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Related Projects

LinqPad Data Context Driver for SharePoint 2010


The SharePoint Data Context Driver for LinqPad makes it easer for SharePoint 2010 Developers to develop, maintain and just play around with Linq To SharePoint statements via LinqPad. It is developed in C# and enables SharePoint 2010 Support to LinqPad.

MongoDb Linqpad Driver via NoRM


Implements a Linqpad DataContextDriver that allows to query MongoDb using LINQPad. This Driver implements the necessary glue code to connect LINQPad with the User's Entities and the NoRM Library which does the heavy lifting.

MongoLP - A LinqPad Driver

  •    LINQ

A MongoDB LinqPad driver that uses the official C# driver from 10gen. Uses 10gen driver, FluentMongo and MongoRepository

LINQPad driver for DataObjects.Net


LINQPad driver for DataObjects.Net

LINQPad OpenAccess ORM driver


This project aims to provide a .Net 4.0 LINQPad driver for Telerik's OpenAccess ORM.

Code for Rapid C# Windows Development eBook + LINQPad and Data Tools

  •    CSharp

The worked example in Joseph Chancellor's book 'Rapid C# Windows Development' which uses LLBLGen Pro with the Adventure Works database. It also contains an Enumerable Debugger Visualizer, Databound TreeView control, LINQPad DataEditor, Data Browser and LLBL Data Context driver.

ShaderPad - WPF ShaderEffects Workbench

  •    WPF

ShaderPad is a application like XamlPad / LinqPad , it is meant to server as WPF ShaderEffects Workbench. The ShaderEffect is a PixelShader based Effect that an be applied to any UIElement in WPF. This feature is available only in .NET 3.5 SP1 .



Web scripting extension methods. Screen scraping etc. Very useful for LINQPad and the like.

CShell - A simple, yet powerful, C# scripting IDE and REPL

  •    CSharp

CShell is an interactive C# scripting environment. It allows you to use C# without any fluff right in a console like environment called a read-eval-print-loop (REPL). Your code is directly evaluated and executed in a shell window, no separate executable has to be compiled and then run in a different process. More elaborate code can be written in a C# script and then evaluated as one file, only one line, or a selection. Then, your results can be easily dumped to HTML (like LINQPad) or viewed as a data grid or plotted to a chart. CShell is perfect to explore data and quickly drill deeper into information since you can write one line of code, evaluate it, check out the results, and then write some more code, evaluate it again, and so forth.

golang-examples - Go(lang) examples - (explain the basics of golang)

  •    Go

These examples explain the basics of golang. There will be more examples from time to time. if you like, feel free to add more golang examples. Many thanks to all contributors.

OpenGL-Examples - A collection of simple single file OpenGL examples

  •    C++

The purpose of thise example collection is to provide short and self contained code that showcases OpenGL api functionality/features. The examples have no dependencies on any custom framework or basecode except for "canonical" libraries such as glfw, gl3w and glm. All the examples are written against core profiles of version OpenGL version 3.3 or higher. Most of the examples try to show the targeted features in a relevant use case such as using Frame Buffer Objects for FXAA, Transform Feedback to update particles on the GPU or Occlusion Queries + Conditional Render to optimize rendering a Cube (Minecraftlike) Cave. At the same time the goal is to keep the examples short and simple enough to not lose the focus.

aws-doc-sdk-examples - Code examples used in the official AWS SDK documentation.

  •    Java

This repository contains AWS SDK code examples used in the public AWS documentation repositories. The code examples are organized by programming language. For instance, all of the examples for the AWS SDK for Java Developer Guide are kept in the java directory.

examples - Demos and examples for Riot and submodules

  •    HTML

This is a series of examples designed to showcase the benefits of adopting Riot. It is made possible by the Riot open source community.Note: These examples are basically tested on the latest version of Riot. Check the older examples here for v2.

examples - Home for Elasticsearch examples available to everyone. It's a great way to get started.

  •    Javascript

This is a collection of examples to help you get familiar with the Elastic Stack and X-Pack. Each example folder includes a README with detailed instructions for getting up and running with the particular example. The following information pertains to the examples repo as a whole.If you want to try them all, you can download the entire repo . Or, if you are familiar with Git, you can clone the repo. Then, simply follow the instructions in the individual README of the examples you're interested in to get started.

learning-spark-examples - Examples for learning spark

  •    Java

Examples for the Learning Spark book. These examples require a number of libraries and as such have long build files. We have also added a stand alone example with minimal dependencies and a small build file in the mini-complete-example directory. These examples have been updated to run against Spark 1.3 so they may be slightly different than the versions in your copy of "Learning Spark".

prog-scala-2nd-ed-code-examples - The code examples used in Programming Scala, 2nd Edition (O'Reilly)

  •    Scala

This archive contains all the code examples found in Programming Scala, Second Edition, with the exception of some trivial code snippets in the text. There are also some examples in this distribution that aren't actually in the book. The examples use Scala 2.11, which is specified in the sbt build.

ansible-for-devops - Ansible examples from Ansible for DevOps.

  •    Python

This repository contains Ansible examples developed to support different sections of Ansible for DevOps, a book on Ansible by Jeff Geerling. Most of the examples are full-fledged VM examples, which use Vagrant, VirtualBox, and Ansible to boot and configure VMs on your local workstation. Not all playbooks follow all of Ansible's best practices, as they illustrate particular Ansible features in an instructive manner.

cubicaltt - Experimental implementation of Cubical Type Theory

  •    Haskell

For examples, including a demo ("examples/demo.ctt"), see the examples folder. For a summary of where to find the main results of the cubical type theory paper in the examples folder see "examples/summary.ctt". You can compile the project using either cabal, make, or stack.

aifh - Artificial Intelligence for Humans

  •    Java

This appendix describes how to obtain the “Artificial Intelligence for Humans” (AIFH) book series examples. This is probably the most dynamic area of the book. Computer languages are always changing and adding new versions. I will update the examples as this becomes necessary. There are also bugs and corrections. You are encouraged to always make sure you are using the latest version of the book examples. Because this area is so dynamic, this file may have become out of date. You can always find the latest version of this file at the following location. This book’s examples are provided in a number of computer programming languages. Core example packs are provided for Java, C#, C/C++, Python and R for most volumes. The community may have added other languages as well. All examples can be found at the GitHub repository.

perl6-examples - Many examples of Perl 6 code

  •    Perl

This is intended to be a repository for all kinds of Perl 6 examples. All examples should work for any full implementation of Perl 6.