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Hey there! Welcome to the docs repository for the Monster Hunter World API. To view the docs, please visit the GitHub Pages site. If you're interested in contributing to the project, feel free to take a look at the source code. Also, a huge thanks to everyone that's submitted issues and feedback, it's been a great help! It's really awesome seeing people making use of the project, and I'm excited to see what kinds of applications people end up building with it.



Related Projects

Visual Studio DSite


This Project Site Will Have tons of Visual Basic 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 source Code. All Created By Daniel Lopez. I will be posted one every week or so. Please Rate when ever you download a program that I created please rate it.

Monster Hunter


A first person shooter for mac OS X 10.4 and up (earlier versions of Mac can be used but won't be fully tested). Currently built upon the Open Source Cube Engine.

kube-hunter - Hunt for security weaknesses in Kubernetes clusters

  •    Python

Run kube-hunter: kube-hunter is available as a container (aquasec/kube-hunter), and we also offer a web site at where you can register online to receive a token allowing you see and share the results online. You can also run the Python code yourself as described below. Contribute: We welcome contributions, especially new hunter modules that perform additional tests. If you would like to develop your own modules please read Guidelines For Developing Your First kube-hunter Module.

python-hunter - Hunter is a flexible code tracing toolkit.

  •    Python

Hunter is a flexible code tracing toolkit, not for measuring coverage, but for debugging, logging, inspection and other nefarious purposes. It has a Python API, terminal activation (see Environment variable activation). and supports tracing other processes (see Tracing processes).


  •    Javascript

Just install the DOM Monster bookmarklet, and use it on any web page or app. If there are problems, DOM Monster will point them out and even make suggestions on how to fix 'em. DOM Monster is is licensed under the terms of the MIT License, see the included MIT-LICENSE file.

Hamster Hunter

  •    Delphi

Public description: Hamster Hunter is a game which is a little bit similar to Moorhuhn (a famous German freeware game in which you have to kill moorland chickens). But Hamster Hunter has more Maps, Weapons and a completly different ranking system.

croc-hunter - The infamous croc hunter game

  •    Go

The infamous croc hunter game

cache2k – High Performance Java Caching

  •    Java

cache2k focuses on providing a well engineered in-memory object cache implementation for Java applications.


  •    C

Pac-Monster is a very funny game based on the popular Namco Pacman. The player can control not only the Pac-Monster, but the monsters too. It can be played by two players in the same PC/console(PS2/PSP) or lots of players in network.

The Monster Journal

  •    Java

The Monster Journal - An electronic journalling program to replace the paper notebook. The Monster Journal provides the user a centralized, easily accessible electronic notebook for storing thoughts, ideas, and answers to questions.

Monster Monster Asteroid Madness

  •    C++

MMaM is a game where the goal is to collect big impressive monsters from other asteroids with your grappler ship and build up your monster park while maintaining its food chain and providing security for your monsters and guests from raiders.

MarkdownMonster - An extensible Markdown Editor, Viewer and Weblog Publisher for Windows

  •    CSharp

Markdown Monster is an easy to use and extensible Markdown Editor, Viewer and Weblog Publisher for Windows. Our goal is to provide the best Markdown specific editor for Windows and make it as easy as possible to create Markdown documents. We provide a core editor and previewer, and a number of non-intrusive helpers to help embed content like images, links, tables, code and more into your documents with minimal effort. Markdown Monster is highly customizable and you can adjust the main window theme, the editor and preview themes using plain HTML/CSS based templates. You can also use our Snippets and Commander addins to automate Markdown Monster, or create full blown addins that can access and update active documents as well as add new UI features to the application.

The Hunter - CAU Project


The Hunter is a student project made for the Game Design course for CAU. In this Codeplex Project, your can find the source code, the documentation.

PHP Vulnerability Hunter


PHP Vulnerability Hunter is an whitebox fuzz testing tool capable of detected several classes of vulnerabilities in PHP web applications.

Scaffold Hunter

  •    Java

Scaffold Hunter is a JAVA-based software tool for the analysis of structure-related biochemical data. It enables generation of and navigation in a scaffold tree hierarchy annotated with various data.

Rootkit Hunter

  •    Perl

Rootkit Hunter, security monitoring and analyzing tool for POSIX compliant systems.


  •    C++

A single player 3D game based on Ogre3D. Theme will be an ancient fantasy land where player is a hunter in the wild. Current version is a simple bow and arrow wolf hunt in first person perspective. Go to for more info!

Hacker Hunter

  •    PHP

Hacker Hunter is advanced PHP-MySQL authentication system. This is new unique version and replacement for standard HTTP authentication. Provides http authentication with same protection level as https gives. Include powerful administrator panel.

hunter - :package: CMake driven cross-platform package manager for C/C++

  •    CMake

CMake driven cross-platform package manager for C/C++. Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, etc.