Layered Architecture Sample for .NET

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Layered Architecture Sample is designed to demonstrate how to apply various .NET Technologies such as WPF, WCF, WF, Windows Form, ASP.NET and ADO.NET EF to the Layered Architecture Design Pattern.



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Northwind Starter Kit

The Northwind Starter Kit is a sample application intended to be used as a blueprint when designing and implementing a .NET based layered application architecture. The application uses the standard Northwind database, as included in Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access: n...

patterns & practices: App Arch Guide 2.0 Knowledge Base

patterns & practices Application Architecture Guide 2.0 Knowledge Base project site.

Layered Architecture Solution Guidance (LASG)

Layered Architecture Solution Guidance is a Visual Studio extension that provides a set of templates and tools to simplify layered application development.

Layered Architecture Sample for Azure

Layered Architecture Sample for Azure takes the Expense Sample application that was originally developed in Layered Architecture Sample for .NET and ports it into the Windows Azure platform to demonstrate how layered applications can be deployed to the cloud.

TimeAssistant is a Test Driven Development application to manage time

Eye.Open TimeAssistant helps managing "resources" (notes, etc), tasks, projects and grouping (as set) everything. Is a Test Driven Development application that shows how to implement a layered architecture using a "LINQ ORM", in this case NHibernate, and WCF.

Enterprise Application Starter Kit

This project, spawned by the [url:Nashville, Tennessee .Net User Group|], is intended to provide a fully-functional starter kit build around principles of enterprise architecture. It will be designed around the [url:AdventureWorks|http://download.micro...

event-kit - Lightweight library to create disposable components

Disposable architecture has several benefits, the most important one being simplicity and increase in developer productivity. This architecture is something that works everywhere™, you can hot-reload themes, plugins or even the entire app if you follow it.Disposables are the base of this architecture, they are objects that have a dispose function on them. It is called whenever a parent object is being disposed, all of the cleanup code should go there. Also note that every function in the EventKit architecture that accepts a Disposable, also accepts a function callback.


Base architecture for seam project, test project using the architecture, reusable design components facelets.

Layered Architecture Sample: thick-ish client

Layered Architecture Sample makes an attempt at creating a layered business-application (with a thick-ish client). If you are new to this, seeing a working sample can be a good starting point. If you are a pro in those matters, your opinion, even pointing to other direction, i...

Employee Info Starter Kit

Employee Info Starter Kit is an open source project that is highly influenced by the concept ‘Pareto Principle’ or 80-20 rule, where it is targeted to enable a web developer to gain 80% productivity with 20% of effort with respect to learning curve and production.

layers - A module to assist in the creation of Node.js webapps with a layered architecture

A module to assist in the creation of Node.js webapps with a layered architecture

Tinyweb-Signup-Demo - A demo application showing how to use Tinyweb in a layered architecture

A demo application showing how to use Tinyweb in a layered architecture

extendable-js - Easily create a layered architecture in JavaScript

Easily create a layered architecture in JavaScript

Triad - The Rich Intranet Architecture for Developers

Triad is an application framework for ASP.Net MVC. Based on many of the most highly used jQuery controls on the Net today. N-Layered Architecture with LINQ to SQL, or Telerik ORM, or Entities Framework, etc.

Carmel-Starter-Kit - Starter kit samples for Carmel, the WebVR enabled browser.

Samples used to demonstrate how to get started with WebVR on Carmel.First, run npm install to get the npm dependencies used for hosting the samples locally.

Extended Personal Site Starter Kit

Extended Personal Site Starter Kit?????ASP.NET 3.5?ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions??????????????? 1.ASP.NET 3.5 2.ASP.NET MVC Framework 3.LINQ to SQL 4.ASP.NET AJAX

stock - A starter Drupal module which implements a "best practices" architecture.

A starter Drupal module which implements a "best practices" architecture.

Waf Stopwatch

Waf Stopwatch is an advanced stopwatch with a lap recording feature. The recorded times can be copied into Excel or a similar application via the clipboard. Furthermore, it provides a Countdown with alert sound.

WPF Application Framework (WAF)

The WPF Application Framework (WAF) is a lightweight Framework that helps you to create well structured WPF Applications. It supports you in applying a Layered Architecture and the Model-View-ViewModel (aka MVVM, M-V-VM, PresentationModel) pattern.


SaasApp is a starter kit for creating a multi-tenant software as a service (SAAS) application with ASP.Net, JQuery and MySQL using shared database architecture. It uses Twitter's bootstrap framework for layout.