Demolito - UCI Chess Engine

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Demolito is a UCI chess engine written in C. As such, it is a command line program, which is not designed to be used directly, but instead through an UCI capable GUI, such as CuteChess or Lucas Chess. The version number is simply the ISO date of the last commit (ie. YYYY-MM-DD). From time to time, I publish some binaries. Here are the latest ones. If you really want the newest possible one, you'll need to compile yourself (see below).



Related Projects

UCI Protocol Sniffer [UCIPlug]

  •    DotNet

UCIPlug allows dumping the UCI messages exchanged between a UCI compliant GUI (for ex., Chessbase) and an UCI engine (for ex., Rybka 2.2). UCIPlug is written in C# and is targeted at .NET 3.5 (though, can be recompiled for .NET 2.0).

Simontacchi Chess Engine

  •    Assembly

Simontacchi is a Winboard/UCI compatible chess engine that intends to grow via development community involvement. The goal of the project is to create a chess engine that rivals the strongest commericial and amateur programs.

Braincrack Chess Engine

  •    C++

Braincrack is a chess engine I wrote in my high school time. It is capable of being used with the Winboard protocol and via Winboard-gt;UCI conversion tools within professional chess GUIs like Chessbase.

The Turk


The Turk is chess engine developed under .NET Framework 4.0. At the moment, only winboard protocol is supported and waiting to implement UCI protocol. It is still under development and waiting contributers to support project.

GNU Chess for Windows made with Cygwin


This is an compilation of GNU Chess engine using the Cygwin library. You need the Cygwin library to make this program work. It is an Winboard engine, so you can use it on Aquarium or Winboard. You must use WB2Uci to use it as an UCI engine. If there are some problems witht the...

Neophyte Chess Engine

  •    C

Neophyte is a Winboard and UCI compatible chess engine designed to play with a human style. Strong play comes second to the goal of playing like a human.

lc0 - The rewritten engine, originally for tensorflow. Now all other backends have been ported here.

  •    C++

Lc0 is a UCI-compliant chess engine designed to play chess via neural network, specifically those of the LeelaChessZero project. Lc0 can be acquired either via a git clone or an archive download from GitHub. Be aware that there is a required submodule which isn't included in source archives.


  •    C

An open source chess engine in C, released under the GPL. Compatible with the XBoard and UCI interface protocols to link to a GUI or other chess arbiter.



yet another UCI chess engine


  •    C

CINAG is an UCI computer chess engine. This is a module which thinks about the game and try to find the best move for each position. Our goal is to create a quite strong opponent by using state of the art AI technics.

Chess Wizard

  •    C++

Chess Wizard is a powerful chess software to play, study, edit and publish games. It supports many strong UCI engines, provides a huge online database and hundreds of puzzles. Chess960 is available now.

Chess Control Library


Chess Control and Parsers Handles pgn files, FEN position strings and my own compact huffman position data. Added something I call DFEN which stands for Diagram FEN for persisting arrows etc displayed on the board. Support for Winboard / UCI engines; moved from sourceforge


  •    Python

Analysis of chess games in Python, using UCI and XBoard/Winboard chess engines.

lichess - Online Chess Game Server

  •    Scala

Lila (li[chess in sca]la) is a free online chess game server focused on realtime gameplay and ease of use. It features a search engine, computer analysis distributed with fishnet, tournaments, simuls, forums, teams, tactic trainer, a mobile app, and a shared analysis board. The UI is available in more than 80 languages thanks to the community.

Stockfish - A powerful, open-source chess engine

  •    C++

Stockfish plays better and faster than humans. And it's one of the strongest chess engines in the world, appearing near or at the top of most chess engine rating lists.

Engine Wars Chess Client

  •    CSharp

EngineWars is Client/Server framework to host chess matches of humans vs humans, humans vs Chess Engines, and engines vs engines in casual play and tournaments.

FlyBrain chess engine

  •    Java

A chess engine to use with chess software or chess servers written completely in Java.

Chess Engine Diagnostics


Chess Engine diagnostics helps you to validate your own chess engines.


  •    C

icsdrone is an interface between a chess server and a chess engine

sunfish - Sunfish: a Python Chess Engine in 111 lines of code

  •    Python

Sunfish is self contained in the file from the repository. I recommend running it with pypy or pypy3 for optimal performance. It is also possible to run Sunfish with a graphical interface, such as PyChess, Arena or your chess interface of choice. Sunfish' can communicate through the XBoard/CECP protocol by the command pypy -u Ruxy Sylwyka has a note on making it all work on Windows.