cl-raylib - Common Lisp bindings for raylib

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Common Lisp bindings for raylib



Related Projects

raylib - A simple and easy-to-use library to learn videogames programming

  •    C

raylib is a simple and easy-to-use library to learn videogames programming. raylib is highly inspired by Borland BGI graphics lib and by XNA framework and it's specially well suited for prototyping, tooling, graphical applications, embedded systems and education.

cl-cookbook - The Common Lisp Cookbook

  •    Common

This is a fork of the Common Lisp Cookbook, moved from SourceForge. This project will bring Common Lisp Cookbook to this decade. Development of the original Common Lisp Cookbook in SourceForge halted in 2007. In the meantime, a lot has happened in the land of Common Lisp. Tools and implementations have been improving, and some have fallen out of favor. Most notably, Common Lisp users can now benefit from Quicklisp library manager.

McCLIM - An implementation of the Common Lisp Interface Manager, version II

  •    Common

McCLIM, an implementation of the "Common Lisp Interface Manager CLIM II Specification", is a portable and high-level user interface management system toolkit for Common Lisp. It has a powerful presentation model which allows us to directly link the visual representation of an object to its semantics. It has several high-level programming capabilities that enable us to develop a user interface conveniently; including formatted output, graphics, windowing and commands that are invoked by typing text, keyboard shortcuts or clicking a mouse button. McCLIM works with Allegro CL, Clozure CL, CLISP, CMUCL, Embeddable CL, the Scieneer CL Common-lisp, SBCL and the LispWorks implementations. Right now the only backend supported by McCLIM is CLX, which ties it to the Xserver on the host system. Any platform capable of running Xserver may run McCLIM applications.

macroquad - Cross-platform game engine in Rust.

  •    Rust

macroquad is a simple and easy to use game library for Rust programming language, heavily inspired by raylib. macroquad attempts to avoid any Rust-specific programming concepts like lifetimes/borrowing, making it very friendly for Rust beginners. See the docs.

cl21 - Common Lisp in the 21st Century.

  •    Common

CL21 is written in pure Common Lisp and intended to run on a Common Lisp implementation. It is tested on the latest version of SBCL, Clozure CL, GNU CLISP and Allegro CL. We have a list about differences between CL and CL21 at CHANGES_AUTO.markdown which is automatically generated by a script.

awesome-cl - A curated list of awesome Common Lisp frameworks, libraries and other shiny stuff.

  •    Makefile

A curated list of awesome Common Lisp libraries. For awesome software, see's success stories and the awesome-cl-software list.

ccl - Clozure Common Lisp

  •    Common

This is the source code for Clozure CL. Because CCL is written in itself, you need an already-working version of CCL to compile it.

cl-python - An implementation of Python in Common Lisp

  •    Common

CLPython is an open-source implementation of Python written in Common Lisp. With CLPython you can run Python programs in a Lisp environment. Libraries written in Lisp are available to Python code, and Python libraries can be accessed by Lisp code. Also Python and Lisp code can be mixed. For rough documentation, please see the Introduction and Manual on


  •    C

A code generator for connecting C/C++ with other programming languages

hunchentoot - Web server written in Common Lisp

  •    Common

Hunchentoot is a web server written in Common Lisp and at the same time a toolkit for building dynamic websites. As a stand-alone web server, Hunchentoot is capable of HTTP/1.1 chunking (both directions), persistent connections (keep-alive), and SSL. Hunchentoot provides facilities like automatic session handling (with and without cookies), logging, customizable error handling, and easy access to GET and POST parameters sent by the client. It does not include functionality to programmatically generate HTML output. For this task you can use any library you like, e.g. CL-WHO or HTML-TEMPLATE.

sketch - A Common Lisp framework for the creation of electronic art, visual design, game prototyping, game making, computer graphics, exploration of human-computer interaction, and more

  •    Common

Sketch is a Common Lisp environment for the creation of electronic art, visual design, game prototyping, game making, computer graphics, exploration of human-computer interaction and more. It is inspired by Processing Language and shares some of the API. To make Sketch run correctly, though, a few requirements must be met.

roswell - intend to be a lisp installer and launcher for major environment that just work.

  •    Common

Roswell started out as a command-line tool with the aim to make installing and managing Common Lisp implementations really simple and easy. Roswell has now evolved into a full-stack environment for Common Lisp development, and has many features that makes it easy to test, share, and distribute your Lisp applications. With Roswell, we aim to push the Common Lisp community to a whole new level of productivity.

cl-python - An implementation of Python in Common Lisp

  •    Common

An implementation of Python in Common Lisp

cormanlisp - Corman Lisp

  •    Common

This is the open-source source release of Corman Lisp. The canonical home of this release is Corman Lisp is a Common Lisp development environment for Microsoft Windows operating systems running on Intel platforms. Corman Lisp consists of a Common Lisp native code compiler for Intel processors, 80x86 assembler and disassembler, incremental linker and multi-window text editor. It requires a system running a Microsoft Windows operating system (such as Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME or Windows NT). It is fully integrated with the Win32 API, and all the Windows API functions are readily available from Lisp.


  •    Java

Acheron is a Common Lisp (CL) to JavaScript (JS) compiler. Programs are written in a subset of CL and after compilation executed in a webbrowser. Acheron has native functions that are written in JS and are the bridge between CL and JS.

CLOCC - Common Lisp Open Code Collection


Our aim is to create a collection of useful and free Common Lisp - Applications that are easily portable among the various CL - Implementations.

CFFI Bindings for Cairo, Pango, + Pixbuf


cl-pcp is a collection of Common Lisp CFFI bindings for Pango, Cairo, and PixBuf from the GTK+ (Gimp Tool Kit) Project. This is meant as a lightweight, general solution for developing graphical/text based applications in Common Lisp.

Simple Lisp Qt4 integration

  •    C++

Project status: dead (you really don't want to use it!). Please see the new Common Lisp Qt bindings, like CommonQt, cl-smoke, EQL (Embedded Qt Lisp)



cl-pdb is a Common Lisp library which provides CLOS classes and API for reading and acting upon Palm Database files.



CL-BF - Brainf**k interpreter, virtual machine and code generator written in Common Lisp.

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