node-kcp - KCP Protocol for Node.js

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KCP Protocol for Node.js


nan : ^2.4.0



Related Projects

kcp - KCP - A Fast and Reliable ARQ Protocol

  •    C

KCP - A Fast and Reliable ARQ Protocol

kcp-server - kcp-server one key install shell,build for https://github

  •    Shell

kcp-server one key install shell,build for

kcp-go - A Production-Grade Reliable-UDP Library for golang

  •    Go

kcp-go is a Production-Grade Reliable-UDP library for golang.It provides fast, ordered and error-checked delivery of streams over UDP packets, has been well tested with opensource project kcptun. Millions of devices(from low-end MIPS routers to high-end servers) are running with kcp-go at present, including applications like online games, live broadcasting, file synchronization and network acceleration.

dog-tunnel - p2p tunnel,(udp mode work with kcp,

  •    Go

p2p tunnel,(udp mode work with kcp,

kcptun - A Secure Tunnel Based On KCP with N:M Multiplexing

  •    Go

kcptun maintains a single website — Any websites other than are not endorsed by xtaci. kcptun won't publish anything on any social media.Download precompiled Releases.

sower - Sower is a cross platform intelligent transparent proxy solution

  •    Go

The sower is a cross-platform intelligent transparent proxy tool base on DNS solution. The first time you visit a new website, sower will detect if the domain in block list and add it in suggect list. So that, you do not need to care about the rules, sower will handle it in a intelligent way.

tus-node-server - Node.js tus server

  •    Javascript

tus is a new open protocol for resumable uploads built on HTTP. This is the tus protocol 1.0.0 node.js server implementation. ⚠️ Attention: We currently lack the resources to properly maintain tus-node-server. This has the unfortunate consequence that this project is in rather bad condition (out-dated dependencies, no tests for the S3 storage, no resumable uploads for the GCS storage etc). If you want to help us with tus-node-server, we are more than happy to assist you and welcome new contributors. In the meantime, we can recommend tusd as a reliable and production-tested tus server. Of course, you can use tus-node-server if it serves your purpose.


  •    C

Citadel is a collaboration suite (messaging and groupware). It provides support for Email, Calendaring/Scheduling, Address books, Bulletin boards, Mailing List Server, Instant Messaging, Wiki, Multiple domain support.

chatofpomelo - chat application of pomelo

  •    Javascript

Enter chatofpomelo/game-server, and run 'pomelo start' or 'node app.js' in order to start the game server. Enter chatofpomelo/web-server, and run 'node app.js' in order to start the web server, and access '3001' port (which can be changed in 'app_express.js') to load game. Pomelo framework provides monitoring tool: AdminConsole. After game is loaded, you can access '7001' port and monitor the game information(operating-system, process, userInfo, sceneInfo, etc.).

node-rdpjs - Remote Desktop Protocol for Node.js

  •    Javascript

node-rdpjs is a pure implementation of the Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) protocol (client and server side). node-rdpjs support only SSL security layer. Use of decompress parameter impact performance.

node-castv2 - An implementation of the Chromecast CASTV2 protocol

  •    Javascript

This module is an implementation of the Chromecast CASTV2 protocol over TLS. The internet is very scarse on information about the new Chromecast protocol so big props go to and his nodecastor module that helped me start off on the right foot and save a good deal of time in my research. The module provides both a Client and a Server implementation of the low-level protocol. The server is (sadly) pretty useless because device authentication gets in the way for now (and maybe for good). The client still allows you to connect and exchange messages with a Chromecast dongle without any restriction.

node-coap - CoAP - Node.js style

  •    Javascript

node-coap is a client and server library for CoAP modelled after the http module. It does not parse the protocol but it use CoAP-packet instead.

WebSocket-Node - A WebSocket Implementation for Node.JS (Draft -08 through the final RFC 6455)

  •    Javascript

This is a (mostly) pure JavaScript implementation of the WebSocket protocol versions 8 and 13 for Node. There are some example client and server applications that implement various interoperability testing protocols in the "test/scripts" folder. For a WebSocket client written in ActionScript 3, see my AS3WebScocket project.

James - Enterprise Mail Server

  •    Java

James (a.k.a Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server) is a 100% pure Java SMTP and POP3 Mail server, and NNTP News server designed to be a complete and portable enterprise mail/messaging engine solution based on currently available open messaging protocols.

node-mysql2 - :zap: fast node-mysql compatible mysql driver for node.js

  •    Javascript

MySQL2 project is a continuation of MySQL-Native. Protocol parser code was rewritten from scratch and api changed to match popular mysqljs/mysql. MySQL2 team is working together with mysqljs/mysql team to factor out shared code and move it under mysqljs organisation. MySQL2 is free from native bindings and can be installed on Linux, Mac OS or Windows without any issues.

node-ddp-client - A callback style DDP (Meteor's Distributed Data Protocol) node client.

  •    Javascript

A callback style DDP (Meteor's Distributed Data Protocol) node client, originally based alansikora's node-js_ddp-client and Meteor's python client. Uses a more callback style approach. The client implements version 1 of DDP, as well as fallbacks to pre1 and pre2.

ApacheDS - Apache Directory Project

  •    Java

ApacheDS is an embeddable directory server entirely written in Java, which has been certified LDAPv3 compatible by the Open Group. Besides LDAP it supports Kerberos 5 and the Change Password Protocol. It has been designed to introduce triggers, stored procedures, queues and views to the world of LDAP which has lacked these rich constructs.

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