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LoginRadius enables social login on a website letting users log in through their existing IDs such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and over 15 more! This eliminates long registration process i.e. filling up a long registration form, verifying email ID, remembering another ...



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LoginRadius PHP SDK is a development kit that lets you integrate Social Login such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and over 20 more on a PHP website. The SDK also helps to get user profile data and interacts with LoginRadius user account to manage various features.

loginradius - Social login app for the Elefant CMS, powered by LoginRadius

Social login app for the Elefant CMS, powered by LoginRadius


LoginRadius is a Software As A Service (SAAS) which enables social login through providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and 15 others, on a third party website.


LoginRadius is a Software As A Service (SAAS) which enables social login through providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and 15 others, on a third party website.


Universal Social Networking profile, API integration and login system for WP (OpenID, oAuth, Twitter, Facebook Connect, Friend Connect/Google)

spring-social-openid - OpenID authentication for spring-social-security

OpenID authentication for spring-social-security

fosite - Extensible security first OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect SDK for Go.

The security first OAuth2 & OpenID Connect framework for Go. Built simple, powerful and extensible. This library implements peer-reviewed IETF RFC6749, counterfeits weaknesses covered in peer-reviewed IETF RFC6819 and countermeasures various database attack scenarios, keeping your application safe when that hacker penetrates or leaks your database. OpenID Connect is implemented according to OpenID Connect Core 1.0 incorporating errata set 1 and includes all flows: code, implicit, hybrid.OAuth2 and OpenID Connect are difficult protocols. If you want quick wins, we strongly encourage you to look at Hydra. Hydra is a secure, high performance, cloud native OAuth2 and OpenID Connect service that integrates with every authentication method imaginable and is built on top of Fosite.

Gluu Server - Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform

Gluu's open source authentication & API access management software for securing Web & mobile applications using open standards like SAML & OpenID Connect. Its features include Single Sign-On, Access Management, OAuth, Multi-Factor Authentication, LDAP Directory Integration, User Management and lot more.


EngineY is an easy to use social network framework and portal implemented in Ruby on Rails that is easy to customize and deploy as your own powerful social media site or other portal type site. Empower users with their own blogs. Enhance collaboration with forums, groups and events. Let your users post Twitter-like status messages. Track all the activity on your site with a live activity stream. Build a custom client to access all of your social data using EngineY's RESTful API. Also includes in

DotNetOpenAuth - OpenID, OAuth, Infocard library for .NET

DotNetOpenAuth provides support for your site visitors to login with their OpenIDs by just dropping an ASP.NET control onto your page. It could be customized, how OpenID will operate on your site. It supports OpenID, OAuth and Infocards authentication. User registration and Signup of your site will be handled by this library. Users having Google, Twitter ID could login in to your site without having to create their own login.

pac4j - The security engine to protect all your Java web applications

pac4j is a Java security engine to authenticate users, get their profiles and manage their authorizations in order to secure Java web applications. It supports most authentication mechanisms: OAuth (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo...), CAS, HTTP (form, basic auth...), OpenID, SAML, Google App Engine, OpenID Connect, JWT, LDAP, RDBMS, MongoDB and Stormpath and authorization checks.

mozilla-django-oidc - A django OpenID Connect library

A lightweight authentication and access management library for integration with OpenID Connect enabled authentication services.The full documentation is at

php-openid-connect-client - OpenID Connect Client Library

The purpose of the library is to provide tools and building blocks for creating clients using delegated authentication/authorization based on the OAuth2 protocol with emphasis on the OpenID Connect specification.Just clone the repository or download and unpack the latest release and configure your autoloader accordingly.


Android app which is a FavColor client; FavColor is a demo app for a variety of identity technologies, including OAuth 2, OpenID COnnect, and Persona.This generates two APKs, called “FavColor” and “FC + GitKit”. The former uses pure OpenID Connect tokens for authentication to talk to the server and only works with Google accounts. The latter uses the Google Identity Toolkit libraries and allows sign-in via Facebook, Yahoo, or Google, or with an email address and password.


Adding OAuth Support for the Codeigniter Framework for providing authentication support with world famous social networks such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter etc..

MITREid Connect - An OpenID Connect reference implementation in Java on the Spring platform

This project contains a certified OpenID Connect reference implementation in Java on the Spring platform, including a functioning server library, deployable server package, client (RP) library, and general utility libraries. The server can be used as an OpenID Connect Identity Provider as well as a general-purpose OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server.


MamaHippo Is an open source Jquery Single Page App (SPA) Framework written in MVC 4 and Visual Studio 11. Simple simple simple Quick code Lean Start-up Framework. It is meant to be a light wait focused implementation of all the best of bread tools in MV4 along with other necessities of a next gen web site\app. Things it will include. OpenID Social Site's and tools. Twiter Facebook G+ BabyHippo Control (Private Jquery Control) User Feed back tool User Content Editing (Small C


Facebook OpenID Provider - allows to log in with Facebook account into any OpenID service, including Google AppEngine Federated Login