Windows Live@EDU Single Sign On

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The Windows Live@EDU Single Sign On project provides a middle tier WCF service, as well as SharePoint web parts and direct connectors for providing Single Sign On from your student portal into the Windows Live@EDU environment.



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Live@edu SSO WebPart for MOSS 2007

Live@Edu SSO WebPart is a custom web part for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 \ Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, which provides end-user a single sign on (SSO) to Live services functionality.

SalesForce SSO .Net 4.0 / 3.51 and WCF

.Net 3.51 and 4.0 Projects that implement SSO for SalesForce in a .Net 3.51 IIS6/7 and .Net4.0 - IIS7 environments for Web and Outlook SSO Login. Utilizes WCF for communication and authentication. Also includes SSO for SpringCM

Single Sign On with WCF

This is a Single Sign On service developed by .NET 4 and WCF 4 and C# 4. This SSO service allows the use of Federation modules to authenticate users against a database, active directory, a web service etc. It also includes a custom ASP.NET membership provider.

Single Sign On - Light Weight

Single Sign On (SSO) solution for cross domain sites which do not share cookies, session ids etc. Built using WCF Service. A Silverlight based site is also added to see the Online Users and their requested Tokens (for testing purpose).

Live@Edu SSO Sharepoint 2010 WebPart and Webservice

LiveAtEduSSOLinks is a work around for to offer Single-Sign-On links in Sharepoint to LiveAtEdu accounts. Its Written in C# for VS 2010 and currently in early beta as it is built off similar projects for Sharepoint 2007 that I found here on Codeplex.

Sign In As A Different User

Running your browser (IE) in a corporate environment will give you single sign on to web applications running in your intranet. But in some cases you need to access an URL with different credentials (admin purpose, etc.). Applications like SharePoint will provide you a solutio...

JOSSO - Java Open Single Sign-On

JOSSO is an Open Source Internet SSO solution for rapid and standards-based (SAML) Internet-scale Single Sign-On implementations, allowing secure Internet access to the Web-based applications or services of customers, suppliers, and business partners. It supports Windows authentication, LDAP support.

OpenAM - Authentication, Authorization and SSO

OpenAM provides open source Authentication, Authorization, Entitlement and Federation software. OpenAM provides core identity services to simplify the implementation of transparent single sign-on (SSO) as a security component in a network infrastructure. OpenAM provides the foundation for integrating diverse web applications that might typically operate against a disparate set of identity repositories and are hosted on a variety of platforms such as web and application servers.

Single Sign On - 2.0 Web Service Membership Provider

In short, this is simply a pass-through web service membership provider and role provider library. I've taken advantage of the 2.0 membership provider model to allow pre-existing applications to easily integrate this library. The idea is to have one centrally hosted we...

Jasig CAS single sign-on server emulation with ASP.NET

This project contains code that can extent an existing ASP.NET web application to emulate the single sign-on functionality of a Jasig Central Authentication Service (CAS).

sso_spike - Spike of Single Sign On (SSO) in Rails

Spike of Single Sign On (SSO) in Rails

ilogin - Single Sign-On script (SSO)

Single Sign-On script (SSO)

NPForum - NPForum - Mendukung Single Sign On (SSO) dengan SAML

NPForum - Mendukung Single Sign On (SSO) dengan SAML

zendesk_django_auth - Allows your Django App to be used for Zendesk Single Sign On (SSO)

Allows your Django App to be used for Zendesk Single Sign On (SSO)

RSS FeedReader

An aggregate syndicated feed reader for SharePoint in web part format. This web part is designed to display several RSS and Atom feeds in a single web part with configurable option such as what to display and caching capabilities for the feed data.

SharePoint Stock Quote Web Part

This is a web part for WSS v3, MOSS 2007, SPF 2010, or SharePoint Server 2010 that displays a stock quote for a single stock. Under the hood, this is a Data View Web Part and a call to a web service at WebServiceX.Net.

NPBlog - NP Blog - Mendukung SSO (Single Sign On) Menggunakan simpleSAML

NP Blog - Mendukung SSO (Single Sign On) Menggunakan simpleSAML

overlord-idp - Overlord single sign-on (SSO) identity provider.

Overlord single sign-on (SSO) identity provider.

mt-auth-opensso - Open SSO (single sign on) driver for Movable Type and Melody.

Open SSO (single sign on) driver for Movable Type and Melody.