in a Mozilla Extension

MVVM for Windows 8

This library contains all you need to build a WinRT Metro Style application for Windows 8 using MVVM pattern, C# and XAML.

SumCalc - [WPF][C#][SampleCode][MVVM]MVVM??????????????????????????MVVM???????????????????????


Word-frequency-counter - input: "The The moon" output: {:The 2 :moon 1}

input: "The The moon" output: {:The 2 :moon 1}

Phantom MVVM ToolKit

This project is an attempt to make a very noninvasive framework to assist in MVVM application design for Silverlight and WPF.

A Rich Full Featured WPF/SL MVVM Framework

Cinch is a fully featured WPF MVVM framework that makes it easier to develop rich MVVM WPF applications. It also provides UI services/threading/unit tests helpers and much more.

MVVM Light Toolkit

The MVVM Light Toolkit is a set of components helping people to get started in the Model - View - ViewModel pattern in all XAML/C# frameworks.

CoreMVVM - A Simple MVVM Framework

CoreMVVM is a simple basic MVVM framework that covers the *most* common development scenarios. Its a good place to start with MVVM. Its not as barebones as the MVVM Toolkit and neither is it as heavyweight as Prism\Cinch. Developed in C#.

xcode-build-phases-rules - some template for Xcode Build Phases and Build Rules system

some template for Xcode Build Phases and Build Rules system

Debug-Phases - Release history of Debug-Phases

Release history of Debug-Phases

hublo - hublo: the world needed another site generator

Hublo provides a way to build a site by publishing pages in different phases. A phase is a barrier that must be reached by all pages before advancing to the next. Each hublo command consists of a list of phases to run through, some shortcuts are defined in hublo-cli.el.For instance, the most common hublo command is publish and translates to the following phases: :bootstrap, :metadata, :route, :content, :augment, :publish, and :clean.

Mvvm Foundation Silverlight

Mvvm Foundation Silverlight is a library of classes that are helpful when building Silverlight applications based in the MVVM pattern. This library is based on the WPF only MVVM Foundation, with a Silverlight library add-on.

MVVM-WPF(+Silverlight 5.0) XAML Markup Dependency Injection Binding Extensions

XAML mark-up extensions for MVVM pattern. Mark-up extensions allow to bind RouteEventHandler, Command and other to targets via Dependency Injection.

MSAP for WPF (another MVVM for WPF)

MSAP is an application framework based on the pattern MVVM. It aims to structure and organize the development of a WPF application type Browser Application (XBAP). To do this he introduces models for (ViewModels VM) which allow to organize the application module, service, page.