test-butler - Reliable Android Testing, at your service

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Reliable Android testing, at your service.Test Butler was inspired by the Google presentation "Going Green: Cleaning up the Toxic Mobile Environment". For more background, read the Test Butler announcement blog post.




Related Projects

android-websockets - Bare minimum websockets (hybi13/RFC) client for Android

A very simple bare-minimum WebSocket client for Android. Ported from JavaScript to Java by Eric Butler eric@codebutler.com.

android-keyboard-gadget - Convert your Android device into USB keyboard/mouse, control your PC from your Android device remotely, including BIOS/bootloader

Convert your Android device into USB keyboard/mouse, control your PC from your Android device remotely, including BIOS/bootloader. There is a possibility to send keypresses in an automated way, using terminal emulator for Android or similar app. This is done using hid-gadget-test utility.

Software Automation Framework Support

Multiplatform data-driven test automation execution services

screenshot-tests-for-android - screenshot-test-for-android is a library that can generate fast deterministic screenshots while running instrumentation tests in android

screenshot-tests-for-android is a library that can generate fast deterministic screenshots while running instrumentation tests in android.We mimic Android's measure(), layout() and draw() to generate screenshots on the test thread. By not having to do the rendering on a separate thread we have control over animations and handler callbacks which makes the screenshots extremely deterministic and reliable for catching regressions in continuous integration.

macaca - Automation test solution for native, hybrid, mobile web and web application on mobile and desktop platforms

Macaca is an open-source automation test solution for native, hybrid, mobile web and web application on mobile and desktop platforms.Macaca is "cross-platform". It means you can use the same API to write test scripts, and same test scripts to test your apps running on devices such as iOS, Android or desktops.

LinkedIn WinRT

This library provides basic functionality for using the LinkedIn API in a Windows 8 Store App.

composer - Reactive Android Instrumentation Test Runner.

Problem 1: Our UI tests are stable, but we saw a lot of UI tests build failures. About ~50% of our CI builds were failing. All such failures of UI tests came from Spoon not being able to run tests on one or more emulators (device is red in the report and error message is …work/emulator-5554/result.json (No such file or directory), basically it timed out on installing the apk on a device, increasing adb timeout did not help, all emulators responded to adb commands and mouse/keyboard interactions, we suppose problem is in in ddmlib used by Spoon.Solution: Composer does not use ddmlib and talks to emulators/devices by invoking adb binary.

mandala - A Go framework for writing native Android applications

Mandala is a framework for writing Android native applications in Go using the Goandroid toolchain. You can develop, test and run your application on your desktop and then deploy it to an Android device. It encourages the use of idiomatic Go for writing Android applications: communication happens through channels and not callbacks. The framework should not be considered a high-level game engine but as a basic layer onto which game engines can be built or existing ones can be used. In my opinion, this opens interesting scenarios in the developing of native Android applications/games in Go. Goandroid's native_activity example was the initial source of inspiration for this project. Please consider that Mandala is in a very early stage of development: API will change, test coverage is not so good for now. Last but not least, Go doesn't officially support native Android development. Regarding this point, I hope that the present work could act as a sort of incentive in the direction of an official Android support by the Go Team.


=====================ASNE library created for simple integration of social setworks to android applications. If you want to integrate your application with multiple social networks just choose ASNE modules and add them to your project. You just need to: add module, build SocialNetworkManager and configure your AndroidManiferst. ASNE contains common interface for most popular social networks, but you can easily make module for another.ASNE contains modules for social networks: - Twitter - Linke

Spyglass - A library for mentions on Android

For a broad overview, check out our blog post at the LinkedIn engineering blog.For more information about implementation and configuration options, see the documentation in the WordTokenizer class.

Appium - Automation for Apps

Appium is an open source, cross-platform test automation tool for native, hybrid and mobile web apps, tested on simulators (iOS, FirefoxOS), emulators (Android), and real devices (iOS, Android, FirefoxOS).

phonegap-websocket - Websocket PhoneGap plugin for Android

Phonegap plugin which adds support for websockets under Android. The websocket client is based on Java-WebSocket. If you plan to test it locally from your emulator please make sure to use ip address when connecting to your local server.

Butler database framework

Butler framework is a table-oriented java object model on top of JDBC that makes database programming easier. It also has a set of database aware swing components and a JSP tag library.

chatroom-cordova-ionic-angularjs-firebase - Chat room app built with Cordova, Ionic and Angularjs

* download and setup ant in path: http://ant.apache.org/bindownload.cgiCreate new app and build for android / ios----------------- ionic create hello-world cd hello-world cordova platform add android cordova platform add ios cordova buildStart modifying code and add features !---------------all the source code is in www folderread [Ionic Tutorials](http://ionicframework.com/tutorials/)Running as localhost web----------------------when you develop, you would want to run the page on

ASNETutorial - Simple example project for https://github.com/gorbin/ASNE library

In order to implement Social networks in your application you need keys to make API calls. So register a new social network application and get the keys. Check small tutorial how to get it: - [Facebook](https://github.com/gorbin/ASNE/wiki/Create-Facebook-App) - [Twitter](https://github.com/gorbin/ASNE/wiki/Create-Twitter-App) - [LInkedIn](https://github.com/gorbin/ASNE/wiki/Create-LinkedIn-App)To continue you need - Facebook App ID - Twitter consumer key and consumer secret- LinkedIn consumer ke

ThirtyInch - a MVP library for Android favoring a stateful Presenter

This library adds Presenters to Activities and Fragments. It favors the stateful Presenter pattern, where the Presenter survives configuration changes and dumb View pattern, where the View only sends user events and receives information from the Presenter but never actively asks for data. This makes testing very easy because no logic lives in the View (Activity, Fragment) except for fancy animations which anyways aren't testable. The perfect distance to the Android Framework is approximately thirty inches, the average length of the human arm, shoulder to fingertips.

sqlite-android - Android SQLite support library

This is an Android specific distribution of the latest versions of SQLite. It contains the latest SQLite version and the Android specific database APIs derived from AOSP packaged as an AAR library distributed on jcenter.Even the latest version of Android is several versions behind the latest version of SQLite. Theses versions do not have the bug fixes, performance improvements, or new features present in current versions of SQLite. This problem is worse the older the version of the OS the device has. Using this library you can keep up to date with the latest versions of SQLite and provide a consistent version across OS versions and devices.

Time4A - Advanced Date and Time Library for Android

Time4A is an advanced Date and Time Library for Android. This project is a specialized version of Time4J-v3.x (using the branch level6 - starting with version v3.5) and distributes an AAR-library suitable for the Android platform. It is not modularized like Time4J itself, but its (single) artifact "time4j-android" replaces the Time4J-modules "core", "i18n", "calendar", "olson" and "tzdata". Hence the only Time4J-modules which might be combined with this AAR-library are just "misc" and "range" if needed.

material-camera - One of the most difficult APIs on Android, made easy in a small library.

Android's video recording APIs are very difficult to figure out, especially since a lot of manufacturers like to mount their camera sensors upside down or sideways. This library is a result of lots of research and experimentation to get video recording to work universally.Please report any issues you have, and include device information. Camera behavior can be unpredictable across different Android manufacturers and versions, especially on pre-Lollipop devices. I've done quite a bit of testing, but it's possible I missed something.

LinkedIn® for Windows Mobile

LinkedIn® for Windows Mobile brings your LinkedIn® account to your Window Mobile powered phone. See networkupdates / connections / profile etc.