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LaunchWithParams is a Windows Explorer add-on that allows you to launch an application executable with specific command-line parameters without having to open a command prompt. The tool will remember the most recent command-line options for each executable and allows you to...



Related Projects

Path Copy Copy

A Windows Explorer add-on that adds a contextual menu item on all files and folders allowing the user to copy the path in various formats. Idea copied from "Path Copy". Works on Windows XP or later, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


LevelZap is a Windows Explorer add-on that adds an item to the contextual menu on all folders allowing the user to "zap" the folder by moving all files/folders within it up one level, then deleting the folder itself. Works on Windows XP or later, both 32-bit and 64-bit vers...


RemoveReadOnly is a small add-on for Windows Explorer that adds items to the Explorer's contextual menu to change the "Read-only" state of a file, group of files, or directories (recursively). Works on Windows XP or later, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Windows Vista Registry Shell Namespace Extensions

The Windows Registry Shell Namespace Extension allows Windows Explorer to view and interact with the Windows Registry data via Explorer windows. It demonstrates existing Shell extensibility points like IShellFolder2 and SHCreateShellFolderView and also demonstrates new concep...

Mini Shell Extension Framework

This project provides a C++ ATL template based mini framework that can be used to create Windows Shell (explorer) extensions.

open-here-eclipse - An Eclipse plugin to open shell and file explorer

An Eclipse plugin to open shell and file explorer


LizardTF is a TortoiseSVN like client (icon overlays and context menus) for MS Team Foundation Version Control (TFS) using MS Windows Explorer shell extensions and the MS Team Foundation API. LizardTF supports (or will support) all TFS functions from explorer, has bespoke dif...

google-drive-shell-extension - Google Drive Shell Extension is a Shell Namespace Extension for Microsoft Windows

Google Drive Shell Extension is a Shell Namespace Extension for Microsoft Windows. It creates a virtual folder on My Computer, mirrored in the user's home directory, that allows the user to interact with his Google Drive account transparently through Windows Explorer. This includes "File Open" and "Browse" commands from within other Windows applications, etc. It connects to Google Drive using the Google Drive Proxy service.The main feature of the project is that syncronization is performed only as needed. Instead of holding the entire contents of your Google Drive folder on disk, it only keeps what it needs. When you open or copy files it will download them. It will then upload any changes you make locally to keep the folders in sync. This means that your content is not available while offline.

IE Extension for RemoteCalendars

IE4RC means Internet Explorer extension for RemoteCalendars. It's a .NET plugin for Internet Explorer, which it'll make it possible to subscribe an iCalendar (RFC 2445) in Outlook if RemoteCalendars is installed. It'll add also support for webcal.

NuGet Package Explorer - ILSpy Extension

This extension to NuGet Package Explorer allows you to quickly open dll's from the package into ILSpy, without the need to extract the package, go into explorer, and open it up manually.

Internet Explorer Plugin: TabSaver

Basically this plugin is able to save open Tabs from an Internet Explorer session. The goal would be to save tab information, such as history, etc.. Currently the plugin is only capable of saving the Tab URLs. This Plugin uses SpicIE framework and is developed in C#.

Plugin to Open Folder in Explorer/Shell

An eclipse plug-in for opening a selected file/folder in the file explorer/shell. Supported in both Windows (Tested in Windows XP - Eclipse 3.3.1) and Linux (Tested in FC8 - Eclipse Ganymede). Welcome to contribute to this project.

npp-explorer - Notepad++ Explorer plugin

Notepad++ Explorer plugin


PowerExt can display assembly version, assembly name, public key, strong name etc in Windows Explorer. It's a Windows Explorer extension written in C++. For .NET Assemblies (.dll and .exe files) it adds an additional .NET tab to the Windows Explorer's File Properties dialog.

filesystem-api-explorer - Filesystem API explorer - chrome extension

A helper extension which help developers browse into the contents of their local Web filesystem created by FileSystem API. After installing the extension, visit a Web site that uses FileSystem API (like HTML5Rocks' FileSystem tutorial page and click the browser action icon.

Better Explorer

This is a replacement of standard windows explorer with more features for more convenient work! It features tabs, ribbon interface, context based actions.

SharePoint Deployment Shell Extension

A shell extension that provides a context menu for SharePoint Solution files (.wsp) that allows these solutions to be deployed into a SharePoint farm with one click from Windows Explorer.

google-drive-proxy - Google Drive Proxy is a Windows service that provides a simpler interface to the Google Drive API for other applications

Drive Proxy is a Windows Service that streamlines communication with Google Drive. It is meant to facilitate the construction of tools that leverage Google Drive's cloud storage capacity without burdening the hard drive and network with unnecesary local copies. Drive Proxy handles authentication with Google Drive and manages the cache where the needed files reside.It uses a simple protocol to communicate with client applications over a pipe. It is currently used by the [Google Drive Shell Extension] ( project to provide a transparent interface between Windows Explorer and Google Drive.

Internet Explorer Browser Extension Creator

For the first time, anyone can easily register their Internet Explorer Browser Extension. This program automatically creates all necessary registry entries based on a few simple questions. All assemblies were/are created with Visual Basic 2008 and the .Net Framework 3.5

LikeIE9 - Opera extension inspired by Internet Explorer 9 specific features

Opera extension inspired by Internet Explorer 9 specific features