ASPinboard - A modern, fast, and flexible Objective-C library for

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ASPinboard is the Objective-C library for Pinboard that powers Pushpin. It uses modern Objective-C features (such as ARC and blocks), supports iOS 8.3+, and is dead-simple to integrate. As of January 2013, ASPinboard has full support for every endpoint in the Pinboard API, except posts/recent. The first thing you'll want to do is add the files in the ASPinboard directory to your application. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the Xcode project into your existing app, and create a workspace. It's really up to you.



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Scuttle - Web-based social bookmarking system

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Web-based social bookmarking system. Allows multiple users to store, share and tag their favourite links online.


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SimpyTools is a collection of various software for using, enhancing the social bookmarking service. The software includes libraries in various programming languages, for using the REST API of, but also a FF extension and more.

Voten - The code that powers

  •    PHP is a real-time social bookmarking for the 21st century. It's real-time, beautiful, customizable yet simple.

geekmarks - API-Driven, Geeky Bookmarking Service

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So I wrote a new bookmarking service. We already have a lot of those, so why bother writing another one? Good question. I tried a lot of existing bookmarking services, and I wasn't satisfied by any of them, for a variety of reasons.

bookmark-archiver - 🗄 Save an archived copy of all websites starred using Pocket/Pinboard/Bookmarks

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Save an archived copy of all websites you bookmark (the actual content of each site, not just the list of bookmarks).Outputs browsable static html archives of each site, a PDF, a screenshot, and a link to a copy on, all indexed with nice html & json files.

gitmarks_2 - Gitmarks 2.0. is a peer to peer bookmarking tool.

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Gitmarks 2.0. is a peer to peer bookmarking tool.

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Source of, a visual bookmarking site

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laicos or social backwards is a social bookmarking website development application. Use this project to create a Digg style clone. In and MySQL environment.

Akarru Social BookMarking Engine


Akarru is a social bookmarking engine, is used to build social bookmarkings sites, like Users posts links and promote links to front page using voting system. Akarruacute; es un motor de promocioacute;n social de enlaces y blogs, usado para cons

Scuttle - Social Bookmarking System

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Web-based social bookmarking system. Allows multiple users to store, share and tag their favorite links online.

Hotaru CMS - Plugin Powered PHP based CMS Engine

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Hotaru CMS is a PHP platform for building your own websites. The most common use for Hotaru is social bookmarking. It has all the plugins you need to make your own Digg-style community. It is a framework for making websites customized to your needs.

Jumper - Collaborative search engine in PHP

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Jumper 2.0 is a collaborative community search platform that revolutionizes search by crowdsourcing knowledge management powered by a shared bookmarking engine. It is easily and quickly deployed into a community of practice that benefits users with complex and specialized search requirements. Jumper delivers universal search of any databases, flat files, fileshares, content systems, web pages, blogs and wikis, even people - through one simple search box.

gitmarks_2 - Gitmarks 2.0. is a peer to peer bookmarking tool.

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Gitmarks 2.0. is a peer to peer bookmarking tool.


  •    C

CWallpaper is a front end for fbsetbg, Esetroot, feh, and other wallpaper changers. It can also be used to change the wallpaper for Rox's pinboard. It has the ability to work with any root wallpaper changer, and can now load the last wallpaper used.

Octopress - Static Site Generator Powering Github Pages

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Octopress is a framework designed by Brandon Mathis for Jekyll, the blog aware static site generator powering Github Pages. Octopress comes with a semantic HTML5 template. It has built in 3rd party support for Twitter, Google Plus One, Disqus Comments, Pinboard, Delicious, and Google Analytics. It has plugin support to easily post images, automatically downloads and embeds Github gists, easy inline code sharing and lot more.


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StateMenu is a popup desktop menu for not only launching apps, but also for monitoring and controlling the state of system resources (like daemons, cpu scaling, firewalls, etc.). It works with Nautilus/GNOME, Xfce4, ROX Pinboard, and other environments.


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OpenPinboard is a web-based pinboard.



openPinboard is a PHP Application with that you can let people register and create groups which have got a virtual pinboard. Any member in a group can post messages on it.

PSCollectionView - A simple open source implementation of a Pinterest Pinboard for iOS

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It's a Pinterest style scroll view designed to be used similar to a UITableView. It supports Portrait and Landscape orientations.

gawk libraries for XML, PostgreSQL,...

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Dynamically loaded extension libraries for GNU AWK