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linq2indexeddb makes it easier for JavaScript developpers to make use of the client side database: IndexedDB. With linq2indexeddb developpers can add, update, delete and search data on an easy way without having to think how to put up an connection, handeling transaction, e...



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jquery-indexeddb - An IndexedDB Plugin for Jquery.

An IndexedDB Plugin for Jquery.


Slim HTML5 Audio jQuery Plugin is a very simple jQuery plug-in to embed an audio player. It can insert HTML to play a given audio file using the HTML5 audio tag. It also inserts the embed container tab as fallback when the audio tag is not supported by the Web browser (e.g., IE7 and 8).

mark-8-scss-wordpress - HTML5 + CSS3 + SCSS + jQuery + WordPress framework.

HTML5 + CSS3 + SCSS + jQuery + WordPress framework.


A Linq like library for using IndexedDB


Javascript database module for Indexeddb, Web SQL and localStorage storage mechanisms supporting version migration, advanced query, SQL and transaction.


jQuery plugin to simplify working with HTML forms when HTML5 placeholder support is present.

Linq for IndexedDB

LINQ wrapper over the HTML5 IndexedDB API.


This application’s main purpose is to browse news articles from Yahoo! News. The application will send AJAX based HTTP requests to a server and parse the XML response to construct the UI. We will utilize the jquery-dotimeout-plugin to illustrate an animation technique where news headlines are displayed one after another at periodic intervals with a fade in/out effect. This will give the reader insight into content formatting for jQuery Mobile lists, particularly the ‘split list’. We will also us


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