refix - A redis client proxy, which prefixes all keys with the given string

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refix is a prefixing redis client proxy for Node.js. What does that mean? You initialize refix with a redis client, then you use refix to namespace your redis commands. Given a string, it will prefix all keys in all redis commands with that string. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


redis-commands : ^1.1.0



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Redis::Namespace provides an interface to a namespaced subset of your redis keyspace (e.g., keys with a common beginning), and requires the redis-rb gem. Redis::Namespace is packaged as the redis-namespace gem, and hosted on

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Refer to the v4 Release Notes for information about the breaking changes, new features, enhancements and fixes.❗️❗️❗️ Notice, the default namespace prefix has been changed from Ploeh.AutoFixture to AutoFixture because Mark stopped to maintain this project. Please use the text replace feature of your IDE to quickly fix all the namespace imports in your code. See more detail here.

work - Process background jobs in Go

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gocraft/work lets you enqueue and processes background jobs in Go. Jobs are durable and backed by Redis. Very similar to Sidekiq for Go.To enqueue jobs, you need to make an Enqueuer with a redis namespace and a redigo pool. Each enqueued job has a name and can take optional arguments. Arguments are k/v pairs (serialized as JSON internally).

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avalanche - Superclean, powerful, responsive, Sass-based, BEM-syntax CSS grid system

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Example of a two column, responsive, centered grid. All grid layout classes and responsive width classes are modifiers. $av-namespace Global prefix for layout and cell class names. Default: grid.

aws-lambda-container-image-converter - The AWS Lambda container image converter tool (img2lambda) repackages container images (such as Docker images) into AWS Lambda layers, and publishes them as new layer versions

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This container image converter tool (img2lambda) repackages container images (such as Docker images) into AWS Lambda layers, and publishes them as new layer versions to Lambda. The tool copies all files under '/opt' in the Docker image, maintaining the individual Docker image layers as individual Lambda layers. The published layer ARNs will be stored in a file 'output/layers.json', which can be used as input when creating Lambda functions. Each layer is named using a "namespace" prefix (like img2lambda or my-docker-image) and the SHA256 digest of the Docker image layer, in order to provide a way of tracking the provenance of the Lambda layer back to the Docker image that created it.

Crude - .Net Dependency Management


Crude is light dependency management for .net, there was no dependency management solution for .net as Maven or Ivy until now.

dynaconf - The dynamic configurator for your Python Project

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dynaconf a layered configuration system for Python applications - with strong support for 12-factor applications and Flask app.config extension. Dynaconf will look for variables in the following order (by default) and you can also customize the order of loaders.

ratelimit - Go/gRPC service designed to enable generic rate limit scenarios from different types of applications

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The rate limit service is a Go/gRPC service designed to enable generic rate limit scenarios from different types of applications. Applications request a rate limit decision based on a domain and a set of descriptors. The service reads the configuration from disk via runtime, composes a cache key, and talks to the Redis cache. A decision is then returned to the caller. Envoy's data-plane-api defines a ratelimit service proto rls.proto. Logically the data-plane-api rls is equivalent to the ratelimit.proto defined in this repo. However, due to the namespace differences and how gRPC routing works it is not possible to transparently route the legacy ratelimit (ones based in the ratelimit.proto defined in this repo) requests to the data-plane-api definitions. Therefore, the ratelimit service will upgrade the requests, process them internally as it would process a data-plane-api ratelimit request, and then downgrade the response to send back to the client. This means that, for a slight performance hit for clients using the legacy proto, ratelimit is backwards compatible with the legacy proto.

express-namespace - Adds namespaced routing capabilities to Express

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The express-namespace module provides namespace capabilities to express. To utilize this module simply require('express-namespace') and app.namespace() will automatically be available to you.

redis-windows - Vagrant redis configuration and the binary releases of MS Open Tech redis port of windows

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This project contains the binary releases of MS Open Tech redis port of windows as well as a vagrant configuration for redis letting you run the native version of Redis in a Virtual Box VM.Whilst it's recommended to use Redis on Linux in production, it is often useful for developers on Windows platforms to have their own local version of redis running to develop with.

Go Redis - Type-safe Redis client for Golang

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Redis client for Golang. It supports Publish /Subscribe. Transactions. Pipeline and TxPipeline. Scripting. Timeouts. Redis Sentinel. Redis Cluster. Cluster of Redis Servers without using cluster mode and Redis Sentinel. Ring. Instrumentation. Cache friendly. Rate limiting. Distributed Locks.

corvus - A fast and lightweight Redis Cluster Proxy for Redis 3.0

  •    C

Corvus is a fast and lightweight redis cluster proxy for redis 3.0 with cluster mode enabled.Most redis client implementations don't support redis cluster. We have a lot of services relying on redis, which are written in Python, Java, Go, Nodejs etc. It's hard to provide redis client libraries for multiple languages without breaking compatibilities. We used twemproxy before, but it relies on sentinel for high availabity, it also requires restarting to add or remove backend redis instances, which causes service interruption. And twemproxy is single threaded, we have to deploy multiple twemproxy instances for large number of clients, which causes the sa headaches.

fakeredis - Fake implementation of redis API (redis-py) for testing purposes

  •    Python

fakeredis is a pure python implementation of the redis-py python client that simulates talking to a redis server. This was created for a single purpose: to write unittests. Setting up redis is not hard, but many times you want to write unittests that do not talk to an external server (such as redis). This module now allows tests to simply use this module as a reasonable substitute for redis. Fakeredis implements the same interface as redis-py, the popular redis client for python, and models the responses of redis 2.6.

RedisDesktopManager - Cross-platform GUI management tool for Redis

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Redis Desktop Manager (aka RDM) — is a fast Redis database management application. It works with Amazon ElastiCache, Microsoft Azure Redis Cache and Redis Labs. It provides basic operations like View keys as a tree, CRUD keys, Execute commands via shell, List connected clients, Pub/Sub channels and Slow log commands, Import data from RDB files, Copy data between databases and lot more.


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prefix is a command line prefix calculator written in python. It supports basic math functions (add, subtract, multiply, divide) as well as some more advanced (exponents, logarithms, etc.)

IPTables logs script analyser

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This very simple perl script parses you iptables log files and produces a report in text format with a summary based on the prefix of the log ( --log-prefix option of iptables ). Prefix description is allowed.