Library Geek's Toolkit

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A set of tools to help Library Geeks (wannabe librarians, very curious IT persons or the savvy librarian out there) accomplish feats that most traditional proprietary ILSs won't!



Related Projects

Evergreen - Integrated Library System

Evergreen, a highly-scalable software for libraries that helps library patrons find library materials, and helps libraries manage, catalog, and circulate those materials, no matter how large or complex the libraries. Evergreen, which first launched in 2006 now powers over 544 libraries of every type – public, academic, special, school in over a dozen countries worldwide.

Librarian - Personal library management system.

Personal library management system.


A simple Rails project management application for ILS (Integrated Library System) specifications / RFP.

Joose-Librarian - Librarian for managing Joose compatible JavaScript library

Librarian for managing Joose compatible JavaScript library

library-to-go - Ruby on Rails 3.x Integrated Library System (ILS)

Ruby on Rails 3.x Integrated Library System (ILS)

Librarian - Electronic management system for libraries

Electronic management system for libraries

Colt - Scientific and Technical Computing in Java

Colt distribution consists of several free Java libraries bundled under one single uniform umbrella. Namely the Colt library, the Jet library, the CoreJava library, and the Concurrent library. It provides support for resizable arrays, dense, sparse matrices, histogramming functionality, Random Number Generators etc.

exlibris-aleph - Library to work with Exlibris' Aleph ILS.

Library to work with Exlibris' Aleph ILS.


LibLime Koha is the most mature of the open source ILS applications. Based on the ground-breaking 3.0 platform (derived from the original Koha offering of 1999), LibLime Koha is a completely web-based open source ILS, with library staff, systems librarians, and library users all accessing LibLime Koha through a web browser. Relying on the MySQL relational database, all LibLime Koha data is readily accessible.

koha - Integrated Library System

LibLime Koha is the most advanced open-source Integrated Library System. It is a web based system using SQL database as back end. Its Clubs and Services feature allows libraries to manage reading groups, book clubs, and other other community programs. It provides easy to use Circulation policies, Strong patron (member) management. It maintains the catalogs in MARC format.

Libraryan - Library management tool for small libraries

Library management tool for small libraries

graph-drawing-libraries - Trying to compare known graph drawing libraries

* [almende/vis]( - Dynamic, browser-based visualization library* [anvaka/ngraph]( - Beautiful Graphs* [anvaka/VivaGraphJS]( - Graph drawing library for JavaScript* [cpettitt/dagre]( - Directed graph renderer for javascript* [cytoscape/cytoscape.js]( - An open-source JavaScript graph theory library for an


MERAN UNLP is a ILS (Integrated Library System) wich provides Catalog, Circulation and User's Management.

haxelib - The Haxe library manager

Haxelib is a library management tool shipped with the Haxe Toolkit.It allows searching, installing, upgrading and removing libraries from the haxelib repository as well as submitting libraries to it.


Library Management Software System will be an online and mobile service to help people and public libraries to automate all activities. PhotonSoft Ltd. plan LMSS to be world's largest library network and social space with Internet/WAP communication tools


I got tired of writing code that I use a lot when working with Novell's cSharp LDAP libraries that interact with eDirectory. This library is supposed to save development and discovery time by providing methods for some of the most common object types and addtributes that eDirectory provides to us via LDAP. The library provides classes for user, group, container, ZENworks Desktop Management application objects and probably more things too. The library handles all the LDAPConnection needs and su

Your Library

A Librarian's tool for managing library. Forget the huge library book catalogs and registers. This program will do it all. It is for the Librarian and password protected.

Joose-Library - Web-interface of Joose::Librarian

Web-interface of Joose::Librarian


Building a generic Digital Object Management System for libraries based on fedora-commons, including enforced datamodels, Trusted Digital Repository capabilities, and librarian-friendly user interface based on the datamodel, end user access in Summa

bdistro-assembly - Assembly with distributables for the end-user, compatible to various platforms

As a general rule of thumb, path portions which are not required should just be omitted. Changes at a later time are embraced and not considered a problem.- **lib/${library}** - All libraries are presented in multiple versions, which allows binaries to be configured according to their actual requirements. This allows different binaries to use different versions of the same library for example. - The shipped libraries should just comprised of first-party content, as unmodified third-party d