DDT Last Content Modified On Date

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This package including a module and a Skin Object for DotNetNuke 6.1.x (or above) provide the ability to show field LastContentModifiedOnDate from table Modules




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DDT Org Chart for DotNetNuke

This DevPCI module - DDT_Org_Chart for DotNetNuke 6.2.4 + is based on Telerik Org Chart (google it to see demos on Telerik website) for his View.

Last-Modified-Date-of-URL - Get the last modified date/time of a remote file using cURL and PHP

Get the last modified date/time of a remote file using cURL and PHP

flickr-getr - Fetch photos from a flickr photoset, setting date modified to the date taken metadata

Fetch photos from a flickr photoset, setting date modified to the date taken metadata

DotNetNuke User Export

An administrative module for DotNetNuke websites that exports selected user accounts in CSV, XML or XLS formats. The export may be saved to a portal file, downloaded or emailed to one or more users. corresponding import function for XML will be written at a later date.

Last-Modified - Changes the Last modified date of a file

Changes the Last modified date of a file

wp-drp-coupon - Mirror of WordPress Plugin - DRP Coupon

This is a mirror of DRP Coupon's WordPress Plugin which was removed recently for unknown reasons and was available at [http://wordpress.org/plugins/drp-coupon/](http://wordpress.org/plugins/drp-coupon/)**Note:** I'm in no way, shape or form affiliated with the plugin or the developers of this plugin. Refer the plugin's license for more information about the permissions/rights or contact the plugin's developer on their official site - directresponsepublishing.com---**Contributors:** Direct Respon

C# Dotnetnuke Module development Template for Visual Studio 2010

C# DNN Module Development template for Visual Studio 2010 Get a head-start on DNN Module development. Whether you're a pro or just starting with Dotnetnuke development, you'd find DNNModule template helpful in many ways. Works on any version of VS2010. C#only.Coded for DNN 5.0+

couchdb-lager - Mirror of Apache CouchDB

for the backend:```erlang{lager, [ {handlers, [ {lager_console_backend, [info, {lager_default_formatter, [time," [",severity,"] ", message, "\n"]}]}, {lager_file_backend, [{file, "error.log"}, {level, error}, {formatter, lager_default_formatter}, {formatter_config, [date, " ", time," [",severity,"] ",pid, " ", message, "\n"]}]}, {lager_file_backend, [{file, "console.log"}, {level, info}]} ]}]}.```Included is lager_default_formatter. This provides a generic, default formatting fo


VI Performance is packed full of awesomeness with an amazing team of writers, artists, photographers and graphic designers. Terry Denomme of Canadian Hot Rods magazine who will be bringing his popular "My Car" column to VI Performance where he will feature some of Vancouver Island's best hot rods and classic cars. Other writers include Gerry Malloy of Canadian Auto Dealer, David C. Atkin from Auto Revival, Benjamin Hunting who's written for several publications such as Sportscars.org, Boston Bim

ObjectLab Kit

A set of modules to handle common financial functions. The first module is Date Calculator which handles holidays and weekends. A set of rules are implemented to deal with days falling on a holiday: Forward, Backward, Modified Forward, Modified Backward

datemodified - Date Modified field for Symphony 2

Date Modified field for Symphony 2


This is most of the source to the BitBlinder project. The goal was to allow people to communicate or share information in any form online anonymously with ease and quickly. To meet this end, it employed a novel micropayment system on top of a slightly modified Tor network. It is posted in the hope that someone may receive benefit from the work we did, though it is no longer maintained in any way and no BitBlinder network exists to the best of my knowledge. You will notice that private keys exist

DotNetNuke® Skin Blocks

A DotNetNuke Design Challenge skin package submitted to the "Modern Business" category by Armand Datema of Schwingsoft. This skin uses a bit of jQuery and a modified CSS Grid framework. This skin and container set uses the Core DNN Navigation Provider.

DNN Content Localization Tools

Dotnetnuke Content Localization Tools makes it easier for site administrators to update there muli-language dnn website.

Nuntio Content

Nuntio Content is a multi-lingual content publishing module for the DotNetNuke plattform that can be used as a replacement for the current Text/HTML module. It's very easy to use and extends content publishing by many useful features.

Orchard Date Time Field Module

Orchard Date Time Field Module adds a new Date & Time editor to content type management.

Enhanced Permission Provider for DotNetNuke®

Designed by Oliver Hine to enable all the capabilities inside DotNetNuke® Community Edition. It first started with adding the additional permissions, and then included what was missing to enable the advanced content approval workflow in the Text/HTML module.

DotNetNuke Content Grabber

The DotNetNuke Content Grabber module allows you to grab content from one page and display it on another page of your DotNetNuke website.


Modular web site spider for web developers.

Workflow HTML / Versioning HTML Module for DotNetNuke - by Effority.Net

Based on the "Text/HTML Core Module" the Text/HTML Workflow Module offers simple versioning and approval abilities for your Text/HTML Module content.