rugged - ruby bindings to libgit2

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Rugged is a library for accessing libgit2 in Ruby. It gives you the speed and portability of libgit2 with the beauty of the Ruby language.libgit2 is a pure C implementation of the Git core methods. It's designed to be fast and portable. For more information about libgit2, check out libgit2's website or browse the libgit2 organization on GitHub.



Related Projects

objective-git - Objective-C bindings to libgit2

  •    Objective-C

ObjectiveGit provides Cocoa bindings to the libgit2 library, packaged as a dynamic framework for OS X and iOS 8 or better.Many classes in the ObjectiveGit API wrap a C struct from libgit2 and expose the underlying data and operations using Cocoa idioms. The underlying libgit2 types are prefixed with git_ and are often accessible via a property so that your application can take advantage of the libgit2 API directly.

libgit2 - The Library

  •    C

libgit2 is a portable, pure C implementation of the Git core methods provided as a re-entrant linkable library with a solid API, allowing you to write native speed custom Git applications in any language which supports C bindings. libgit2 is already very usable and is being used in production for many applications including the site.

pygit2 - Python bindings for libgit2

  •    Python

Pygit2 is a set of Python bindings to the libgit2 shared library, libgit2 implements Git plumbing.

NodeGit - Native Node bindings to Git

  •    Javascript

NodeGit is native asynchronous bindings to libgit2 for Node.js.

git2go - Git to Go; bindings for libgit2. Like McDonald's but tastier.

  •    Go

Go bindings for libgit2.which will ensure there are no sudden changes to the API.

php-git - PHP bindings for libgit2

  •    C

PHP bindings for libgit2

git2-rs - libgit2 bindings for Rust

  •    Rust

Currently this library requires libgit2 0.25.1. The source for libgit2 is included in the libgit2-sys crate so there's no need to pre-install the libgit2 library, the libgit2-sys crate will figure that and/or build that for you. at your option.

gitgo - A Go implementation of Git functions

  •    Go

Gitgo provides Go functions for interacting with Git repositories.Unlike libgit2, which is written in C, Gitgo is written in pure Go, and can be compiled and cross-compiled easily for all platforms supported by Go.

grit - **Grit is no longer maintained

  •    Ruby

Grit is no longer maintained. Check out rugged. Grit gives you object oriented read/write access to Git repositories via Ruby. The main goals are stability and performance. To this end, some of the interactions with Git repositories are done by shelling out to the system's git command, and other interactions are done with pure Ruby reimplementations of core Git functionality. This choice, however, is transparent to end users, and you need not know which method is being used.

Gift - Swift bindings to libgit2. But you should use instead!

  •    Swift

This library isn't really maintained anymore. You should use SwiftGit2 instead. Gift provides Swift bindings to the libgit2 library.

GitPython - GitPython is a python library used to interact with Git repositories.

  •    Python

GitPython is a python library used to interact with git repositories, high-level like git-porcelain, or low-level like git-plumbing. It provides abstractions of git objects for easy access of repository data, and additionally allows you to access the git repository more directly using either a pure python implementation, or the faster, but more resource intensive git command implementation.

GitSharp - Git library for .NET and Mono

  •    CSharp

GitSharp is an implementation of Git for the Dot.Net Framework and Mono. It is aimed to be fully compatible to the original Git and shall be a light weight library for cool applications that are based on Git as their object database or are reading or manipulating repositories in some way.

go-git - A highly extensible Git implementation in pure Go.

  •    Go

go-git is a highly extensible git implementation library written in pure Go. It can be used to manipulate git repositories at low level (plumbing) or high level (porcelain), through an idiomatic Go API. It also supports several type of storage, such as in-memory filesystems, or custom implementations thanks to the Storer interface.

NBGit - Git Support for NetBeans

  •    Java

NbGit is a module for the NetBeans IDE that adds support for working with the Git version control system. It uses the JGit library created as part of EGit to interact with Git repositories.

ruby-git - Ruby/Git is a Ruby library that can be used to create, read and manipulate Git repositories by wrapping system calls to the git binary

  •    Ruby

Library for using Git in Ruby. Git::Base - The object returned from a or Git.clone. Most major actions are called from this object.

Dulwich - Pure-Python Git implementation

  •    Python

Dulwich is a pure-Python implementation of the Git file formats and protocols. It provides an interface to Git repository (both local and remote) that doesn't call out to git directly but instead uses pure Python.

EGit - Git plugin for Eclipse

  •    Java

EGit is an Eclipse Team provider for the Git version control system. The EGit project is implementing Eclipse tooling on top of the JGit Java implementation of Git.

acx100 - Wireless chipset Linux driver

  •    C

Open Source Linux driver for wireless network cards (DWL-[G]520+ PCI, DWL-[G]650+ CardBus, GL-2422MP mini-PCI, DWL-120+ USB etc.) which use the entirely undocumented Texas Instruments (TI) ACX100/ACX111 chips, for 2.4.x , 2.6.x to 3.x kernels. FreeBSD: see some other website (FIXME URL got clipped). !! BIG FAT NOTE: development (i.e., driver quot;releasesquot;) is happening in git source repository tree (as of 2011-09-04), thus you're expected to look there (see web site menu Code --gt; Gi

JGit - Git library in Java

  •    Java

JGit is an EDL (new-style BSD) licensed, lightweight, pure Java library implementing the Git version control system.

node-gitteh - Node.js bindings for libgit2

  •    C++

Node.js bindings for libgit2