PuTTY - PuTTY 中文版,原 http://code.google.com/p/puttycn 项目。下载地址见右

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PuTTY 中文版,原 http://code.google.com/p/puttycn 项目。下载地址见右




Related Projects

Le Putty

  •    C

quot;Le Puttyquot; is a ssh suite for Windows based on the very popular Putty project, but with added functionality that can not be included in the regular Putty. quot;Le Puttyquot; should be as much as possible compatible with the original Putty.

Putty Terminal Deployer

  •    C++

PuTTY Terminal Deployer allows dynamic PuTTY secure shell (SSH) logins to multiple UNIX servers. Host, IP addresses and AES encrypted/Base64 encoded passwords are read from a configuration file. All GUI labels are created dynamically from this info.


  •    C

KiTTY is an open source alternative to Putty. KiTTY is a fork from version 0.60 of PuTTY, the best telnet / SSH client in the world. KiTTY is only designed for the Microsoft Windows platform.

PuTTY Session Manager

  •    CSharp

PuTTY Session Manager is a tool that allows system administrators to organise their PuTTY sessions into folders and assign hotkeys to favourite sessions. Multiple sessions can be launched with one click. Requires MS Windows and the .NET 2.0 Runtime.


  •    C

PocketPuTTY is a Pocket PC port of famous PuTTY (SSH client). Smartphone support is also planned. The long-term goal is to get PocketPuTTY included into official PuTTY development tree.



FireEgl's PuTTY -- FuTTY! FuTTY is a fork of PuTTY and PuTTYTray.


  •    C

PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Windows and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator. It is written and maintained primarily by Simon Tatham.

PuTTY for Symbian OS

  •    C++

PuTTY SSH client for Symbian OS


  •    C++

GLOOP is Liquid Object Oriented Particles. libGLOOP render implicit surfaces from a set of quot;meta-pointsquot;. Uses include: modeling liquids, volume rendering, computerized silly putty. Based on code by Brian Sharp


  •    C++

(Update: Project has been abandoned) KPuTTY is a KDE-based interface to run ssh based on the look of the popular free Windows SSH client PuTTY.


  •    C

ExtraPuTTY - fork of putty. (Add win32 API,shortcuts for pre-defined command,can use files instead of the registry,auto-reconnect, scripting a session with lua,integrates cygwin, zmodem, session manager,hyper link projects and others ...)

Beyond CVS Eclipse Plug-In

  •    Java

BeyondCVS is an Eclipe plug-in that enables using Beyond Compare (externally) for comparing files and folders. It also allows comparing a single file to a previous revision in CVS/SVN or Local History. There is also support for opening Putty and WinSCP.



CustomURL is a small utility for registering custom URL protocols. You can for example associate the rdp:// protocol with Remote Desktop Client or the ssh:// protocol with Putty or another SSH client. CustomURL allows you to run any EXE file from a html page. This can be ver...



Using UrlConf you can change or add URL protocol handlers. For example, you can make Windows start a RDP session when you click on a link to rdp://example.com/, or make PuTTY handle ssh:// URLs.

PuTTYTray - A continuation of Barry Haanstra (haanstra.eu)'s PuTTYTray

  •    C

This is PuTTYTray, a fork of Simon Tatham's PuTTY. See usage instructions in our wiki.


  •    C

LtTTY is a windows ssh client based on PuTTY. It has some Expanded functionalities: stored the settings information at local file(not Registry); easy to manage multi-window; transparentable window; and so on ... I think it will be useful.


  •    C++

SyOSsh aims to be a full native ssh client pack (based on Simon Tatham's excellent Putty) for handhelds using SymbianOS (aka. EPOC): ER5 (like Psion Revo), GT6.x (like Nokia 92x0).



Clone of the PuTTY program, to launch SSH sessions